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Sitting Behind ‘Your Best Friend,’ HSN Makeup Guru Stacey Schieffelin, At Barnard

August 1, 2012

We’ve been watching makeup madame Stacey Schieffelin for years, first on QVC and most recently on HSN.

Yesterday we were about three feet away from her, but never saw her face.

We were covering a conference for our day job, and spent most of Tuesday morning sitting at the table behind her, looking at the back of her blond head. We were just too busy reporting, and didn’t want to try to get her attention after the event started.

Schieffelin, founder and president of YBF (Your Best Friend), was a judge at the Make Mine a Million competition for female entrepreneurs held at Barnard College in Manhattan. She also was part of a panel at the conference, but we couldn’t stay for that.

Stacey Schieffelin

Her schtick, and something we’d never have the nerve to try, is to show up at HSN bare-faced, her hair in rollers. She then proceeds to put her own YBF makeup on, and is transformed into a beauty. She is a former model, after all.

We saw Schieffelin walk in (but didn’t see her face), and she is an Amazon. She must be taller than 6-feet.

She was wearing a maxi black jacket that looked like the garb that Keanu Reeves wore in “The Matrix.” And we mean that as a compliment.

Here is her bio from her website, which says she has a $150 million business:

Stacey Schieffelin, Ford model and makeup guru, successful entrepreneur and true believer in empowering women to live the life they dream, is as approachable as the girl next door. Down to earth and brimming over with knowledge about how to look and feel your best every day, she has a very specific vision when it comes to the power of beauty. Stacey believes putting your best face forward is a mark of self-respect, not vanity. She believes every woman deserves to have her own customized makeup blueprint that maps out her personal path to beauty and self confidence.

Stacey founded Models Prefer 15 years ago; an international cosmetics company that has been sold on HSN (USA) and QVC (USA, U.K. and Germany). The brand remained the #1 color cosmetics line on QVC in the UK for more than eight years. More recently, Stacey and her husband David have launched two new ventures: 24eight, an emerging technology company; and ybf (your best friend), LLC, a natural extension of Stacey’s fun, engaged relationship with her Models Prefer customers, offering first a figure-friendly clothing line and Pajama Party at Sea cruises, and now a new beauty line that made its worldwide debut on HSN in August 2008.

“I started out talking to women one-on-one about what makes them beautiful; first on HSN and QVC, and then in our unique Pajama Parties at Sea, traveling the world on a cruise ship devoted to fun, beauty and empowerment. So many women embraced the ideas, products and friendship we were sharing. The phrase “best friend” was voiced over and over as they described their feelings about the products and being part of our community. Without question, the perfect name for our new brand—“your best friend”—came from our girlfriends!”

As a beauty expert and entrepreneur, Stacey is frequently sought by national magazines such as Self, Glamour, Allure, ELLE, Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire, and Fitness, and has been featured and quoted in countless beauty books. Alongside Katie Couric and Halle Berry among others, Stacey was named one of America’s “Power Women” by Ladies’ Home Journal.

HSN Vendor Stacey Schieffelin Drops The YBF Charm As ‘Homemade Millionaire’ Gestapo

November 20, 2010

We checked out “Homemade Millionaire,” the HSN/TLC production, last night. We’d give it a B-.

The show, hosted by Kelly Ripa, each week has three women entrepreneurs vying to have their product sold on HSN. In the first episode the items were a hair roller that heats up, a leather pony-tail holder and a cabinet to hold all your hair care gear, namely your hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, etc.

The contestants had to take some blunt criticism from a focus group, sharp comments on their presentation by HSN folk, and a final going-over by a panel of four, which includes Ripa and an HSN vendor. Last night the vendor was Jennifer Stallone, of Serious Skincare fame.

Don't mess with Stacey Schieffelin

But the real surprise in this was Stacey Schieffelin, who sells the YBF Beauty line on HSN. That YBF stands for Your Best Friend.

On HSN, ex-model Schiefflelin’s gimmick is that she comes on-air with no makeup on and then uses her products to look gorgeous and glam (our mom swears by her eyebrow pencil). That takes lots of guts. We wouldn’t want to scare America by going on TV with no makeup. It’s bad enough that our loved ones have to see us like that!

But we digress. On HSN Schiefflelin is warm and fuzzy, just like your best friend. On “Homemade Millionaire” Schieffelin offered pretty tough love for the contestants. She was rough. She is one savvy, hard-nosed business woman (despite the fact that she once appeared in a Robert Palmer video).

Anyway, the cablinet for the hair-care tools won. Its inventor wanted to price it at $149, but the HSN honchos it would be have to be cheaper, $100 or less.

We agree. And we actually think it’s a great product.