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Is Jay King Two-Timing HSN? He’s Debuted A Jewelry Line On Rival Jewelry TV

July 12, 2011

Many months ago Stacie Chavez, a member of HSN rock god Jay King’s design team, would sometimes email us. She reads this blog, and we enjoyed chatting back and forth with her about Jay’s Mine Finds line for HSN.

A while back Stacie said that she would be appearing on a second home shopping channel with items from Jay’s company, Desert Rose, which is based in Albuquerque.

We’re such dummies that it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that we realized we had Jewelry TV, after our editor Lillian tipped us off.

We were watching JTV early Tuesday morning as we checked our emails, and we thought the jewelry looked a lot like Jay’s. Then JTV flashed the name of the vendor who was presenting the jewelry, and guess who it was: Stacie Chavez.

She looked very natural on camera and did a great job presenting the jewelry line, which is called “Gemstine Elegance, Mine Style.” Jay King’s name was not mentioned. But Stacie, you are a star, a natural.

Here’s what JTV has to say about the line:

Exclusive to JTV, Gemstone Elegance, Mine Style features new and unique gemstones, all set in silver mountings that are unsurpassed in quality. Every Gemstone Elegance, Mine Style jewelry item will remind you that you are receiving a piece of artwork from Mother Nature’s palette. No two pieces are exactly alike and each one is as individual as the gemstones they contain, which have been millions of years in the making. We are pleased to take you on a journey around the world while we share our stories, which are years in the making…come on, what are you waiting for?

Stacie will be back on JTV Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Nice job, girlfriend. Give us a holler when you get back home New Mexico.