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If Your Life Is Good, Maybe You Can Afford An LG Home Theater System From QVC

February 5, 2010

We can’t remember the last time, if ever, that QVC has offered a home theater system. But that is what Saturday’s Today’s Special Value will be, from a new vendor to the home shopping network, LG.

We guess this is all part of QVC’s grand plan to move toward selling more consumer electronics goods, as its categories such as jewelry have faltered because of the economy.

Here is what is saying about the system from LG that it will be hawking:

“For over 50 years, LG has helped lead the way into the advanced digital era. By constantly striving to enhance their customers’ lifestyles, they have created Home Theaters with imagery so real and sound so powerful you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. Explore innovative products featuring stylish designs and smart technology from the comfort of home.”


QVC’s Gem Day Is Not Rocking

January 5, 2010

QVC jewelry lovers don’t seem to be impressed with Gem Day Tuesday on the home shopping network, and neither are we.

On one thread on the QVC jewelry forum, posters griped that most of the items are just sterling silver or not new merchandise.

On another thread, one woman was rather outraged that the Today’s Special Value, a multi-colored sapphire band ring, just came in sterling or in gold “clad,” not solid 14 carat gold. It is $139, on three Easy Pays.

The all-time price of gold has cut down on the inventory that networks like QVC are peddling, much to the frustration of jewelry geeks.

QVC Fashion Designer Susan Graver Struts Out Her First Jewelry For The Network

December 31, 2009

QVC’s in-house fashion designer for two decades, Susan Graver, debuted her first jewelry for the home shopping network last night. It’s a faceted emerald cut necklace and earring set, only $24, and is a Today’s Special Value Extra.

Graver has a Thursday’s Today’s Special Value, which is a cardigan with georgette trim and matching tank. The damage? It’s $39.

On QVC’s forums, reaction was mixed at Graver’s first attempt at jewelry. Some online posters compared the necklace favorably to Joan Rivers’ QVC jewelry line, and others worried about the quality and workmanship of the Graver pieces.

QVC’s Today’s Special Value For Jewelry Day Friday Is Diamond Key Pendant, Season’s Hottest Trend

December 15, 2009

Jewelry junkies like us, who have been complaining about QVC nixing a lot of its jewelry shows, are in for a treat Friday.

The No. 1 home shopping is not only dedicating the whole day to jewelry, but the Today’s Special Value is trading in on one of jewelry’s hottest trends: the key pendant.

The Friday TSV is an Affinity diamond key pendant that will be selling for $120, on three Easy Pays of $40. That’s a lot cheaper than the thousands of dollars Tiffany is asking for its signature key pendants.

Victoria Wieck's HSN Key, Not QVC TSV

The QVC version has 1/3 of a carat of diamonds set in sterling silver. It is two inches long, on an 18-inch rolo chain.

We love the key look, and are planning to find one we like for ourselves.

Our mom just bought one on HSN from Victoria Wieck that was studded with Absolutes, and came in silver or vermeil yellow or rose gold. It is $60.

QVC Is Hawking The Cool-er eReader As Its Today’s Special Value

December 11, 2009

The Cool-er eReader has come to QVC.

The competitor to Amazon’s Kindle is QVC’s Today’s Special Value Friday, at $229, with three Easy Pays of $76 to make it easier to swallow.

The home shopping network is touting the fact that the e-reader is preloaded with 29 books and that you also get a choice
of 10 other free book downloads. It has a 6-inch screen, is PC and Mac compatible, and comes in eight colors.

The device holds about 800 books on 1GB internal memory. For more storage space, you can get a memory card up to 4GB (not included).

The Cool-er is compact, weighing just over six ounces and only 1/2 inch thick.

“Unlike a computer screen, this unit features E-Ink technology that gives the screen a paper-like display and replicates the experience of reading a book,” QVC says on its Web site. “Plus, you can customize it to fit your needs: choose from one of three font types and eight font sizes. You can even change the page orientation from portrait to landscape.”

