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QVC, ‘Today Show’ Go For Third Year Of ‘Big Thing’

April 17, 2017

For the third consecutive year, QVC is teaming up with NBC’s “Today Show” for Today’s Next Big Thing, a national competition “to honor the spirit of innovation and invention and discover one entrepreneur whose product has what it takes to be presented on QVC’s highly engaging multiplatform shopping experience,” according to a press release last week.

Via the competition, next Saturday an aspiring entrepreneur will be given their big break: a chance to sell an invention in front of more than 100 million households.

In January inventors across America were invited to submit their products for consideration. Starting this week nine finalists — with inventions spanning beauty, fashion, home, and cooking and dining —  will appear live on “Today” to pitch their products to a panel of judges.

The panel includes Anna Baker, QVC’s director of global merchandising; Jill Martin, “Today” contributor and creative director of G.I.L.I. got it love it , QVC’s contemporary fashion and accessories line).

Starting Tuesday viewers will vote for their favorites on

And on Friday the three inventors with the most votes will have one last chance to convince the judges that they have what it takes to be on QVC. The judges will declare the winner, and the winner will sell his or her product live on QVC the next day, Saturday, April 22, at 10 a.m.

“Each time we have teamed up with NBC on Today’s Next Big Thing, the response from our customers to the winning entrepreneur has been tremendous,” Baker said in a canned statement.

“We’re always looking for promising entrepreneurs with exciting new products that will surprise and delight our customers. QVC offers a powerful multiplatform network experience for entrepreneurs, where they can share the unique stories and inspirations behind their inventions directly with customers and distribute their products on a national scale.”

Prior winners of Today’s Next Big Thing quickly sold out during their first QVC appearances.

In 2015 Leslie Pierson won with GoodHangups, a reusable magnetic display systems for posters, art, photographs and more.

In 2016, Krista Woods won with Glovestix, a portable odor-management solution for athletic gloves, shoes, cleats and more that sold out in just eight minutes.

“Winning Today’s Next Big Thing and appearing on QVC has been an absolute surreal experience,” Woods said.

“Since my QVC debut, my sales have quadrupled and the platform has afforded me so many incredible opportunities to inspire other entrepreneurs. I have always valued QVC for the quality of its products and the strength of its relationship with customers, and I am honored to now be a part of the QVC family.”

QVC Does Damage Control On ‘Today Show’ With Fainting Guest Defending Dan Hughes

October 12, 2012

QVC did some damage control Thursday over the fainting-guest incident, which went viral this week.

Cassie Shane appeared on “The Today Show” to defend the honor of QVC host Dan Hughes. On Sunday, in a very disturbing scene to watch, Shane was pitching a children’s tablet on QVC when she suddenly clutched her chest and fell toward Hughes.

The camera went to a close up of Hughes, who kept selling the product. No one ever explained what happened to Shane.

Shane told Lauer that she has three young kids, shoe was up the night before one of them, and she hadn’t eaten before the show. She said fainted, which is something you never heard from QVC on Sunday. What the audience didn’t see was that two medics were helping Shane off-camera, she said.

“I feel really good,” she said on the morning news show. “I went to see the doctor and I’m OK.”

She defended Hughes, claiming she was the one who told him to keep selling. She added that he was one of her good friends.

“He did the best he could,” Shane said. “I think people think he was stepping over my body.”

That’s not the point. QVC should have done viewers the courtesy of explaining what happened to Shane, rather than pretending nothing happened. Shane said she hadn’t watched the clip herself because her husband, her family, told her not to.

“My mother and sister saw it, and they were crying,” she said.

QVC viewers were also upset, and the home shopping network should have given them an explanation of what happened.

Fitness Guru, HSN Vendor Tony Little’s Struggles, And Tears, Over His Wife’s Postpartum Depression

March 5, 2011

Fitness cheerleader Tony Little is always bursting with enthusiasm when he’s pitching his products on HSN, which include gym gear, bison burgers, footwear, chairs, pillows and other assorted goods.

That’e why we were surprised to read that this pony-tailed wonder got teary while discussing his wife’s postpartum depression on “The Today Show.”

His wife, former model Melissa Hall, gave birth to premature twins in November 2009, and the infants had medical problems and needed a lot of care.

To add to the family’s misery, then Hall fell into a depresson.

After that difficulty, Little can now reflect and say, “I always believe. There is a lot higher percentage of winning when you believe.”

We agree with you about that, Tony.

MTV Programming President Tony DiSanto Spins Like A Top To Defend ‘Jersey Shore’ in Hollywood Reporter Interview

December 10, 2009

The “Jersey Shore” shit storm doesn’t end.

For those who want to hear the president of programming at MTV, Italian American Tony DiSanto, offer his lame excuses for the show, here’s his spin in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

We ain’t buying it baby, but as Fox News says, you decide.

And for the first time ever, we think, we agree with Gawker’s take on the controversial show, which was shot in Seaside Heights, N.J. “Jersey Shore” has been accused of slurring Italian Americans, and Gawker says the program is a disaster from a ratings and advertising standpoint, with two sponsors already pulling their spots.

