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We Were Wrong: HSN/Coca-Cola Partnership Not So Wacky

December 11, 2012

Well, we guess we are the only knuckleheads who think that HSN’s partnership with Coca-Cola, with the home shopping network selling more than 275 Coke-branded items, is a wacky collaboration.

We were so busy doing our real job that week that we missed The New York Times’ story on the multi-year, cross-marketing pact between the electronic retailer and the beverage maker. The story was written by The Times’ ad columnist, Stuart Elliott, who we worked with at The Daily Northwestern many moons ago back in Evanston.

We scoffed at the notion that anyone would want to buy merchandise with the Coke logo on it. Well, apparently we’re the minority, since Stuart’s story says that Coca-Cola licensing generates more than $1 billion in annual retail sales. That’s not chump change.

Well, we’re wrong and Bill Brand and Jerry Kapner, you are both right.