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QVC Host Lisa Robertson Adds To Her Endless List of Purchases From Her Employer

October 31, 2009

We said we were going to keep track of each time QVC host Lisa Robertson says she’s buying an item she’s presenting, so here’s an update. Last week Robertson claimed she was going to buy a pair of hoop earrings from upscale jewelry designer Stephen Dweck’s new QVC line, Dweck Diamonds.

On Friday Robertson was presenting Ross-Simons jewelry. During that shindig, Robertson several times told the company’s CEO and president, Darrell Ross, that she planned to purchase several of his products.

First, she was going nuts over a pair of pearl and gemstone dangle earrings priced at $77.

“Don’t be surprised if I own those earrings by the end of the show,” Robertson told Ross, later adding, “Everytime you’re here, I spend money.”

Then Robertson said that she also planned to add a silver daisy ring to her shopping list (we put it on our list, too, for when we get a job).

As we said, Robertson’s jewelry box and clothes closet must be the size of warehouses, to hold all the QVC merchandise she claims she buys.

The note pad we’re using to list her QVC purchases is right by our TV, and we know it will get longer and longer.

InStyle Magazine Says Upscale Jewelry Designer Stephen Dweck Has Second Lower-Priced Line In Works, In Addition To QVC’s Dweck Diamonds

October 30, 2009

It looks like “rock star” jewelry designer Stephen Dweck isn’t just doing a lower-priced line for QVC. He has a second affordable jewelry line in the works for retail. 

Dweck, whose upscale pieces are sold in Neiman Marcus, next month will debut a jewelry line called Garden of Stephen in Bloomingdale’s, according to the November issue of InStyle magazine. This week Dweck debuted another lower-priced line, Dweck Diamonds, on QVC.

In a story headlined “Rock Star,” InStyle notes that celebrities such as Beyonce and Blake Lively of “Gossip Girl” all wear Dweck’s upscale jewelry, which is chunky and loaded with huge semiprecious gems. Actresses Salma Hayek and Catherine Zeta-Jones rocked (get it) Dweck’s jewelry when they were cover girls for InStyle.

Dweck’s Garden of Stephen jewelry is totally different from the work he has done for QVC, and both lower-priced lines are nothing like his higher-end pieces. The jewelry that will be sold in Bloomie’s includes gold-plated chains with semi-precious charms and scarab rings. They are in the $235 to $345 price range.

QVC’s Dweck Diamonds pieces were inspired by nature. They have an organic feel, with designs that incorporate flowers and twig-like branches. Some of the jewelry had tiny buds, sprinkled with diamonds. The most expensive QVC piece was a $604 necklace, which sold out.

Kicking Off With Dweck Diamonds, We Officially Start Keeping Tabs On What Host Lisa Robertson Says She Is Ordering From QVC

October 28, 2009

We said we were going to begin keeping track of each time QVC host Lisa Robertson says she is going to buy an item she is presenting, so let’s start right now.

During the premiere of Dweck Diamonds Tuesday night, Robertson told the charming designer several times that she planned to purchase some of his jewelry, which was inspired by nature. Dweck’s collections had flowers and buds and twig-like branches. Very delicate and pretty.

First Robertson said, “A number of pieces, I’m going to be shopping for after the show.”

Then, as Dweck’s debut was about to end, QVC quickly showed a pair of his Black Fortuna hoop earrings.

There was no time to do a full presentation on them, so Robertson said, “I actually might have a chance to get them.”

As we said in a recent post, if Robertson actually bought every item she says she will, she’d need a place as big as Giants Stadium to store all that QVC merchandise.

So we are starting to make a list of Lisa’s supposed purchases. We could use any help we can get, so if you see her sounding off again, please let us know and we’ll add it to our list.

From Neiman Marcus To QVC: Jewelry Designer Stephen Dweck’s Arrival On Home Shopping With Dweck Diamonds, Not Dweck Cubic Zirconia

October 28, 2009

For jewelry lovers, designer Stephen Dweck’s debut on QVC Tuesday night caused quite a buzz. And his premiere didn’t disappoint.

“I was able to finally be a jeweler, but for America,”  said Dweck, who looked more like a bespectacled professor than a red-carpet jewelry designer. “I’m really proud of what I’ve done here tonight.” 

His nature-inspired Dweck Diamonds, crafted out of silver and 14 carat gold, ranged in price from $55 for a ring to $604 for a gorgeous swirl necklace

Dweck, who was quite modest and charming, has worked on his QVC line for more than a year. In New York, we would call him a mensch. His company is a family business, with his mom and brothers part of the operation. He said he fans are called “Dweckettes.”

During his premiere show Dweck said, “Jewelry is such  an important part of our lives, whether we admit it or not,”  calling his QVC pieces “future heirlooms.”

A few years ago Dweck had a trunk show at the Neiman Marcus in Short Hills, N.J., and we purchased our first and only piece of his jewelry: a big necklace with large pieces of bright red bamboo coral. It was very much a signature Dweck piece.

We have blanked out how much we paid for it, but we remember it was a lot for us. But we wanted one of Dweck’s pieces. Host Lisa Robertson also said she had some of his jewelry. 

Dweck’s upscale “bench” jewelry is exactly the kind we love: huge, chunky necklaces, rings and bracelets with enormous semi-precious stones. It’s very distinctive. You know one of Dweck’s high-end pieces when you see it.

But his line for QVC is totally different in style from his upscale jewelry. First of all, his QVC jewely incorporates “a kiss of diamonds,” as Robertson put it.

