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JTV Caps Diamond Month With Finale On Our Birthday, April 28

April 19, 2013

April is Diamond Month, and even more importantly, it’s our birthday month.

Jewelry Television has been featuring diamonds all month, with the grand finale set for April 28 — our birthday! Holla for Taurus.

“There will be diamonds of every shape and color available online and on TV,” a JTV spokeswoman told us.

JTV blue diamonds

JTV blue diamonds

Now, we hate to throw a water balloon on JTV’s parade, but we don’t dig the quality of its while diamonds. We don’t expect flawless diamonds for bargain prices, but we don’t want cloudy ones, either. But the network’s colored diamonds look OK.

“Many consumers don’t realize that diamonds come in every color of the rainbow,” Natalie Parman, JTV’s vice president of merchandising, said in a canned statement. “JTV’s diamond month finale will be full of color featuring unique blue, champagne, cognac and chocolate diamonds alongside traditional white diamonds.”

More blue diamonds

More blue diamonds

According to JTV, the top trends in diamond jewelry include diamond earrings in numerous shapes and colors, as well as diamond cross and heart pendants.

“The hottest trend is blue diamonds,” Parman said. “Our customers clamor for any piece of jewelry featuring blue diamonds.”

Diamonds are known as one of the hardest substances in the world and are still the number No. 1 choice to signify love and commitment. Diamonds are also the traditional birthstone for the month of April. Yes indeed, it is our birthstone.

“Jewelry Television’s diamond buyers canvas the globe searching for the best buys on diamonds,” the network said in a press release. “JTV’s vast international network and purchasing power allow the network to offer a diamond selection difficult to find at traditional jewelry retailers.”

HSN Jewelry Designer Tori Spelling Eats Pizza Just Like Us, But We Prefer Pizza Hut To Domino’s

June 21, 2010

Taurus Tori Spelling and Scorpio hubby Dean McDermott get cuddly

Actress/Oxygen reality TV star Tori Spelling has been pretty scarce on HSN, where she has a fashion jewelry line. Maybe that’s because she has too much cooking.

Spelling made the New York Post’s Page Six Monday, and if the item is true, she is a lot more like you or The Homeshoppingista than one might think.

Seems that Spelling is on tour promoting her new book, “Unchartered Territory.” And 500 fans turned up at the Border’s in Time Warner Center in Manhattan to get their copies signed. Spelling, a fellow Taurus, wouldn ‘t leave until everyone’s book was signed, according to the Post.

So she didn’t get to her own book party at some swanky place we’ve never heard of, Highbar, until midnight. The party had officially ended at 10:30 p.m.

Spelling, who apparently does eat, was famished from all that autographing. So she ordered takeout from Domino’s Pizza, and had it brought in to her party. She then “wolfed down three slices,” Page Six says.

You go girl! We’d rather have Pizza Hutt than Domino’s, but we have been known to have three slices for a meal.

We Taurus girls have very big appetites. Just ask Spelling’s sexy Scorpio spouse, Dean McDermott.

Taurus/Scorpio combo — opposites sides of zodiac, and opposites attract. That is, if they don’t kill each other outside the boudoir.

HSN Colleen Lopez Gives It Back To Snippy Jewelry Designer Scaasi, Pushing His Buttons

December 3, 2009

One of Scaasi's HSN necklaces

HSN’s Colleen Lopez hosted her first show with jewelry designer Arnold Scaasi Tuesday, and we bet she hopes it’s her last with him.

We’ve already written two blogs about what a big crab-ass Scaasi is, but we had to revisit the topic when our mother called us Wednesday to ask if we had seen Lopez and the diminutive designer Tuesday night.

We missed it, since were were busy writing about the finale of “Sons of Anarchy.”

But we watched the video on, and we saw that Scaasi was his usual endearing self. His birthday is May 8, which makes him a Taurus like us, and he’s giving our sign a bad name. But Lopez seemed to delight in yanking his chain. You go girl!

Lopez was her usual enthusiastic self, praising Scaasi and his fashion jewelry line to the high heavens, but we guess it got to the old boy.

At one point he just said to Lopez, “You’re funny.”

Well, since she wasn’t making any jokes at that point, Lopez said, “Why?”

“I like it,” he answered.

Colleen Lopez

Scaasi got bent out of shape when Lopez, noting that he probably wouldn’t like her suggestion, said you could wear one of his large necklaces tucked under a neckline.

“Why would you tuck it under?” he said. “Give me a break.”

Scaasi also told Lopez that if she had worn a high-necked top on the show, he would have taken a scissors to it and made it low cut. Lopez got a kick of that nutty remark.

Scaasi even took a cheap shot at HSN’s models. “I don’t know if they can speak,” he said. “I think they just look good.”

At one juncture out of the blue Scaasi said, “I hope I get through a few more shows,” prompting Lopez to say that Tuesday’s 10 p.m. show was his last for the year.

“Oh please, yes, thank you,” he told Lopez

We agree — yes please, make it his last show.