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After Warning Letter, ShopNBC Wants Us Back! Fat Chance

July 30, 2013

In the New York metro area, we call this chutzpah. We don’t know what they call it in Minnesota, where ShopNBC is based.

In June, we blogged about ShopNBC sending us a warning letter, threatening to cut off our account for returning too many items.

Yes folks, despite the claim by all the home shopping networks that they have a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee, customers get booted for allegedly returning too many items.

We have gotten the warning from both QVC and ShopNBC, with the No. 3 home shopping channel being the latest to crack the whip. Our return rate is over 50 percent there.

“Please be advised that if we are not able to meet your expectations in shopping with ShopNBC and your return rates do not reduce, we may regretfully need to take further steps including closing your account in the future,” ShopNBC said. “We will contact you in advance if that step is taken.

So we decided we won’t be ordering any merchandise, i.e. jewelry, from ShopNBC any more.

So what happened? Last Friday, ShopNBC sent us an email saying, “It’s not the same without you!”

It told us to “come on in” to enjoy six Value Pays, and sign up for the ShopNBC credit card.

Say what?

ShopNBC, and honcho Keith Stewart, you are “without” us because you threatened us. We will never return too many items again, because we will not be buying any items from you again. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

We are about to send back designer Deb Guyot’s Herkimer diamond necklace, a TS last week from HSN. It totally underwhelmed us.

We guess we’ll be getting a warning letter from HSN soon.

Sorelle Heads From HSN To ShopNBC Next Week

July 18, 2013

Some more HSN vendors have landed over at ShopNBC.

Anoush Hendiazad and Sorelle Avisha will debut their never-before-seen porcelain collection on the No. 3 home shopping network next Wednesday, July 24.

Anoush Hendiazad and Sorelle Avisha

Anoush Hendiazad and Sorelle Avisha

The pretty pair, who we believe are sisters, said on Facebook that have been working for over a year “to ensure that each and every one of the 14 handcrafted porcelain pieces are masterfully designed and ready for their debut.”

And, “each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and royal sapphire carrying tote bag!”

The two women did a line of crystal nicknacks and such for HSN.

Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rines Exits ‘World Of Watches’

June 29, 2013
Charla Rines

Charla Rines

It looks like ex-ShopNBC host Charla Rines has now left a gig she had on DirecTV.

We knew that Rines was doing a show called “World of Watches,” but hadn’t know she was hosting it with another ShopNBC refugee, timepiece geek Jim Skelton.

Skelton posted this on Facebook a few days ago.

“Remember when you’re watching our show tonight (6pm EST, DirecTV Ch 227 or on our player at to chat with us LIVE via Twitter (@WOWTVCHAT) to say your goodbyes to Charla Rines!!! It’s her final show, and I hope you show her some love tonight…,” he wrote.

We don’t know where she is heading.

ShopNBC Live At The Scene At the JCK Show in Vegas

June 1, 2013

Kudos to ShopNBC for being the first home shopping network to broadcast live from the JCK Jewelry Show in Las Vegas.

We came in from a busy day of running around Friday to see Paul Deasy doing his thang on the show, with other vendors following up.

It’s great to see ShopNBC, or should we say ShopHQ, out of its Minnesota studios and doing a remote.

ShopNBC’s Sales Rise 11 Percent In First Quarter, To $151.4 Million

May 23, 2013

Wow, it looks like ShopNBC actually had a good quarter.

The home shopping network Wednesday reported first-quarter sales of $154.4 million, up 11 percent from the year-ago quarter. The company’s adjusted EBITDA was $5.8 million, and net income was $1 million.

That net income isn’t much, but a year ago ShopNBC had a loss.

Earlier this month, HSN reported that its sales saw a 2 percent uptick in the first quarter, to $550.1 million, versus the year-ago period.

ShopNBC’s sales growth was driven by significant improvement in the home & consumer electronics category and strong results in the fashion & accessories category, according to ShopNBC.

Adjusted EBITDA improved to $5.8 million versus an adjusted EBITDA loss of $1 million for the same quarter last year, reflecting improved sales and lower TV distribution costs. The home shopping network which is changing its name to ShopHQ,  reported net income of $1.0 million, or two cents a share, compared to a year-ago net loss of $8.7 million, or 18 cents a share.

Net shipped units increased 12 percent to nearly 1.5 million, reflecting continued improvements in the company’s merchandise mix and a modest decline in average price points.

Internet sales penetration increased 30 basis points to 46.2 percent. Mobile transaction volume represented 23 percent of Internet sales compared to 13 percent a year ago.

“We have extended our positive momentum from 2012 with continued improvement in our product diversity, customer growth and customer service metrics,” ShopNBC CEO Keith Stewart said in a canned statement. “Although we are encouraged by this performance, there is still plenty of work ahead of us. Key areas of focus remain executing our merchandising strategy, enhancing the customer experience, and improving the efficiency of our operations.”

We should say so!

