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Copycats Heidi Klum on QVC, Iris Apfel on HSN

February 20, 2018

The New York Post did a story Monday on celebrities hawking products by ripping – sorry we mean knocking — off real designers, and both QVC and HSN were cited in the story.

The article, “Attack of the Clones,” talked about one example that we were aware of where a celeb got called out for a product they were selling on QVC. That was the case of model-TV star Heidi Klum, who was in 2007 was sued by high-end jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels for a line she brought to the No. 1 home shopping channel.

Klum’s baubles had a clover-shaped design, which Van Cleef claimed unlawfully imitated its Alhambra collection. QVC pulled the line.

The Post said that the lawsuit was settled and that Klum later claimed that her business partner, Mouawad USA, was not “knowledgeable.”

According to the Post HSN and its owl-eye-glassed vendor Iris Apfel, a Seventh Avenue darling, also got in hot water. In 2011 the married couple that was the force behind Hanna Bernhard alleged that Apfel had copied one of its pins, a large jeweled toucan, for HSN.

The married duo shamed Apfel on their website, charging that Apfel owned their original toucan pin and had imitated it, the Post reported.

HSN later issued a statement saying that Apfel had mistakenly believed that the brooch in her collection was a vintage piece. The objectionable version of the toucan was dropped from Apfel’s HSN line, replaced by a “modified” version, according to the Post.

Why There’s No More Heidi Klum Clover Jewelry On QVC

October 5, 2009

Some posters on QVC’s online jewely forum this weekend were wondering what happened to supermodel and “Project Runway” host Heidi Klum’s clover-design jewelry line, which used to be sold on the home shopping network. 

FYI — Klum pulled the plug on her Heidi Klum Collection, which was very popular on QVC, after she was sued by high-end jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels. It charged that her clover-motif wares too closely resembled their trademarked design.

Rather than battle it out in court this summer, Klum closed down her jewelry line. None of the pieces can be found on

Perhaps Klum didn’t have the stomach for more lawsuits, after being involved in nasty, lengthy litigation over “Project Runway’s” move from Bravo to Lifetime Television.  That mess was eventually resolved, and the hit reality show began airing on the women’s network.