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Wig-Meister Toni Brattin Joins QVC, After HSN And Evine

April 27, 2017

Wednesday was a big day for home shopping news.

Wig purveyor Toni Brattin, who was on HSN and then went to Evine, announced on Facebook that she is heading to QVC.

“My launch date will be announced soon,” she wrote. “Meanwhile you can continue to find all your Hair Fabulous, Tan Secret, and other products on my website.”

ShopNBC Vendor Toni Brattin Defends The Net Over Returns Cut-Off

June 12, 2013

This morning ShopNBC vendor Toni Brattin, known for her self-tanner and hairpieces, posted a response to our blog about the home shopping network’s warning letter to us.

In case you didn’t read the blog, soon-to-be ShopHQ threatened to suspend our account because we were returning more than 50 percent of the items we ordered. This, despite the fact that the network, like all shopping channels, promises a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ShopNBC vendor Toni Brattin

ShopNBC vendor Toni Brattin

Brattin, a veteran of HSN, explained and defended ShopNBC, and presented the viewpoint of the vendors.

Here is what Brattin had to say:

Unfortunately, there are many that abuse and actually scam the service being provided. Because of the lax return policy there are many customers that take advantage and even basically use it as a way to purchase, use it, with full intentions of returning it before they even receive it…it is basically…authorized stealing!

Though this does not happen often, and may very well in some cases may not be the intent, of some customers, it is others. Most cosmetics and the such must destroyed, but the cost to manufacture is real to the vendor. If an excess is being returned from a particular customer, I guess Shop and other shopping channels review those accounts, but the truth is, someone (not the customer) is paying for these items to be manufactured none the less.

As a vendor, we have to “bill in” to the over all average cost of these goods, knowing that money will be returned to customer and nothing to the vendor. I truly feel that most customers return legitimately, and many just need an exchange, But, the truth is, some customers just do not realize the mathematics of average return rate.

It’s kinda like the person at Thanksgiving, that heaps their plate full, and then throws half of it in the trash, leaving others that got none. Most people don’t take advantage of the policy and only have their fair share of returns, but it doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out if a certain customer is always getting more than he/she ever pays for.

I know many people may not realize, but if an item has too many returns, (no matter why), Shop or other channels can and will decide not to offer that item again, simply because they can not buy airtime for an item with too high of a return. Every business has its margins…otherwise they’re out of business.

I don’t know if this helped, but hopefully seeing things from two perspectives, helps!

I love reading reading your blogs! Keep up the great work!

Toni Brattin & Co. Inc

As we said, we are typically returning jewelry, not cosmetics or products that we have nearly used up.

But we appreciate Brattin taking the time to write us.

Before ‘Jersey Shore’ There Was Self-Tanning Addict Toni Brattin, Another HSN Vet Who Has Landed At ShopNBC

April 1, 2011

We went to at midnight to check out what its Today’s Top Value is, and lo and behold, we found another HSN refugee.

Brassy blond Toni Brattin — no not the singer — who had been a staple at HSN for years is now on ShopNBC. She has the No. 3 home shopping channel’s top value, the Tan Fabulous One-Minute Self Tanner Three-Piece Set, for $20.

There was Brattin demonstrating her new self-tanner, with a model standing in a shower that ShopNBC had set up on its sound stage.

Toni Brattin, another HSN alum, had landed at ShopNBC

Brattin used to sell a variety of products on HSN, from a self-tanner to wigs and hairpieces. She was into self-tanning long before folks like “The Jersey Shore” and “Jerseylicious” gangs. Her old self-tanner took several hours to work. This one takes a minute, as she demonstrated.

We suspect that Brattin’s exit was part of HSN CEO Mindy Grossman effort to make the No. 2 home shopping network more upscale and less infomercial-like. That has led to an exodus of longtime HSN vendors, including Suzanne Somers. She is now at ShopNBC, too.

Here is what ShopNBC’s website has to say about Brattin:

Beloved for her infectious energy and solution-driven products, Toni Brattin has been involved in the beauty business for over 25 years. Her beauty career started with a self tanning concept she created, and she continues to innovate in order to bring you the newest solutions. Her passion for helping women feel and look their best shows through in all her products.

Her set includes the Tan Fabulous One Minute Tanning Boost foam, a loofah on a wand and two pairs of powder-free vinyl application gloves.

Every time we hear the word “loofah,” we think about the young woman who made allegations about Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly, and what he wanted to do with her and a loofah. But we digress.

Here is how Brattin’s new product works:

Best if used in the shower or tub. Use the application gloves to avoid tan palms. Avoid eye area. After bathing, apply Tan Fabulous to damp skin. Work evenly from top to bottom of your arms, legs and body. Apply generously for a dark tan or moderately for a light tan. Apply evenly to avoid streaking. Once tanning foam is applied, no need to wait. Just turn on the shower or tub, and rinse clean. Blot dry.

ShopNBC ‘Extends’ Its Product Line With Clip-Ins From Hair Stylist Ted Gibson

October 27, 2009

Third-ranked home shopping network ShopNBC has been struggling, and its strategy now is to diversify and not depend so much on jewelry sales. As a result, it is becoming more and more like QVC and HSN every day. It’s no big surprise, since ShopNBC is now run by former QVC executives.

Tuesday’s ShopNBC Top Value of the Day are clip-in hair extensions from hair stylist Ted Gibson, at $100 a pop.

Does any of that sound familiar? Well, QVC just rolled out a line of hair extensions, Hairdo by Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves, from the blonde singer’s hair stylist Paves.

That Paves/Simpson line used to be on HSN, but switched over to QVC. We could swear that TV chef Rachael Ray was wearing hair extensions of some sort — maybe from Paves — when she appeared on QVC last week, despite her claim she was growing out her hair. Last time we saw her, her hair was chin-length, and it was down her shoulders when she appeared on QVC.

Despite the exit of Paves and Simpson. HSN still sells hair extensions from Toni Bratton.

The Gibson hair extensions are all part of ShopNBC’s first beauty and style week.