“We strengthened our balance sheet during the first quarter,” ShopNBC¬† Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer William McGrath said. “ValueVision’s (i.e. ShopNBC) cash balance, including restricted cash, increased by $7 million to $36 million in Q1’13. The change in our cash position reflects positive EBITDA results and the seasonal timing of cash receipts from fourth quarter receivables, partially offset by increased inventory investments in the period.”

His final comment: “Earlier this month, we expanded our PNC line of credit to $50 million from $40 million, and extended the term through May 2, 2018. The additional $10 million in undrawn availability under the expanded facility improves liquidity and supports continued investment in the growth of our business.”

ShopNBC Getting New Moniker: ShopHQ

May 23, 2013

ShopNBC is taking the “NBC” out of its name, in part to avoid paying $4 million a year in license fees to the Peacock Network to use the name.

ShopNBC, once known as ValueVision, will be called ShopHQ — “Your Headquarters for All Things Shop.”

ShopNBC broke the news Wednesday, the same day it released its first-quarter earnings.

“The visual experience of the new brand begins today on TV, online, mobile and social platforms, with a gradual transition to the new brand and Internet URL to be completed over the balance of the fiscal year, supported by a targeted, customer marketing campaign,” ShopNBC said in its press release.

The new website is

ShopNBC had actually announced its planned name change three years ago, but at that time did not have the new moniker yet.

The No. 3 home shopping network said it conducted research and vetting on the new name in partnership with Landor Associates, a global strategic branding and design firm.

The Landor team worked with ShopNBC to develop and validate a name and positioning that would resonate with viewers, so the release said.

“The new brand leverages the business’ core identity of ‘Shop’ and layers on simplicity, comfort and strength,” ShopNBC said in corporate speak. “It also clearly states the aspiration of making ShopHQ a shopping destination. Starting today, customers will begin to see the new name and logo alongside the current logo, with a gradual transition to the new brand. A variety of on-air marketing promotions are planned over the remainder of the year, to educate viewers and make them comfortable with the transition.”

ShopNBC CEO Keith got more than his two cents in.

“Over the past few years, under a new management team, we have substantially expanded our product assortment, enhanced the customer experience and have grown our customer base to 1.2 million customers,” he said in a canned statement. “Our customers are purchasing more frequently, are enjoying a steadily improving shopping experience and are more engaged than ever. The progress we have made makes this the right time to take control of and invest in our own brand.”

Yada, yada, yada.

“The ShopHQ brand clearly communicates to current and potential customers that we aim to be their place for shopping, wherever they are and whenever they need us — on TV or online and across a broad array of merchandise categories,” Stewart said.

“Our research showed the brand has familiarity, and provides a clear, focused and empowering foundation for our Company and its future. This is an important step in the long-term building of our business, our customer base, and vendor relationships that allows us to control the brand equity we are building. While we value the relationship with our friends at NBCUniversal, it was the right time for our company to branch out and establish our own brand.”

In a separate press release on the company’s earnings, ShopNBC Chief Operating Officer Carol Steinberg explained the dollars-and- cents reasons for the change: The money ShopNBC has to pay NBCU to use “NBC” as part of its name. NBCU is part of Comcast, a major ShopNBC shareholder.

“We believe our business has evolved to the point where developing our own brand is the logical next step for the company,” Steinberg said. “Taking ownership of our brand empowers us to shape our future, to build brand equity that we control, and to eliminate $4 million in annual license fees. We have developed a comprehensive plan with the transition to ShopHQ occurring over the course of this fiscal year, including a range of initiatives aimed at ensuring a smooth customer experience.”

ShopNBC has been operating under the ShopNBC name since June 2001m, and its current license agreement expires Jan. 31 next year.

Stewart also sent an email to ShopNBC customers like us explaining the name change.

Comcast Executive Robert Pick Joins ShopNBC’s Board

May 10, 2013

Comcast Corp. honcho Brian Roberts has a new set of eyes on ShopNBC’s board.

Robert Pick, Comcast’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, will fill a vacancy left by the resignation of Catherine Dunleavy, following the expansion of her responsibilities as executive vice president and chief financial officer of Comcast’s NBC Universal Cable Entertainment Group.

Of course, Pick had his canned statement,

“I am delighted to be joining ValueVision’s (i.e. ShopNBC’s) Board of Directors and look forward to working with Randy and the rest of the Board,” he said.

Yada, yada.

No. 1 cable company Comcast, through its ownership of NBC Universal, holds more than 7.1 million ShopNBC shares, representing approximately 14.5 percent of the total stock.

At Comcast, Pick oversees the company’s corporate development and merger and acquisition activities. He joined Comcast in 1989 and has played an integral role in shaping Comcast’s strategic vision and its implementation.

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome Bob to our Board,” ShopNBC Chairman Randy Ronning said in a statement. “He has an impressive background in strategic corporate development coupled with a comprehensive understanding of our multichannel retailing space. We look forward to benefiting from his insights and experience to enhance shareholder value.”