QVC’s Today’s Special Valyue includes the eReader, a built-in rechargeable battery, silicone case, earbuds, USB cable, 29 pre-loaded books, the 10 free book downloads from a list of select titles, a quick-start guide and an instruction booklet.

QVC Gives Jewelry Lovers A Gift With Day Dedicated To Jewelry Gifts, With Judith Ripka TSV Button Earrings

December 8, 2009

Loyal QVC viewers — us included — who have been griping about the lack of jewelry shows on the home shopping network should be happy Tuesday.

QVC has dedicated most of the day to “Jewely Gifts of Distinction,” kicking off the event with a Today’s Special Value from Judith Ripka.

The TSV is gem button earrings, for both pierced ears but also in clips, that come in five different gemstones, including our favorite, crystal quartz. The earrings are $100, on three Easy Pays.

Today QVC is also offering jewelry from high-end designers Stephen Dweck, with his new Dweck Diamonds line, Michael Dawkins, Robert Lee Morris, Barbara Bixby, Echo of the Dreamer, Barry Cord and Ann King, who is married to noted jewelry designer Steven Lagos.

So far, we have not seen Judith Ripka on herself. Her son seems to be subbing for her. At midnight, host Jane Teacy introduced the TSV and mistakenly said it was from Joan Rivers, leaving Ripka’s son looking a little uneasy. But Treacy then went on to get the name right — Ripka, not Rivers.

We guess Jane wasn’t used to be up past her bedtime, on the air at midnight.

We Told You So A Month Ago: Isaac Mizrahi’s Pebble Leather Drawstring Purse Is QVC’s TSV

December 7, 2009

QVC’s new designer, Isaac Mizrahi, has his first QVC Today’s Special Value Monday, a pebble leather purse with accessories.

But if you have been reading our blog, you would have known about this TSV back on Nov. 14, when we wrote about it.

We can’t take all the credit, however. A QVC forum sleuth unearthed the intelligence.

The purse is $200.

As we are seeing, Mizrahi loves bright colors in his purses. We especially love the “cactus,” because it reminds us of Arizona, which we love.

Home-Shopaholics Rejoice: QVC Has Launched New Free iPHone App

December 2, 2009

Now QVC addicts can buy items on the home shopping network no matter where they are, via their iPhone and iPod Touch.

The No. 1 home shopping network is now offering a QVC iPhone App so you can “stay in the know when you’re on the go with fashion, beauty, jewelry, electronics, and more. Plus, never miss another Today’s Special Value — our best offer of the day, good for one day only,” QVC says on its Web site.

QVC says you can search for products, “Speed Buy” items, and stay connected with QVC with “this easy-to-use application that anyone can download for free.”

Existing customers can Speed Buy an item by entering their account information. New customers can use a “Call to Order feature” to order over the phone or create an account.

The QVC App’s features include:

An easy-to-navigate home page that features QVC’s top promotions and products. Users can find the Today’s Special Value offer, One Time Only Values, items on the air, and items recently on the air all in one place.

Full search capability to make it easy to find items, by searching by item number, product description, brand, phrase or word.

With just one tap users can view product images, information, sizing and color swatches.

You can e-mail an item to a friend or to yourself as a reminder to view a product later.

You can Speed Buy to purchase items quickly. Current customers can use their existing QVC account information (Customer Number or e-mail address and PIN) to Speed Buy items.

If you aren’t a QVC customer or don’t have your account information handy, you can just use the Call to Order feature to complete your order over the phone. Our app can also save your Customer Number for faster purchases in the future.

“QVC has evolved into a destination of community – it’s a place where shoppers gather to be entertained and informed,” Angie Simmons, QVC’s executive vice president of multichannel platforms, said in a canned statement. “This app for iPhone and iPod touch is an intelligent extension of our mobile presence. Developed with the customer in mind, it allows them to stay connected to our dynamic programming anytime, no matter where they are.”

The QVC App is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch, and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

In January QVC made its mobile debut, rolling out a suite of services, including features to receive mobile alerts and to buy items sold on QVC via text ordering. Additionally, it simultaneously unveiled its mobile Web site,, where customers can browse QVC product, show information and make purchases.

