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We Found Our Ann King Rings — After We Met Her At The QVC Sterling Designer Meet-And-Greet

September 2, 2010

Jewelry designer Ann King shows off her wares at QVC's meet-and-greet

When we were packing to go to QVC’s Sterling Designer meet-and-greet Aug. 21, we searched for more than an hour to find the two Ann King white topaz rings and a pair of matching earrings that we have.

We figured we could wear them to the shindig and show King that we were a fan of her’s. Well, we didn’t find the earrings before we went on our merry way to West Chester.

So instead, we wore a stack ring and white topaz bracelet done by her husband, Steven Lagos, that we picked up at TJ Maxx.

(Needless to say, when we got back home we decided to look for the missing King items again, and don’t you know it, we found them in about three minutes in one of our drawers).

The Homeshoppingista (it was a bad hair day) chatting with Ann King

At the meet-and-greet King had one of the first stands as you walked down the long hallway above the QVC studios. We rushed over to talk to this tiny, petite and pretty blonde.

We tried to explain we did a home shopping blog; that we loved her weighty jewelry; and that we were wearing her husband’s pieces. There was a crowd of women around King, and she was friendly, chatting with them about her QVC collection.

King was talking about a large cognac quartz cocktail ring, and was explaining she was using that less expensive stone to keep the price point down on the ring, which sells for $153.

Here’s what says about King:

Fortunate in life and love, Ann King realized early on that the secret to success is to establish harmony between personal and professional life. Her jewelry designs are an outward reflection of her bonds with family, community, and the environment.

In 1976, King graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art with a degree in jewelry and metalworking. From her studio apartment, she catered to clients and transformed their desires into unique creations. In 1981, her career took off and she launched Ann King Design.

The following year, King’s jewelry caught the eye of Mort Abelson, director of the New York Jewelry Show. He asked King to feature her work in the New Designer Room at an upcoming Jewelers of America event. The rest is history – not only did she land a place at fine jewelry stores, but she also sparked the interest of Jewelers’ Circular Keystone, a leading industry publication. As fate would have it, King was featured in an article about up-and-coming artists along with rising star, Steven Lagos. They married in 1987 and united their businesses to form LAGOS.

King then focused on helping LAGOS become one of the most successfully marketed luxury brands in America. After starting a family, she joined civic and community boards in her hometown of Philadelphia. King expanded her design endeavors by creating a new collection for QVC, Ann King Sterling & 18K Gold Jewelry. This luxurious line, inspired by nature, architecture and fashion, is meant to draw out a woman’s inner beauty while helping her exude glamour in everyday life. Those who wear Ann King are bound to garner appreciative stares everywhere they go.

QVC Gives Jewelry Lovers A Gift With Day Dedicated To Jewelry Gifts, With Judith Ripka TSV Button Earrings

December 8, 2009

Loyal QVC viewers — us included — who have been griping about the lack of jewelry shows on the home shopping network should be happy Tuesday.

QVC has dedicated most of the day to “Jewely Gifts of Distinction,” kicking off the event with a Today’s Special Value from Judith Ripka.

The TSV is gem button earrings, for both pierced ears but also in clips, that come in five different gemstones, including our favorite, crystal quartz. The earrings are $100, on three Easy Pays.

Today QVC is also offering jewelry from high-end designers Stephen Dweck, with his new Dweck Diamonds line, Michael Dawkins, Robert Lee Morris, Barbara Bixby, Echo of the Dreamer, Barry Cord and Ann King, who is married to noted jewelry designer Steven Lagos.

So far, we have not seen Judith Ripka on herself. Her son seems to be subbing for her. At midnight, host Jane Teacy introduced the TSV and mistakenly said it was from Joan Rivers, leaving Ripka’s son looking a little uneasy. But Treacy then went on to get the name right — Ripka, not Rivers.

We guess Jane wasn’t used to be up past her bedtime, on the air at midnight.

Jewelry Designer Barbara Bixby’s Fanatic Fans Can’t Wait For Her Return To QVC Monday

November 7, 2009

There are no more fanatic jewelry lovers than the women who buy Barbara Bixby’s pieces on QVC. It’s like a cult.

These collectors are the most active on the channel’s online forums, and do countdowns to the jewelry designer’s visits. There are at least a half-dozen threads on Bixby right now.

This group of jewelry geeks is in heaven because Bixby will be back on QVC Monday with the Today’s Special Value, which one snoop suspects is a teal-colored pearl necklace with an initial enhancer.

But QVC already has that necklace online, which it does not normally do with TSVs. So maybe the TSV isn’t the pearls and enhancer.

Bixby’s pieces are pretty, but a little pricey for us. We’re more of an Ann King fan, whose line also sells on QVC. King, by the way, is married to high-end — and famous jewelry designer — Steven Lagos.