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Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck Has Egg On Face After Temper Tantrum On HSN

August 19, 2012

We missed it, but apparently celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck had a hissy fit on HSN Saturday, and wound up with egg on his face — and an omelet on the home shopping channel’s floor.

Our Facebook friend Kathy tipped us off to this tamper tantrum on the part of “Wolf,” as his best friends call him. Apparently, ol’ Puck didn’t think that the HSN cameraman was moving fast enough to get a closeup of the egg dish he was whipping up on air-air to hawk one of his kitchen products. So here is what went down.

Kathy posted this to HSN about Puck:

“Okay, did anyone else see Wolf just throw a tantrum? what a jerk! imagine what he’s like in the kitchen. if i had just ordered this today, i would have cancelled the order. what a big baby!

“I agree and rude to the cameraman!” another HSN viewer posted.

“OMG! I can’t watch him anymore, he’s is Sooooo rude pitching eggs across the room because the camera wouldn’t zoom in fast,” wrote a third viewer. “I feel so sorry for the host. Wolfgang won’t shut up and she seems to be freaking out a little.

Wolfgang Puck egged on an HSN cameraman

“What exactly happened?” someone asked.”I missed it.”

“He kept telling the camera man to zoom in on his eggs and he didn’t do it fast enough so he just pitched the eggs on the floor,” someone else posted. “He’s a real nut case. You’ll notice how fast the camera zooms in now on his cooker.”

“Yikes… I have seen him bang on the back of the pan to get the camera man to zoom in on something but never throw the food.. class. I do hear him keep cutting Marlo off though,” another person posted.

HSN saw these posts and tried to make light of the situation, saying that Puck was just being playful. Our reporter’s bullshit detector, as the late John Higgins would say, went off.

“Hi fans! Don’t worry,” HSN posted. “Wolfgang Puck and our cameraman were joking back and forth; it was all in good fun. Thanks for joining us!”

Our tipster Kathy, who has a reporter’s instincts, wasn’t buying it, either.

“Yeah, I’m sure the cameraman was joking,” she posted.”Sorry hsn, don’t buy it. Wolf had a little meltdown and he should apologize. i’ll bet that little clip will be on E channel’s ‘The Soup’ this weekend.”

And she wasn’t the only HSN watcher who was skeptical.

“Ah uh okay, right 😉 Don’t believe it for a minute!” she posted. “Did you see how fast the camera has been zooming in since. I’ve watched him before and know he wasn’t kidding, but thanks for trying.”

Here some of the other posts about Puck’s antics from HSN’s Facebook page.

“Question? Was Wolfgang playing when he just threw the omelet on the floor at the camera man? I sincerely hope so cuz I really like watching him and that was a little odd?”

Again, HSN denied the tantrum.

“Oh, yes, Wolfgang was just joking around with our camera man. It was all in good fun. Have fun with those recipe ideas!”

“Wolfgang was NOT KIDDING when the threw the eggs on the floor!!!!!!” someone posted. “Customer service received MANY complaints…So disrespectful & disgusting!!”

Added another viewer, “I was also turned off by the egg-throwing stunt this afternoon. Love WP’s cookware but he was acting like a spoiled celebrity. An apology would have helped his image.”

Temper, temper, Wolf.