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QVC Host Lisa Robertson And Dennis Basso In Vogue For Manhattan Makeover Shoot

February 1, 2011

We’ve been hearing and reading bits and pieces about QVC’s ad shoot at Vogue magazine — from host Lisa Robertson and furrier Dennis Basso — and today got a message from one of the makeover women. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Robertson and Basso, on the air and on Facebook, have been talking about the Vogue shoot last week. For an ad set to run in the April issue, QVC sent a horde of its vendors to the Big Apple to make-over four women.

QVC host Lisa Robertson made a good impression on at least one of the makeover women

One of those women, blogger Melody Lesser, posted on our blog today.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Robertson last week while I was in NYC for a QVC/Vogue photo shoot,” Lesser wrote.

“I, and three other women, were chosen for a QVC makeover and to model Dennis Basso’s beautiful new clothing line. The experience was amazing. Lisa Robertson is beautiful and charming and made us all feel comfortable and welcome. Love Dennis Basso. He’s handsome, charismatic and gracious. His clothes are beautiful. The entire experience was one I’ll never forget.”

Lesser writes the blog, and posted an account of how she was chosen for the makeover and what it was like.

The vendors that took part included not only Basso but also Josie Maran, Shoshanna Gruss (Jerry Seinfeld’s ex-) and Suze Orman, who apparently did financial makeoevers for the women.

Last week Robertson wrote on Facebook, “I am in NY working on a project for QVC, it has been a lot of fun. We had lunch at ‘Vogue’s’ offices today. It was like being in the movie ‘The September Issue.’ That was definitely a first for me, (check it off the ‘bucket list!). We are really getting snow here now, it is a mess. Perfect weather to stay in and go to bed early :)”

Later in the week she wrote, “Just walked in the door and I am beat! New York was a mess this morning. We were there to shoot an ad for Vogue that is supposed to be in the April issue. It is part of a project for National Makeover Day and it was a lot of fun. I will try to post some pic’s and more info soon.”

She did post photos, including a really cute one of her and Maran getting giggly.

Basso also posted a gallery on Facebook of the shoot, which included a shot of him and photographer Art Streiber.

Priscilla Presley The Newest ‘I-Design-My-Own-Jewelry-Line’ Celebrity To Come To QVC

August 7, 2010

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley is the latest celebrity to bring a jewelry line to QVC.

She will be launching her Priscilla Presley Jewelry Collection at 9 a.m. Monday.
Here’s the company line on Presley from QVC:

Priscilla Presley first captured our hearts as the first lady of rock ‘n’ roll. Through the years, she has been fearless in building her own legacy through her talents as an actress, executive, mother, and style icon. Her unmistakable personal style of rock-meets-red-carpet glamour has won her admiration from audiences across the globe.

Join Priscilla as she shares with you a spectacular collection of fashion jewelry inspired by personal stories and experiences from her extraordinary life. And tune-in as she shares favorite tips for accessorizing and shows you how to add a little unconventionality and exquisite beauty to your day-to-day. Accentuate the boldness and splendor you possess, when you shop Priscilla Presley Jewelry Collection on QVC.

Presley told the Philadelphia Daily News that she is fully involved with her line and designs the pieces herself. That’s what they all say!

The day after Presley’s debut, Jerry Seinfeld’s ex-Shoshanna Gruss will debut her fashion custom jewely line on QVC.

And guess who Gruss is teaming up with? Judith Ripka, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

They are dear friends, and Gruss has appeared in Ripka’s ads for her jewelry.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Ex-Shoshanna Is Bringing A Jewelry Line To QVC Aug. 10

August 2, 2010

Shoshanna Gruss, who has a hip clothing line, will debut her first effort in the jewelry arena Aug. 10 on QVC at 9 p.m.

Gruss, well-known for her romantic relationship with Seinfield, has a line called Shoshanna’s Fashion Jewelry Essentials that’s coming to the No. 1 home shopping network.

“Each jewelry piece is designed with versatility in mind that, like her clothing line, will flatter all body types and delight all women,” QVC’s online program guide said.

“The bold features and colors combine instantly to create a glam look that’s elegant and beautiful like the designer herself, taking you from a casual day of shopping to red carpet events with ease. Her keen sense of style incorporates some of the hottest trends as well as some of your jewelry box classics. Tune in and see why Shoshanna continues to adorn the world’s most celebrated women and grace the pages of the top fashion magazines month after month.”

Shoshanna won our hearts by designing sundresses and gowns for voluptuous women bosoms. We can’t wait to see what she does with her jewelry line.

She gave viewers a peek when she was interviewed on the red carpet this weekend by QVC at the network’s event in the Hamptons. We didn’t see it, but Mom said it was a long and very pretty.

Beleaguered Magazines Partner With HSN To Drive Circulation, And We Were Left Off The Guest List for Designer Isaac Mizrahi’s QVC Party

November 15, 2009

500944We’re a little late to the party on this one, but we think it’s worth noting. Lucky magazine is one of several magazines — including Allure, Glamour and Self — that has been partnering with HSN.

HSN and Lucky did a “Designer Capsule Collection” that got a three-page spread in the magazine’s November issue. The apparel, jewelry and handbag designers featured all had items being sold on HSN.

That group included Shoshanna Gruss, Rebecca Taylor, Tracy Reese, Gerard Yosca, Abbe Held, Rebecca Minkoff and Helen Ficalora.


Shoshanna Dress for HSN

Why are fashion magazines partnering with HSN? Circulation and ad pages are down, leaving monthlies struggling. As part of its deals, HSN is selling inexpensive standalone subscriptions to the magazines, or packaging them as part of other product purchases. It’s a way for the magazines to add subscribers.

Speaking of parties, it looks like QVC left us off the guest list for the star-studded soiree in Manhattan for designer Isaac Mizrahi’s new collection for QVC. According to the New York Post’s Page Six Sunday, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Mary-Louise Parker, Mira Sorvino and Ann Heche were at the shindig.