But contrarian Wall Street analyst Rich Greenfield of Pali Research sees the show as a winner for MTV and its parent Viacom.

“Jersey Shore” has cumed more than 12 million viewers since its debut a week ago, according to Greenfield.

He noted that NBC’s “The Today Show” did a three-minute segment on whether the show goes too far, and that Twitter has been buzzing about the reality show.

“MTV always seems to be at its strongest when when its programming is the most shocking or controversial,” Greenfield wrote in a report Thursday.

Yeah, like that great MTV-produced segment at the Super Bowl when Janet Jackson flashed a nipple. That went over real well with viewers and federal regulators.

NBC Universal Chief Jeff Zucker, His PR Folks And His Talent Host Holiday Party For Media At 30 Rock

December 9, 2009

We just got back to Jersey after attending NBC Universal’s party for the press. The soiree Tuesday night, held on the 52nd floor of 30 Rock in Manhattan, was officially off-the-record. But we can certainly tell you who we saw there.

As we were checking our coat, Kathie Lee Gifford was putting on her’s and leaving. Her NBC morning-TV partner, Hoda Kotb, was still inside at the shindig.

The event, sponsored by NBCU chief Jeff Zucker and his communications team, came on the heels of news that the nation’s largest cable operator, Comcast, was buying the home of the Peacock Network along with its stable of cable channels, which includes USA Network, SyFy, Bravo, Oxygen, CNBC and MSNBC. The seller is General Electric.

A shirt-sleeved Zucker briefly addressed the gathered media, and made some funny jokes about the coming merger (we can’t say what, it was off the record, remember?)

There were both NBCU talent and suits at the holiday party. NBC News anchor Brian Williams, a Jersey guy, stopped by, as did Lester Holt, Ann Curry and Amy Robach from “The Today Show.” Jimmy Fallon popped by when the party was ending.

As for execs, in addition to Zucker there was NBC Cable Entertainment chief Bonnie Hammer, Bravo honcho Frances Berwick, NBCU’s women’s and lifestyle chieftain Lauren Zalaznick, CNBC president Mark Hoffman and “Saturday Night Live” creator and producer Lorne Michaels.

We have written about Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” for, and NBC has big home shopping connections and affiliations.

First of all, GE/NBC currently owns about 32.5 percent of ShopNBC on a fully diluted basis of 37.6 million shares. NBC’s 6.4 million shares represent 16.8 percent ownership and GE’s 6 million common stock purchase warrants represent 15.7 percent.

Secondly, the stars of several of NBCU’s cable show have home shopping lines, including: Tori Spelling, who is in Oxygen’s “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,” on HSN; Rachel Zoe, from Bravo’s “The Rachel Zoe Report,” on QVC; Isaac Mizrahi, who hosts Bravo’s “The Fashion Show,” on QVC; Padma Lakshmi, from Bravo’s “Top Chef,” on HSN; and Ramona Singer from Bravo's "The Real Housewives of New York City." on HSN.

The party gift was a DVD of the third season of NBC’s “30 Rock,” appropriately.

Actress Molly Sims Makes A ‘Grayceful’ Debut On HSN With Her Fashion Jewelry Line

November 14, 2009

569882_alt1Actress-model Molly Sims is a jewelry geek like us. And it showed during the launch of her new HSN line, Grayce, Friday night. That’s a good thing.

“Jewelry is my passion,” Sims said.

The actress, who was in TV’s “Vegas,” has certainly received a lot of press for her fashion jewelry line, including coverage on “The Today Show,” and in Oprah Winfrey’s “O” magazine and InStyle magazine. But it was a bit much for HSN to call Sims’ jewelry premiere a “World Launch.”

The long-haired blonde was very down-to-earth in her two-hour debut with host Colleen Lopez.

“These are my modern great basics,” Sims said of her collection, which includes lots of cuffs and necklaces in a variety of metal colors — silver, yellow gold, rose gold and hematite.

The ex-model got her love of baubles from her mom. Sims’ mother has collected jewelry for over 30 years, going to estate sales to buy.

“My mother always taught me beauty is not about price,” Sims told viewers. “It’s about do you like the piece.”

But we think the best testimonial Sims gave for her jewelry was her comment that she had worn a layered, braided necklace from her HSN line recently on a date, and the date went well. Sounds promising to us.

Sims’ said her mother Dorothy was watching the show, and that it was her mom’s words that prompted her to give her line the “Grayce” moniker. Mom always told Sims to live life “graceful and grateful,” the actress said.

The price points on the Grayce pieces were $30 to $100.

ShopNBC’s Suzanne Somers Kicks Off Cancer Book Launch With ‘Larry King,’ ‘Today Show’ Appearances Today

October 19, 2009

Reminder: Suzanne Somers is scheduled to appear on CNN’s “Larry King Live” tonight, just a day before release of her latest book“Knockout: Interviews With Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer, And How To Prevent Getting It In The First Place.”

Somers, who this weekend was selling her book on ShopNBC, also has appearances set for both this morning and Tuesday on NBC’s “The Today Show,” according to her Web site.

The blonde singer-actress takes a holistic approach to health and medicine, which has put her at odds with the traditional medical community. She stirs controversy for her views.