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Evine Charging In Advance of Your Advance Order?

April 8, 2019

We put this on Facebook already, but let us put it here on the record: Since when are home shopping channels charging you for orders that are on advance order or wait list before they even ship them to you?

A couple of weeks ago on Diamond Day on Evine we saw a Pamela McCoy gold necklace with diamonds, 36 inches, that we liked. We thought it was sold out, but when we called about it we were told it was on advance order.

That was great news, because we had a lot of charges on our Master Card that month and were happy to hear that we wouldn’t get the necklace until April — so that value-pay bill would be delayed until April.


Last week we called to cancel the order. And much to our surprise, we were told the charges would be removed from our credit card in a few days. When we asked why we were charged when we didn’t even have the necklace, well, we didn’t get much of an answer.

Someone posted on our Facebook page that this is common practice for all home shopping networks now. Don’t know if that’s true, but it stinks.

Are we the only ones surprised by this?