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Sajen Silver, Honora And Michael Anthony Fall Under Warren Buffett’s Wing

July 31, 2013

It appears that a number of home shopping network vendors — Sajen Silver, Honora and Michael Anthony — are now either owned or designing for Richline Group Inc., which is a unit of Berkshire Hathaway Co.

Berkshire’s chairman, by the way, is master investor Warren Buffett. Richline Group makes and markets fine jewelry.

We were checking the website for Sajen Silver, which has been owned by Marianna and Richard Jacobs, and its homepage said that the Jacobs are now designing jewelry for the Richline Group. The Jacobs are former ShopNBC vendors who are now on HSN.

Marianna and Richard Jacobs, of Sajen Silver, are now designing for Richline Group

Marianna and Richard Jacobs, of Sajen Silver, are now designing for Richline Group

We went to the Richline Group site, and found that its companies include Michael Anthony, the HSN vendor whose specialty is rope gold chains.

There was also a press release, dated May 30, that said the Richline Group was acquiring freshwater pearl purveyor Honora, a QVC vendor. Honora President and CEO Joel Schechter is a frequent guest on QVC. That deal is supposed to close this month, July. The purchase price wasn’t disclosed.

We’re assuming that formerly family-owned companies like Michael Anthony and Honora need the financial backing that the Richline Group can supply in order to grow and expand.

Here’s part of the Honora press release:

Click to access Honora-Richline%2020130528.pdf

For over 60 years of being family owned and operated, HONORA has stood for value and quality in the jewelry industry, and is now known as the premier freshwater cultured pearl brand in the USA.

Dennis Ulrich, CEO of Richline Group, said that “CEO, Joel Schechter and President, Ralph Rossini have created and managed a unique, branded entity that has a great product line, talented people and long-term relationships with its clients.”

Honora's Joel Schechter

Honora’s Joel Schechter

Joel Schechter commented, “We are tremendously excited about our future as a member of the Richline Group, and look forward to leveraging their tremendous strengths as we continue growing the HONORA
brand to consumers.

HONORA’s president, Ralph Rossini, said “The entire HONORA team takes great pride in the brand we have
built over the years. We look forward to utilizing Richline’s expertise and vast resources to expand our brand and strategic opportunities.”

In the new corporate structure, Mr. Schechter and Mr. Rossini will remain to run the company as a standalone brand within the Richline Brands division of the Berkshire Hathaway Company.

Dave Meleski, Richline Group’s President, stated “a key goal of this acquisition is the utilization of our financial support and collaboration to fully champion HONORA, as a brand, for domestic and International growth. HONORA expands our product assortment positioning as a dominate player in the pearl jewelry category.”

HSN Host Colleen Lopez Explains The Chemistry Of Bronze

August 20, 2011

After we wrote a blog headlined “Bronze Is Not A Noble Metal To Us, HSN!,” we got a nice response from HSN host Colleen Lopez.

We were complaining, what a surprise, about Marianna and Richard Jacobs being the latest HSN vendors to be doing jewelry in bronze, rather than silver and gold, whose prices have skyrocketed. Colleen had described bronze as a noble metal, and that sparked a debate about whether bronze was in fact “noble.”

Here is what Colleen told us today:

Hi Homeshoppingista!

I wanted you to have our thoughts on Bronze…. First – we love the warm patina, the wearability and affordability of bronze. As you have noticed, many of our designers are working with silver, bronze and copper.

The bronze we sell on HSN is 92% Copper (with zinc and/or tin as used in the alloy). Copper is often referred to as a noble metal. Although it’s not technically categorized as a noble metal, like gold or platinum, it does have some properties that allow it to behave similarly to the noble metals.

Copper or Bronze is very resistant to corrosion and will never rust. Copper is used in the alloy of other noble metals (gold and silver) – in fact 10K could technically have as much copper as gold in the formula.

Just wanted you to know where we were coming from when talking about Bronze. Hopefully metal prices will come back down to earth so we can afford the true noble metals – in the mean time, we love being able to offer a beautiful, long lasting alternative.

Thanks for keeping us on our toes.

Thanks for taking the time to write us, Colleen.

Bronze Is Not A Noble Metal To Us, HSN!

August 15, 2011

Et tu, Brute?

Yes, we’re talking to you, Marianna and Richard Jacobs.

This married couple, formerly of ShopNBC, does a jewelry line called “Sajen Silver” for HSN, made by hand in Bali.

Now we have Sajen Bronze on HSN, on host Colleen Lopez’s Designer Gallery show on HSN Sunday night.

Sajen's bronze peacock pendant

With the cost of sterling silver and gold skyrocketing, HSN’s silver vendors are now using cheaper metals such as bronze, copper or doing vermeil.

First it was Studio Barse doing bronze. Then it was Michael Anthony, formerly USA Gold, doing vermeil pieces. Then it was Chaco Canyon doing copper. Now it’s Sajen Silver doing bronze.

Colleen may be praising it to high heaven.

“It’s a noble metal,” she said.

Richard chimed in to say that it was so exciting to introduce a new metal.

but it stinks. We want silver!

“Genuine bronze” indeed, HSN.