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Want To Buy A $1,750 Saxophone? Go To ShopNBC

December 9, 2011

If you can explain this strategy to us, please do so: ShopNBC is selling musical instruments.

Now, it’s not a totally novel idea. HSN has for a long time been selling guitars. Most recently, Poison frontman/reality TV star Bret Michaels was hawking one on the No. 2 home shopping channel.

But ShopNBC has a whole batch of musical instruments on its website, and many are big-ticket items. How about $1,275 for a saxophone? There are also flutes, violins, clarinets, trombones, trumpets, bongo drums and music stands.|1643&prop=Web%20Exclusive|840&prop=Home%20%26%20Collectibles|243&prop=Musical%20Instruments|2699&ICID=TMH-_-2.NewMusicalInstruments-_-120911

Maybe ShopNBC has been selling them for awhile, but it’s the first time we noticed it, because the musical instruments were spotlighted on the homepage of

“Great gifts for aspiring players,” the site says.