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YouTube Sensation Bethany Mota Introduces Line On QVC

September 10, 2015

Our 16-year-old niece Sydney is one of her 9 million YouTube subscribers, and Bethany Mota is coming to QVC.

Mota is launching a collection from her apparel line for teens, Bethany Mota, on Oct. 5.

Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota

This little trendsetter in 2013 debuted the first of many collections for apparel brand Aéropostale. The newest collection, dreamed up by Mota and designed in partnership with Aéropostale in New York City, will be launching three weeks before it is available in Aéropostale stores.

We were at the Garden State Plaza in mall capital Paramus, N.J., a couple of years ago when we saw a long, winding lone of teens outside Aéropostale. It was Mota’s fans waiting to see her make an appearance at the store.

The line that premieres on QVC includes leggings, pajamas, hats and scarves all of which feature holiday-inspired motifs and colorful, coordinating designs. Each item is under $50.

“Bethany’s rise to fame is a result of her entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and keen eye for design,” said Rachel Ungaro, QVC’s Vice President, Fashion and Beauty Merchandising.

“Her compelling and inspirational story will resonate with QVC customers and her whimsical collection of apparel and accessories will be sure to grab their attention. We’re excited to launch Bethany’s line just in time for the holidays and provide shoppers with some fun and affordable gifting ideas for their teenage-aged children.”

During the broadcast, Mota will be on-hand to present the collection, offer her styling tips and teach viewers an easy DIY project to help make their look unique.

“I love being able to speak directly to my audience and share my passion for fashion,” Mota said. “QVC provides me with the opportunity to connect with millions of homes across the country. I hope everyone will find my collection as playful and fun as I do.”

Has Liza Minnelli’s Train-Wreck Appearance On HSN Gone Viral? At The Least, It Went International

July 2, 2010

You read it here first, folks. But the media is now having a field day writing about diva Liza Minnelli’s disastrous appearance on HSN earlier this week.

All the stories include all or or part of a 5-minute YouTube video (condensed from a two-hour appearance) of Liza selling her clothing and jewely line on the home shopping channel.

Liza was not very coherent, made statements that were non sequiturs, scolded the HSN host and was just not all there.

The New York Post’s story today is headlined “Shop Dead Diva: Liza’s Kooky HSN One-Nighter.”

The Post story says that the video of Liza’s appearance had gone viral on YouTube. Well, when we saw it yesterday it had about 450 views. This morning it was at 26,500.

The only thing inaccurate about the Post story is that it described HSN host Bobbi Ray Carter as “busty.” Carter is a stick, about 80 pounds wet, and she’s not well-endowed.

At one point during Liza’s appearance poor Carter, trying to keep the show rolling and the diva engaged, said, “You have a beautiful wrist Liza.” That was just one of a flurry of overly flattering comments Carter made to Liza throughout the night.

When Carter suggested viewers might want to pile on some of Liza’s bracelets, Liza corrected her and said, “One will do.” That meant a couple of less bracelet sales for HSN right there.

The Huffington Post even wrote about Liza’s HSN debut, as did Entertainment Weekly online.

Huffington Post mocked Liza’s line about a sequined dress in her HSN: “You don’t have to sell it, it sells you.”

Entertainment Weekly said that Liza deserves her own reality show, based on her performance on HSN. Its item made fun of Liza’s comment to one of her adoring fans who called in. The woman said she considered Liza her mentor, and the star replied. “You’re my mentor, too.” Huh?

UPDATE: Our talented friend and fellow blogger Lisa Swan, whose “Subway Squawkers” Yankee-Mets baseball blog who also blogs for The Huffington Post, e-mailed us to say that even the British papers, namely The Daily Mail had picked up the Liza-HSN story.

Well, HSN certainly got a lot of press out of Liza’s appearance, that’s for sure. We don’t know if the folks down in St. Petersburg are happy about it or not.

Liza Minnelli’s Appearance On HSN Is Getting Panned, So It Wasn’t Just Us

July 1, 2010

We tried to be gentle about diva Liza Minnelli’s train-wreck-of-an-appearance on HSN Wednesday night. Others were not so kind.

Thursday we saw that The Boston Globe had written an item on Liza’s HSN appearance, and we freaked out. The headline was “A Star is Reborn.” Did The Globe actually think Liza did a good job?

No, it was sarcasm, my dears.

That blurb included a link to an edited five-minute YouTube video that condensed all of Liza’s worse moments, and all of HSN Bobbi Ray Carter’s fawning over her, as they jointly hawked her clothing and apparel line, which was done exclusively for the home shopping network.

We guess we can’t blame Carter. She was in a tough spot trying to make Liza look OK.

CEO Mindy Grossman Tells Analysts That HSN Is ‘Your Best Girlfriend’ At Financial Conference

January 7, 2010

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman did her dog-and-pony show at the Citi 20th Annual Global Entertainment, Media & Telecommunications Conference Wednesday, and we’re listening to her presentation at 11 p.m. even though we need toothpicks to keep our eyes open.

Grossman repeated a lot of financials from the third quarter, and noted HSN’s progress during its first year as public company.

She had a couple of good lines.

“Our personality is most aptly described as your best girlfriend,” Grossman told the gathered analysts in San Francisco.

She also noted that HSN is the largest provider of videos to YouTube, with more than 47,000 videos on the site that link right back to the product on

Grossman also said that more than 70 percent of HSN’s products are proprietary to the home shopping network.

The HSN shopper is primarily female (big surprise), with 52 percent aged 35 to 54. The average annual spend on HSN by customers of almost $500, and this shopper spends two times more than the average shopper on apparel and jewelry, according to Grossman.

“Our three top markets are New York, LA and Chicago,” Grossman said. “This is a very educated and informed shopper.”

We found the slides more interesting than the spiel, so here are some of them. We fear you’ll need a magnifying glass to read them.

For those interested on hearing the Webcast and seeing all the slides from Grossman’s presentation, here’s the