During Pick’s tenure at Comcast, he worked on the newly created NBC Universal joint venture with GE Corp.; the sale of spectrum to and creation of a joint operating entity with Verizon Wireless; the acquisition of AT&T Broadband; the unwinding of Comcast’s stake in Time Warner Cable; acquisitions of the cable assets of Adelphia Communications, Maclean Hunter, EW Scripps and Jones Cable; the start-up of the telecommunications company, Teleport, and the high speed broadband company, @Home (which flopped); the acquisitions of E! Entertainment and the Golf Channel; and the acquisition and sale of QVC and Comcast Cellular.

Prior to Comcast, Pick held various financial positions with Bell Atlantic and spent 10 years with KPMG Peat Marwick.

ShopNBC To Post First-Quarter Earnings May 22

May 9, 2013

ShopNBC will release its first-quarter results after the market closes on May 22. Management will host a conference call/webcast to review the them at 4:30 p.m. the same day.

CEO Keith Stewart will participate in the call, as will President Bob Ayd, Chief Financial Officer Bill McGrath and Chief Operating Officer Carol Steinberg.

The call and webcast are open to the general public.


TELEPHONE: 866-515-2910; Passcode: 83928428

ShopNBC Expands PNC Bank Credit Facility To $50 Million

May 8, 2013

ShopNBC increased the size of its credit facility with PNC Bank from $40 million to $50 million and has extended the facility’s maturity to five years, through May 1, 2018, the network said Tuesday.

The existing three-year facility was scheduled to mature February 9, 2015. PNC N.A. is a subsidiary of PNC Financial Services Group.

The expanded facility carries the same interest rate of LIBOR plus 3 percent. The credit facility is secured by ShopNBC’s and its subsidiaries’ accounts receivable, equipment, inventory, and certain real estate as well as other assets.

The facility will be used to finance inventory and other working capital needs as well as capital expenditures designed to support the continued growth of the business.

“PNC is a valued partner of ValueVision (ShopNBC) that has played an important role in supporting our business,” ShopNBC Chief Financial Officer Bill McGrath said. “The expanded facility improves our liquidity and better positions us to support continued growth.”

N.J.-Based Bergio Jewelry Coming To ShopNBC Next Month

April 16, 2013

Apparently ShopNBC has lured another jewelry vendor into its web of horror.

Bergio International Inc. of Fairfield, N.J., (just down the road from us, folks) company announced Monday that it was “expanding the brand” to the home shopping network.

Bergio International Inc. said the deal starts May 7, even though the company reached “a contractual agreement” with the shopping network back in October. If you can figure out the explanation of lag time based on this Bergio honcho’s comments, then we bet you figured out all the twists and turns in “Homeland” before they happened.


“The execution of this launch took longer than originally anticipated due to the modification of certain designs to best fit the ShopNBC customer demographic,” Bergio CEO Berge Abajian said in a statement. “This launch will further the brand to different avenues which we did not have prior access to.”

Does that mean that Bergio had to make its jewelry more upscale, or less, for ShopNBC’s demos? We fear the answer is less.

But that wasn’t all from Abajian.

“I encourage all shareholders to support us by watching and referring others to the broadcast on May 7, where I will personally be featured on the program as the designer,” he said. “By doing so, we hope to sell out quickly and have a successful launch. Please refer to the program guide on to find out when it will be aired, which is usually posted a week prior to the broadcast.”

And then there was another mysterious comment.

“We also have other opportunities currently in the works, which will be revealed once the final details have been ironed out,” Abajian said.

Berge and a very unfriendly looking Russian shop owner

Berge and a very unfriendly looking Russian shop owner

Here’s a link to the scoop on Abajian.

Here’s the dish on him:

Berge came to the United States with his family in the mid 1970s. He pursued his education, graduating from an American university and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). He learned the family jewelry business first hand in America, but opportunity and travel beckoned. His adventurous spirit and his desire to design with colored stones eventually led him to Brazil. It was there that he first encountered the exotic yellow and pink diamonds that would ultimately become his specialty and presence in future Bergio collections.

Armed with knowledge gained in the family business and ventures abroad, Berge established his own company, Bergio, in 1995. The market debut of Bergio Fine and subsequent Bergio Bridal and Bergio Couture collections instantly caught the attention of trade, media and consumers alike.

His leadership and vision over the past 15 years has built Bergio into an international presence and cemented its position as a leader in design and craftsmanship. Berge sets great value on developing and nurturing honest partnerships with retailers and customers. “I am in the business of jewelry, not the jewelry business,” explains Berge, “as such, my retailers and customers are an important facet of the process, from design to delivery.”

Here is Bergio’s boilerplate:

Bergio International Inc. a leading jeweler creating a diversified jewelry designer and manufacturer through acquisitions and consolidation in the estimated $160 billion a year highly fragmented independently owned jewelry industry.

Bergio currently sells its jewelry to approximately 50 jewelry retailers across the United States. Bergio has manufacturing control over its line through its manufacturing facility in New Jersey, as well as subcontracts with facilities in the United States and Italy.