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On The Network Where You Can’t Say ‘Orgasm,’ Joan Rivers Directs QVC Viewers To A Web Site With Bare-Breasted Women,

November 24, 2009

Joan Rivers Got Her URLs wrong

Life is full of irony, and so is QVC.

The home shopping network recently banned host Lisa Robertson from saying the word ‘Orgasm,’ which is the name of a shade of blush from high-end cosmetics line NARS.

Then just over a week later, comedian and jewelry maven Joan Rivers is on the air telling viewers to go to a Web site where we found half-naked women. Here’s what happened Monday.

Rivers is not shy about promoting the jewelry she does for QVC, even wearing it to red-carpet events.

Rivers, who has been a QVC vendor for almost 20 years, was on the network talking about an enormous fabric flower pin that’s part of her jewelry line. As we have said, our motto is go big or go home, so we loved it. It was $29.50.

Rivers said she wore the huge flower on Sunday when she attended the star-studded premiere of the musical “Dreamgirls” in Harlem.

“Last night I went to this huge opening,” Rivers said on QVC. “That’s (the flower pin) what I’m wearing.”

Rivers told viewers to go to a Web site, “Look it up, Dreamgirls dot something,” to see photos of her at the opening. Well, we went to, and there were no shots of Rivers.

Instead, we saw five very attractive bare-breasted women beckoning those over 18 to enter the site. We take it that Joan gave us the wrong URL.

But we did find several Web sites that had shots of Rivers at “Dreamgirls,” and she was in fact sporting her flower, in silver.

On “The Celebrity Apprentice,” Rivers often wore her QVC jewelry. Maybe that gave her the edge that helped her win.