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Upscale Jewelry Designer Robert Lee Morris Shares Award News, Photo Of Wife On QVC’s Web Site

October 21, 2009

When we hear people complain that they would never buy jewelry from a home shopping network, we think about what they are missing. And one of the first things that comes to mind is Robert Lee Morris jewelry on QVC.

Morris is an award-winning couture jewelry designer who has done work for the runway and upscale designers like Donna Karan. He has a small studio in SoHo that we have visited, his base of operations.

But he does a lower-priced line of silver jewelry for QVC called RLM Studio, and he is even doing housewares for the channel in the RLM Home line.

For the curious, Morris’s most recent blog for QVC includes a photo of him and his pretty wife Susan. Morris is holding the Stars of Design Award he recently won. We know viewers, like ourselves, were curious about her, just as they remain eager to see a photo of host Rick Domeier’s wife.

Morris’s pieces look like little sculptures. He models his earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings after things he sees in nature, like waves and leaves and feathers. The jewelry is bold and smooth, distinctive and just stunning.

And while his couture work is pricey, his QVC line is in a range that us mere mortals can afford (When we’re employed. OK, we admit it, we just ordered one of his crosses when we shouldn’t have).

But best of all, Morris is a real artist, a sensitive and spiritual person. He is aligned with The Source (those are words we’d never utter in a newsroom). We love watching him talk about the inspiration for a particular piece of jewelry. He seems so centered and at peace, and he obviously loves his work.

He has won many prestigious awards. And his teacup Boston Terrier Jigs is adorable.