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HSN Jewelry Designer Tori Spelling Eats Pizza Just Like Us, But We Prefer Pizza Hut To Domino’s

June 21, 2010

Taurus Tori Spelling and Scorpio hubby Dean McDermott get cuddly

Actress/Oxygen reality TV star Tori Spelling has been pretty scarce on HSN, where she has a fashion jewelry line. Maybe that’s because she has too much cooking.

Spelling made the New York Post’s Page Six Monday, and if the item is true, she is a lot more like you or The Homeshoppingista than one might think.

Seems that Spelling is on tour promoting her new book, “Unchartered Territory.” And 500 fans turned up at the Border’s in Time Warner Center in Manhattan to get their copies signed. Spelling, a fellow Taurus, wouldn ‘t leave until everyone’s book was signed, according to the Post.

So she didn’t get to her own book party at some swanky place we’ve never heard of, Highbar, until midnight. The party had officially ended at 10:30 p.m.

Spelling, who apparently does eat, was famished from all that autographing. So she ordered takeout from Domino’s Pizza, and had it brought in to her party. She then “wolfed down three slices,” Page Six says.

You go girl! We’d rather have Pizza Hutt than Domino’s, but we have been known to have three slices for a meal.

We Taurus girls have very big appetites. Just ask Spelling’s sexy Scorpio spouse, Dean McDermott.

Taurus/Scorpio combo — opposites sides of zodiac, and opposites attract. That is, if they don’t kill each other outside the boudoir.

Host Lisa Robertson Celebrates Birthday With Gift To Herself, Yet Another QVC Purchase

November 10, 2009

We tuned away from QVC Monday for a couple of minutes to watch “House,” and we missed host Lisa Robertson being up to her old tricks — on her birthday no less.

Luckily, our mom was our eyes in this case. She called to say that during the PM Style show Robertson, showing off a cowl-neck tunic, told viewers, “Don’t be surprised if I get one or two of these,” or words to that effect.

Does this woman plan to eventually own everything in QVC’s inventory? We don’t have enough paper to keep listing all the merchandise she has or claims she plans to purchase.

But you know what, we’ll cut her some slack today because it’s her birthday. And besides, she’s a Scorpio, and they can be vengeful little creatures.