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HSN’s Universal Vault Hitchcock Jewelry Is For ‘The Birds’

October 31, 2012

Are we the only folks to find this a little disturbing?

Perhaps appropriately tomorrow, on Halloween, HSN will be presenting Universal Vault Jewelry: Hitchcock. This is billed as “jewelry inspired by iconic movies starring Hollywood’s most glamorous women.”

This collection includes a raven black crystal brooch, a gold bird ring and a feather stone brooch. Birds and Hitchcock? We wonder what movie this is referencing?

Of course, it is “The Birds,” a Hitchcock horror classic where these winged creatures all of a sudden, without explanation, start attacking people. This includes plucking Suzanne Pleshette’s eyes out, in a scene that in its day was terribly shocking. This was before gore porn films like “Saw,” remember.

And HSN is doing jewelry based on animals that are killers in this movie?

This jewelry line is particularly galling to us because we just watched the HBO movie “The Girl,” which is actress Tippi Hedren’s story about how a repulsive Hitchcock kept sexually harassing her during the shooting of “The Birds” and “Marnie.” He recites some disgusting off-color limericks to her that if he had ever said to a Jersey girl like us, we would have knocked him on his fat ass.

And, according to the film, REAL live birds were thrown at Hedren, two days on end, in a scene where she opens up a door and is attacked and bloodied by this monsters. Hedren claims that the sadistic director had led her to believe that mechanical birds would be used in the scene.

So how about an HSN pin with a bird holding one of Pleshette’s eyeballs in its beak?