QVC Blows Own Horn Over Kick-Off Of Holiday Shopping, Where It Drew More Than 60,000 New Customers During Three-Day Black Friday Weekend

December 1, 2009

QVC CEO Mike George

QVC Monday declared its three-day holiday shopping kickoff a success, fueled by its biggest Black Friday ever.

More than 815,000 holiday shoppers bought items from QVC during the weekend, and the home shopping network attracted more than 60,000 new customers. played an integral role in the three-day event, contributing more than 30 percent of the total sales, according to the network.

QVC started off the holiday weekend on Thanksgiving evening with The New Black Friday, which offered specials deals and stunts to compete against brick-and-mortar stores. In its 28-hour event, QVC positioned itself as an alternative to jammed shopping malls.

The strategy worked, because QVC racked up $32 million in sales on Black Friday, a record, an increase of 60 percent from sales last year.

On Black Friday QVC offered three Today’s Special Values, or items presented at exceptionally low prices, for a specific period of time, as well as specially priced deals in every hour of programming.

The momentum continued through the weekend, driven again by the Today’s Special Value offers – a Dell Windows 7 Notebook on Saturday, with more than 60,000 units ordered, and the Keurig Premium Single Serve Coffee Brewer on Sunday, with nearly 100,000 units ordered.

Additional top sellers from the weekend included the Nintendo Wii Gaming System with Accessories, Case and Games, the Olympus 12 MP 5x Optical Zoom Camera, the Nintendo Wii Fit Plus and Accessory Kit with Mat and Balance Board, the Clarisonic Facial Cleansing System and the KitchenAid Nine-Cup Food Processor with Accessories.

“This year, QVC wanted to provide a Black Friday experience unlike those found at the mall – with trusted brands, honest values, and friendly, stress-free customer service,” QVC president and CEO Mike George said in a canned statement. “Judging from the tremendous customer response this weekend, this is exactly what today’s holiday shoppers are looking for – real values and great service, without all the crowds, traffic and promotional craziness.”

QVC Racks Up Record $32 Million In Black Friday Sales, But What Does Poor 28-Hour Host Dave James Get?

November 28, 2009

We told you a QVC press release on Black Friday would be forthcoming, and here it is, released Saturday.

QVC enjoyed its biggest Black Friday ever, ringing up more than $32 million in orders – a 60 percent increase over last year’s Black Friday sales. More than 765,000 units were ordered in a 24-hour period, according to the home shopping network.

QVC mounted the most aggressive Black Friday event in its 23-year history. The network’s holiday weekend kicked off early, Thanksgiving evening, with “The New Black Friday,” a special programming event meant to keep shoppers at home rather than visiting their local malls.

QVC offered three Today’s Special Value offers (items presented at exceptionally low prices, for a specific period of time) instead of the usual one, and had specially priced deals in every hour of programming.

QVC CEO and president Mike George

“Our merchandising team worked incredibly hard to find the most special gift-giving ideas on the market and price them competitively,” QVC president and CEO Mike George said in a canned statement. “And, as always, the entire QVC organization delivered a fun, stress-free shopping experience for our customers. Given the successful results – our largest Black Friday in our company’s 23-year history – it’s clear that their hard work paid off,”

Said George, “We’re thrilled with the overwhelming response we received from our customers and will continue to strive to be their preferred destination for holiday shopping.”

Largely contributing to QVC’s Black Friday success was the Sylvania Digital Camcorder with a 2” LCD Color Display, one of the three Today’s Special Value offers, selling out of more than 200,000 units.

Additional top sellers from the day included the Sharper Image Entertainment Projector, the Playhut Travel Lounger with Removable Slumber Bag and Storage Tote, the Nintendo Wii Gaming System with Accessory Case and Games and the Olympus 12 MP, 5x Optical Zoom Camera. also played an integral role, contributing more than 40 percent of the day’s sales.

The press release made no mention of poor host Dave James, who stayed live for 28 hours straight — on the air and via Webcast — for the Black Friday event.

Give the poor man credit for his contribution to the day’s blockbuster sales, CEO George! How about combat pay for James?