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Management Bloodbath Hits Evine Live

March 28, 2015

Evine Live had a bloody week. Formerly known as ShopHQ, the home shopping network has done some spring cleaning, sweeping out many members of the former management team — including the president.;_ylt=A0LEV790zhZVLxsAiJ4nnIlQ

First, the network appointed Tim Peterman its executive vice president and chief financial officer, replacing Bill McGrath.

Peterman’s resume includes stints at Synacor, E.W. Scripps Co., IAC and Tribune Co. He will report to Mark Bozek, CEO of Evine Live Inc.

Bob Ayd gone

Bob Ayd

“Tim’s extensive experience in finance, retail and media makes him the ideal executive to drive Evine Live’s performance going forward,” Evine Live Chairman Bob Rosenblatt said in a canned statement. “We are confident that his proven ability to execute will be a tremendous asset as we continue to drive efficiencies and gain momentum with our strategy.”

But here is the blockbuster buried in the press release: “The company continues to transition its approach in all areas of the business, Evine Live is consolidating leadership and announced it is eliminating President Bob Ayd’s position.”


Another casualty was Teresa Dery, senior vice president and general counsel. Her interim replacement is Chief Strategy Officer Russell Nuce.

And here is Bozek’s “don’t-let-the-door-slap-you-in-the-ass” quote:

“We appreciate the contributions Bob, Bill and Teresa have made to the company and wish them all the best in their future endeavors,” he said. “We believe that our new leadership structure will allow us to be more nimble in all areas of the business and further cement a strong foundation for long term growth and profitability.”

ShopNBC CEO Keith Stewart Made $1,194,375 Last Year

May 5, 2012

Boy, did we go into the wrong profession! Home shopping is the place to be.

First, we learned that QVC Inc. raked in $29.6 million smackers in compensation last year. On Friday ShopNBC filed papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission that revealed that its CEO Keith Stewart made last year.

Stewart, 49, received chump change in comparison to George. But it’s chump change we wouldn’t mind having in our pocket: $1,194,000 in compensation, his base salary and target bonus.

However, there is a footnote in the filing on Stewart’s comp, which says, “No bonus was paid for fiscal 2011. The fiscal 2011 target amounts differ from the amounts reflected in the Summary Compensation Table provided below because the above table reflects targeted annual cash incentive, while the Summary Compensation Table reflects that no short term cash incentive was paid for the year.”

You figure it out. Bottom line, the dude made more than a million. And that goes a long way in Minnesota.

William McGrath, ShopNBC’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, made $450,000.

Annette Repasch, senior vice president and chief merchandising officer, took home $504,000.

Teresa Dery, senior vice president and general counsel, had $315,000 in comp.

And Kelly Thorp, senior vice president of human resources, made a tidy $315,000.

ShopNBC’s Corporate Counsel Fagre Exits

January 21, 2011

ShopNBC is losing part of its executive team.

Senior vice president and general counsel Nathan Fagre has resigned effective Jan. 28 “to join a global consumer products company as its general counsel,” ShopNBC said in a securities filing Thursday.

The network said it will begin searching immediately for Fagre’s replacement.

Fagre will assist in the transition of his responsibilities to his replacement. In the interim, ShopNBC named Teresa Dery as its acting general counsel. Dery, associate general counsel, will assume Fagre’s duties as ceneral counsel until a permanent replacement can be named.