And second, the pieces are on a small, delicate scale, not featuring big rock-like stones. The Dweck Diamonds jewelry is inspired by nature, featuring flowers (the “Caroline” collection) and branch-like and bud-like features (the “Fortuna” collection).

The Caroline and Fortuna collections are named after his two daughters, Dweck said. And the flower-design comes from the flowers that Dweck, an avid gardener,  grows in  Brooklyn, he told Robertson. The third Dweck collection, the Fortuna Black collection, has a black rhodium finish.

Dweck did a very traditional design, a heart in the Fortuna Black collection, that looked like it was made out of a miniature twigs, with a bark-like texture. The QVC pieces are modeled after real branches Dweck has in his studio.

Dweck is so passionate about jewelry, it was a pleasure to watch him. He says he gets ideas for his work when he dreams at night, and scribbles them down in the dark.

“It makes me very proud to be a jeweler,” he said, talking about his Fortuna Black Criss Cross Bangle.

Dweck started out studying sculpture, and several of his pieces are in museums, including the Metroplitan Museum of Art.

Dweck is also a great cook, dishing up lunch for Robertson when she visited his studio, she told viewers.

So for those who still use the words “cubic zirconia” to describe home shoppings networks: HELLO!

Luxury jewelry designers such as Judith Ripka and Robert Lee Morris all have lower-priced lines for QVC. Morris designs runway jewelry for fashion designer Donna Karan. We’re very happy he is doing sterling silver for QVC. Dweck is in very good company.

Of  his QVC line, Dweck said, “Jeweler meets artist, and vice versa.” We agree.

A Sneak Peek At Upscale Jewelry Designer Stephen Dweck’s Diamond Line For QVC

October 26, 2009

Thanks to stealthy poster “Crazy for QVC” on the network’s online jewelry forum, here is a peek at some of jewelry designer Stephen Dweck’s pieces for Tuesday night.

The new QVC line is called Dweck Diamonds, a treat since his upscale jewelry is sold at places like Neiman Marcus.

QVC Is Cloaking Couture Jewelry Designer Stephen Dweck’s New Diamond Line In Secrecy

October 26, 2009

So far QVC is being very secretive about uspcale jewelry designer Stephen Dweck’s new line of diamond jewelry for the home shopping channel.

The network is running promos for Dweck’s debut Tuesday night. It also has a video featuring the designer describing his new line Dweck Diamonds, featuring a handful of the items.

But QVC has yet to put all his jewelry online on its Web site, causing some posters to its online forums to gripe.

Last week one poster had a list of item numbers and photos of several dozen of Dweck’s pieces. But QVC quickly removed that post from the forum.

Dweck’s work for QVC has little resemblance to the chunky pieces with huge semi-precious gems that he does for high-end stores such as Neiman Marcus. The QVC pieces are delicate and have an organic look, as if they were inspired by nature, with flowers and designs that resemble branches. Not necessarily our taste, but they are different.

Dweck is the latest upscale couture jewelry designer to take the plunge and do a lower-priced line for QVC. Robert Lee Morris and Judith Ripka are among the big names that already are on the Q.

Luxury Brands Like Vivienne Tam and Stephen Dweck On QVC? Somebody Tell The Press

October 16, 2009

Luxury brands are loving QVC now that the market for upscale merchandise has collapsed, according to QVC chief Mike George.

Fashion designer Vivienne Tam just started an apparel line exclusive to QVC, and upscale brands such as jewely designer Stephen Dweck, Frette and Shu Uemera are all coming to the network in the next few months, George said Friday at Investors Day for Liberty Media, QVC’s parent. 

”What’s been fascinating to watch is this complete implosion of luxury retailing in America has caused all these folks to rethink their business model and realize that a partnership with QVC has enormous advantages over what they’re trying to do: to struggle through a very, very difficult environment in luxury retailing,” George said.

To think, home shopping used to be all cubic zirconia. And some knuckleheads in the press still think it is.

Sunday Scoop: High-End Jewelry Designer Stephen Dweck Is Coming To QVC This Month

October 11, 2009

We can’t afford his jewelry at Neiman Marcus, but maybe we can buy his new line for QVC.

Stephen Dweck, a high-end jewelry designer who usually does huge pieces with enormous gemstones, will debut on QVC Oct. 27 with a new line called Dweck Diamonds.

As a poster on the QVC online jewelry forum said, this is a pretty big “get” for QVC.

As far as we can tell, the No. 1 home shopping channel hasn’t officially announced that Dweck is coming on board. But QVC has already posted information about Dweck’s debut on its Web site.

“With permanent displays at both the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian, Stephen Dweck is a leader in the fine jewelry world and has always been intrigued with art and design,” says.

“Today, Stephen Dweck shares his luxurious line of diamond jewelry, with pieces created especially for QVC,” the site says.

“These sensuous designs, inspired by nature and Stephen’s couture collection, are expertly crafted in sterling silver and 14K gold, creating a look that is both high fashion and classic,” according to QVC. “Modern heirlooms in their own right, Dweck Diamonds are beautifully sculpted and bound to become your personal treasures. Shop earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and more, and discover what makes Stephen one of the most sought-after jewelry designers today. Add a little luxury to your look, as we present Dweck Diamonds on QVC.”

Dweck is in good company. Couture jewelry designers Judith Ripka and Robert Lee Morris are among the folks who are doing less-expensive lines for QVC.