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QVC’s Jai By John Hardy Jewelry Comes To TJ Maxx

March 3, 2016

Here’s a heads-up for jewelry geeks: Pieces of QVC’s Jai by John Hardy line have landed at TJ Maxx.

We can’t speak for the rest of the nation, but we have spotted the Jai stuff in a number of the retailer’s stores in North Jersey.

For those not in the know, Jai was originally presented as a lower-priced version of John Hardy’s handmade sterling silver jewelry from Bali. Now, the line is headed by Scott Grimes. As explains, “jai” means “heart” in Thai and “victory” and “goodness” in Hindi.

It’s also part of the title from the great song from the movie “Slumdog Millionaire,” the tune “Jai Ho.”

And BTW, our local TJ Maxx’s have also received a fresh shipment of our downfall, namely Lagos and John Hardy jewelry.

And in another attack on our wallet, Margo Manhattan’s gorgeous sterling silver jewelry will be back on Evine Live on Thursday. We love it.

Alert: Check TJ Maxx’s Men’s Jewelry For John Hardy

June 20, 2014

Heads up jewelry geeks and freaks. We can’t speak for the rest of the country, but the TJ Maxx stores in North Jersey have gotten a stock of John Hardy jewelry.

We love his high-end stuff, and have been visiting every store within a 50-mile radius to see what is available.

But here is the trick gals: Check the men’s section of TJ Maxx’s jewelry counter. There is a lot of Hardy men’s jewelry there, but guess what? A beautiful silver bamboo cross is unisex.

The only catch with the men’s necklaces is that some of the silver crosses are on black stainless steel chains, which we don’t like. But we just slipped the cross on one of the zillions of silver chains we own.

There are also Hardy pieces in the women’s section, of course.

Even at TJ Maxx Hardy jewelry isn’t cheap, but it is a fraction of its MSP price, which you would pay in places such as Neiman Marcus.

It is a bargain. We were in Nordstrom in Paramus last night checking out the jewelry, and some of its fashion jewelry is priced higher than the real sterling, handcrafted Hardy pieces at TJ Maxx. That’s just wrong.

QVC’s Angela By John Hardy Jewelry Hits TJ Maxx

August 25, 2013

Heads up, girlfriends.

Pieces of QVC’s discontinued jewelry line, Angela by John Hardy, have popped up in TJ Maxx, at least in North Jersey.

We’ve spotted bracelets and earrings from the now-defunct, low-priced version of high-priced Hardy sterling silver(made in Bali, we believe), at three TJ Maxx’s, including the stores in Paramus and Ramsey.

The jewelry collection came to QVC repped and supposedly designed by model Angela Lingvall.

This year, that line was replaced by JAI John Hardy, with a new rep, stylist Scott Grimes.

TJ Maxx Alert: Bali Bracelets Like John Hardy’s At Fraction Of Price

July 14, 2012

We made our nearly weekly joint — we mean jaunt — to the great TJ Maxx in Paramus, N.J., yesterday and found a treasure trove in the jewelry department.

That store had a wide variety of handcrafted woven sterling silver jewelry, bracelets and earrings, made in Bali. The price range was $100 to $250 on the bracelets, $50 on the earrings.

The pieces looked just like the John Hardy bracelets that Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus are selling right now at double, triple and four times the price as the ones in TJ Maxx. Like Hardy, the TJ Maxx Bali bracelets have dashes of 18 carat gold on them, and some had small diamonds (although not of very good quality).

If you only wear designer jewelry, we get that. But if you are not fussy, or don’t mind mixing non-designer stuff with your John Hardy or Lagos pieces, then check out your TJ Maxx for this Bali jewelry.

We Paid $60 At TJ Maxx For The Exact Same Bag That QVC Is Selling for $105, Plus Shipping And Handling

September 7, 2010

Not-fur-nuthin’, as we say in Jersey, but why do people buy Tignanello handbags on QVC?

We were watching last night and saw that QVC was hawking a pebble leather double-handle tote that looked very familiar to us. We pulled a black Tignanello purse with cream trim out of our closet to see how it compared to the one on-screen.

Bingo, our’s was the exact same purse.

But the pricetags were not the same.

The price on QVC was a special lower “featured” price of $105.48, with over $8 for shipping and handling. We paid $60 for the exact same purse on clearance at TJ Maxx. It’s original TJ Maxx price was $80, still lower than QVC’s “featured” price, and with no shipping and handling.

And you can put purses (although not clearance items) on layaway in most TJ Maxx stores, which is their equivalent of Easy Pay.

Duh, we don’t own TJ Maxx stock, but check your local store out before shelling out cash for a purse on QVC.