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HSN Launches Mobile HSN ID On Sprint ID Devices

January 26, 2011

HSN has launched HSN ID, which will allow consumers to access HSN’s special offers, live broadcast and more on their Sprint ID Android phone, the home shopping network said Wednesday.

“The new service allows HSN customers to watch, discover and shop for their favorite HSN brands — such as Wolfgang Puck, Twiggy London, Jonathan Adler, Mariah Carey and Lancome — anywhere they choose,” the press release says.

As part of the new Sprint ID technology, which offers consumers instant personalization with apps and other content tailored to their interests, Sprint customers can now watch and shop for HSN products in real time on the following Sprint ID-enabled devices: LG Optimus S, Sanyo Zio and Samsung Transform.

HSN ID, developed by Motricity, includes the following features available in a single download:

HSN’s Today’s Special: HSN’s best value of the day displayed with product information details and a direct link to purchase that item.

Live Video: Customers will never miss their favorite HSN brands and personalities with a 24-hour live video feed that includes a window displaying the product currently airing live on HSN.

Last 15 Aired: The three most recently aired items on display, with arrows to scroll through all 15 of the most recently aired items.

New Arrivals: A scrollable list of all the latest new discoveries from HSN’s portfolio of high-quality brands.

Social Media: Customers can stay connected with the latest HSN Facebook updates appearing on their Sprint-ID enabled device.

“HSN ID is perfect for on-the-go shoppers because it puts all of their favorite HSN products right in the palm of their hand,” John McDevitt, HSN’s vice president of advanced services, said in a canned statement. “Our new Android capability is the latest development in our efforts to remain at the forefront of transactional innovation by providing our customers with their own ‘ID’ full of content specifically tailored to their needs.”

HSN ID users are still free to search more than 100,000 apps in Android Market and download additional apps to their phone to add even further personalization.

“A personalized phone with a rich HSN experience makes it extremely easy and convenient for shoppers to find what they need no matter where they happen to be,” said David Owens, Sprint’s vice president of consumer marketing. “Sprint ID is all about making it easy for customers to have access to content that’s most relevant to them on their mobile device.”

Needless to say, Motricity had to get its two cents in.

“Delivering content the consumer wants, when they want it, is at the core of Motricity’s technology platform,” said Jim Ryan, Motricity’s chief marketing and strategy officer. “We are thrilled to partner with Sprint and HSN on the development of the HSN ID pack, which enhances the HSN customer’s ability to tailor their mobile shopping experience.”

HSN ID is free to download. Users can download up to four additional ID packs, in addition to HSN ID, such as MTV Music ID, ESPN, Socially Connected, or Fashion and Beauty and easily switch back and forth depending on which apps they’d like to access at any given time. For more information about HSN ID, visit or visit for more about Sprint ID.

The LG Optimus S smartphone featuring the HSN ID pack is currently available at for $149.95.

HSN Is Part of New Sprint ID Roster

November 9, 2010

This came over the transom Monday night.

Sprint unveiled Sprint ID, which it says will allow consumers and business customers to instantly customize their mobile experience with a pack of apps, widgets, ringtones and wallpapers tailored to their individual interests or needs — including HSN.

“Avid sports fans, fitness fanatics, fashionistas, music lovers, auto enthusiasts, social butterflies and on-the-go business people now can easily discover just what they want, bundled together and available with virtually one simple click,” Sprint tells us.

Initial partners include not only HSN but Amazon, Blackboard, Comcast, Disney, E!, EA, eBay, ESPN, LatCel, MTV, Notre Dame, Oprah Winfrey Network, RadioShack, Weather Channel, Where and Yahoo!

“Our customers like to be on trend, so we know they’ll appreciate that our partnership with Sprint provides them a truly customized mobile phone, tailored to their needs, that looks sleek and delivers a compelling HSN experience whenever and wherever they choose,” said Bill Brand, HSN executive vice president of programming, marketing and business development.

“With their HSN ID pack they can shop for new discoveries from all their favorite HSN brands including Twiggy London, Grace by Molly Sims, IMAN and Todd English while on-the-go,” Brand said. “Our pack includes live HD video, our Today’s Special, the last 15 items aired and quick and easy access to shop new arrivals and customer picks.”

Sprint said it is teaming with some of the best brands in the United States.

“As the market for mobile applications expands, mobile users want a simpler way to access the data most relevant to their needs at that time,” Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said in a canned statement. “Sprint ID offers unprecedented customization and personalization. Businesses will be able to deliver innovative, customized resources on mobile devices to their employees. We have an outstanding group of partners – some of the best brands in the U.S. – helping us deliver this new mobile experience to consumers.”

“Sprint ID is another innovative Sprint ‘first’ which revolutionizes the wireless customer experience, and it’s a new way to leverage our open mobile strategy.”

Sprint ID packs — complete with apps, widgets, ringtones and business tools tailored to a specific interest — aim to allow brands to connect directly and build relationships with their customers. To translate that to English, one example will allow users to easily switch between English- or Spanish-language. Others are specifically tailored to the customers’ business or line of work.

Sprint ID packs will launch on three Android handsets – Sanyo Zio™, Samsung Transform™ and LG Optimus S™. The ID packs are built using the Android platform and will work across various manufacturers.

Sprint customers can customize their device with up to five ID packs. Once an ID is loaded – in one quick step and free with a select service plan – users can further customize it with additional apps and content. ID packs can be easily switched out without customers losing the apps and content they value most.

There are a range of lifestyle packs, plus Yahoo!, EA and business packs, which will be immediately available with more packs rolling out in this quarter and beyond.

In addition to name-brand packs, non-branded pack examples include Entertainment; Socially Connected; Health and Fitness; Business Productivity; Fashion and Beauty; Auto Enthusiast; and Golf Enthusiast