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Even CEO Mindy Grossman, Along With Criss Angel, Is Live In Vegas For HSN’s 33rd Birthday

August 15, 2010

Criss Angel's HSN Magic Kit

We’ll give credit where credit is due. HSN is really wowing us, first with its “Eat, Pray, Love” event last weekend (more on that later) and this weekend with its live event from Vegas, baby.

We’re watching it now, and illusionist Criss Angel is doing his thing, performing and hawking a magic kit with Callie Northagen.

HSN has transported a host of its hosts — Colleen Lopez, Bill Green, Chris Scanlon, etc. — to Sin City, and its celebrity vendors, like Wolfgang Puck, Jennifer Flavin Stallone to do shows in front of a studio audience. There were 25 celebs doing presentations, and the vibe was fun.

HSN also set up booths in Vegas with its jewelry, apparel, etc. The home shopping network at about 8 p.m. went to a shot of Jean Queen Diane Gilman in her booth, where we saw HSN CEO Mindy Grossman, live and in the flesh.

Lopez gave a shout-out to Grossman as a woman of style (that should ensure a raise, Colleen).

We know that QVC often goes on location, to Italy and Arizona, for example. But HSN’s Vegas event, with sets it built special for the gala and interacting with a live audience, was really creative programming for a home shopping network.

Actress Molly Sims Makes A ‘Grayceful’ Debut On HSN With Her Fashion Jewelry Line

November 14, 2009

569882_alt1Actress-model Molly Sims is a jewelry geek like us. And it showed during the launch of her new HSN line, Grayce, Friday night. That’s a good thing.

“Jewelry is my passion,” Sims said.

The actress, who was in TV’s “Vegas,” has certainly received a lot of press for her fashion jewelry line, including coverage on “The Today Show,” and in Oprah Winfrey’s “O” magazine and InStyle magazine. But it was a bit much for HSN to call Sims’ jewelry premiere a “World Launch.”

The long-haired blonde was very down-to-earth in her two-hour debut with host Colleen Lopez.

“These are my modern great basics,” Sims said of her collection, which includes lots of cuffs and necklaces in a variety of metal colors — silver, yellow gold, rose gold and hematite.

The ex-model got her love of baubles from her mom. Sims’ mother has collected jewelry for over 30 years, going to estate sales to buy.

“My mother always taught me beauty is not about price,” Sims told viewers. “It’s about do you like the piece.”

But we think the best testimonial Sims gave for her jewelry was her comment that she had worn a layered, braided necklace from her HSN line recently on a date, and the date went well. Sounds promising to us.

Sims’ said her mother Dorothy was watching the show, and that it was her mom’s words that prompted her to give her line the “Grayce” moniker. Mom always told Sims to live life “graceful and grateful,” the actress said.

The price points on the Grayce pieces were $30 to $100.

InStyle Magazine Previews Actress Molly Sims’s New Jewelry Line For HSN

November 2, 2009

We’re still reading through our November InStyle magazine, and just saw that it has a two-page spread on model-turned-actress Molly Sims’s new jewelry line for HSN.

Sims, who starred in the NBC show “Vegas,” has a vintage-inspired fashion jewelry line called Grayce that premieres Nov. 13 on HSN.

In a story headlined “Vintage Molly,” the blonde talks about her mother, who is a big  jewelry collector and whose pieces inspired the actress.

Sims also explains that she named her HSN line Grayce because her mom told her “to live with grace.” Sims tweaked the name, she told InStyle, to make it sound more modern.

There are photos of several of Sims’s HSN pieces, including a $35 cocktail ring. In the photo’s caption, Sims says that for one event she wore two of her HSN rings, worth about $50, along with a $200,000 necklace from a major jewelry design house.

Now that’s what we call mixing low and high end.

Several other items from Sims’s HSN line are featured in the article, including a lariat necklace, a bold cuff and a layered necklace.