ShopNBC’s Shawn Wilsie’s ‘Axing’ Was Perhaps Just An Exit

Someone asked if we knew for a fact that long-time ShopNBC host Shawn Wilsie was “axed.”

Well, unless were were a fly on the wall in corporate offices for the No. 3 home shopping network, of course we don’t know it for a fact.

Maybe Wilsie’s contract was expiring, and ShopNBC didn’t renew it.

But Wilsie’s comments, after ShopNBC posted on Facebook that he was gone, sure made it sound like the exit wasn’t his idea.

But some folks inside the No. 3 home shopping network claim it was Wilsie’s decision to leave. So we’ll put that out there.


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8 Responses to “ShopNBC’s Shawn Wilsie’s ‘Axing’ Was Perhaps Just An Exit”

  1. Donna Says:

    Maybe you should get your facts straight before publishing them.

    • Barbara Says:

      Donna – That’s not a very nice comment to make. You must not have any idea about contracts, confidentiality and non-competes. If someone knows the truth and speaks out, they would probably be fired. Shawn has to abide by what he agreed to, too. There are probably only a handful of Shop NBC employees that have access to this information – maybe only one or two and a lawyer. It would not be too difficult to track that person down and they would have a hard time denying that they spoke.

  2. Donna Says:

    Barbara, you are right as far as Shopping channels are concerned I do not have privy information. Nor do I have a blog that claims to have insider information. If I did, I would check my facts before I publish them.

  3. Barbara Says:

    @Donna – Wow. What a snot. I cannot see where anyone posted about having insider information. All I can glean from the post is speculation and my post explains the REASON for speculation. Even if someone does know the truth, that cannot divulge at thing.

    No one can dispute what (little) information Wilsie posted. He may not have elaborated but you can read between the lines.

    You should start your own website and only post what you want to.

  4. Fed uP Says:

    Shawn, it was a pleasure to shop with you for all these years, your non-aggressive pace and delivery made late nights the opposite of boring.

    Your ability to explain about timepieces is underrated in my humble opinion.

    And Shawn is the ONLY host honest enough while “on-air” to state the most accurate opinion that “he would rather own an ETA 2824-2 over these Chinese Tourbillons”.

    Folks, that’s an honest man, that’s an honest person, people like him I feel confident purchasing from Nbc.

    Lastly, I guess, I never thought in a million years Nbc would oust Mr. Wilsie…absolutely and positively Nbc’s loss.

  5. tom cobuccio Says:

    getting rid of Jim Skelton and now Shawn Wilsie will probably make a lot of tv shoppers switch to the less known networks. good luck snbc

  6. Patricia Temple Says:

    ShopNBC lost another one of their best show host, the winner is now The LC. I can now see Shawn other than the early morning hours. SNBC needs to add some color to their line-up!

  7. Steven A Pinkal Says:

    Hey Sean, you’re a good man and friend. I hope the move to Texas goes well for you. Thanks for the fun times and good memories with you in Minneapolis; movies, Valleyfair, fine dining… Hugs to you Rabbit. Have your partner listen to performer, Sharon Needle’s music video – ” call me on the Ouija board ” lol. Best wishes to you, Sean

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