ShopNBC Vet Pamela McCoy’s JTV Diamonds Get Skewered On Facebook

Ex-ShopNBC host and vendor Pamela McCoy hasn’t even debuted her new diamond line on Jewelry Television yet, and it is already causing a controversy.

McCoy’s jewelry will bow on JTV Jan. 31, and the physically rejuvenated ex-host has posted photos of several of her pieces on Facebook, two rings and a bracelet so far.

But she had no sooner posted them than someone had the same complaint that we had when we saw the shots: The diamonds in the pieces look extremely cloudy. That prompted a nasty back and forth among suspicious jewelry buyers, McCoy and her defenders.

“What grade diamonds are you using Pamela?” one woman asked.

The cloudy and controversial ring

The cloudy and controversial ring

“Pamela, Your taste in diamonds is as exquisite as your beautiful outerwear,” another woman wrote. “I am so excited for you and can’t wait until you debut your new collection. Hopefully,this beautiful ring will be affordable. It is simply stunning and I can’t wait to own it!”

McCoy responded.

“Thanks for all the kind words!” she said. “I really love this ring! JTV does not give diamond quality unless they send a lab certificate with the piece. But I can say that the diamonds are very white and beautiful! I think I have created the perfect balance of wow and price!”

Our reporter’s bullshit detector was activated by McCoy’s comment, and apparently you don’t have to be a journalist to have that same BS alarm. In fact, posters got a little feisty on McCoy’s Facebook page.

Another McCoy JTV item

Another McCoy JTV item

“Pam you did not answer the question,” wrote one woman. “What color and clarity are YOUR diamonds used in your new jewelry line. We are looking for a letter like G,H,I and a clarity like Si1 or Si2 hopefully not the I3 I4 Clarity. Saying they are white is not an accurate statement of color or clarity. If you are the designer and manufacturing these pieces you should KNOW what Color and clarity diamonds are being used.”

“No way will they be anything more than I3 quality,” wrote another skeptic. “JTV has crap diamonds unfortunately and Pam’s prices are right in line with the other JTV pricing.”

“I remember your beautiful jewelry line before: What are the diamond stats?” another woman begged.

“White as in milky white, this piece is very similar to a another piece on ShopNBC!!!” snarked another poster.

McCoy and JTV did have their defenders.

“Why don’t you go somewhere else and shop and let the people enjoy what they can afford,” wrote one McCoy fan. “You certainly didn’t come from a very good family if they didn’t teach you not to insult someone’s jewelry. We love Pamela and wish her the best!”

Another cloudy McCoy JTV ring

Another cloudy McCoy JTV ring

By that measure, we guess we didn’t come from a very good family, either.

The critics, whose mamas apparently didn’t raise them right, either, didn’t let up.

“Ring nice, diamonds cloudy.”

“Beautiful ring setting! Whats the quality grading of the diamonds, Pam?”

“Would you wear a ring with poor quality diamonds like this one? I don’t think so…… We want top quality and are willing to pay for it.”

“Too cloudy for me.”

JTV has officially heralded McCoy’s arrival.

“We’re excited to announce that Pamela McCoy will be joining JTV with her new line – Pamela McCoy Diamonds! Tune in for her first show on January 31st from 10am to 12pm EST. Welcome Pamela!”

Welcome, indeed.


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8 Responses to “ShopNBC Vet Pamela McCoy’s JTV Diamonds Get Skewered On Facebook”

  1. Helene Says:

    You get what you pay for. If you want a cheaper price, you get cloudy diamonds. I won’t but any diamond piece from television. I have to see it in natural light. That being said, for those who can’t afford a higher price tag, this is a great alternative. By the way, if she won’t give the diamond grade, that should tell you something.

  2. Cat Says:

    Speaking of jewelry. QVC had their Gold Show yesterday. I say gold but in all honesty, more than half the products were filled with resin, yet the prices were still in the 300.00 + dollars… Well Mary Beth Row who has been on since B.C. comes out with her pitch telling you how great it is that they have resin in the bracelet’s and rings, because it makes them so much stronger and durable. She proceeds to drop the bracelet on the floor and step on it,,well thats when you hear the crunch! She then says “oh it broke, maybe thats not the one I was suppose to step on”…I guess they have a prototype that doesn’t break? Well it was funny to see. She kept saying over 3,000 were ordered, I wondered how many were canceled after that. If you want to see it, (if they still have it up) Its item J-279922 ..



  4. Beth Cook Says:

    Pam please contact Beth, regarding Bill

  5. martha tackett Says:

    funny — i’m wearing, at this moment, a 2-carat white diamond ring set in white gold, bought from JTV……and the diamonds are just that: WHITE. extremely good quality! i’ve never bought diamonds from anywhere OTHER than on-line, and am completely satisfied with the 2 i’ve bought from JTV.. i actually even tried to order the $1299 ring Pamela McCoy had on her JTV diamond show a few weeks ago, but it sold out before i could order my size. If you’re greatly concerned about clarity/color of the diamonds from JTV, then buy them from somewhere else. Simple!

  6. P.HUNTER Says:

    I’m sorry to say it but the diamonds are very dull and cloudy.I would not settle for this ever.In a manner of speaking this is an insult to customers who are diamond savvy and JTV buyers and used to better quality. Maybe it’s faulty lighting or.maybe a bad camera angle. Or maybe you’re going to sell it for next to nothing. I don’t mean this as any insult but unless the photo is really bad, you might need to explain. This can really hurt your reputation. Good luck with your presentation.

  7. Wonderfull jtv jewelry rings Designs | Women's Jewelry Says:

    […] shopnbc vet pamela mccoy's jtv diamonds get skewered on facebook jtv jewelry rings Wonderfull jtv jewelry rings Designs Size: 1024 X 875 | Source: image source […]

  8. Marti Says:

    Settings really are nice…too bad the diamonds are poor quality. You don’t have to be an expert to tell. Hmmmmm, maybe they’re dirty….I have bought gem stones on TV, they can always be returned and I’ve received some really great deals. First thing I take them down to my jeweler. Sadly, I wouldn’t have to take these to him.

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