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Jewelry Master Robert Lee Morris Shows Off His TSV, And X-Ray Of His New Thumb Bone, On QVC

July 8, 2010

The X-ray of Robert Lee Morris's new thumb bone

We’re feeling rather frazzled and overwhelmed this week, so it’s the right time to tune in to award-winning jewelry artist Robert Lee Morris — he of the Zen-like manner — on QVC.

If you haven’t heard of Robert, then you are not a jewelry geek. His sleek, rounded high-end jewelry is used on the runway by fashion designers like Donna Karan, but several years ago he created an affordable line, RLM Studio, for QVC.

He crafts organic and nature-inspired jewelry usually in sterling silver, but he is doing gold-plated, brass and copper pieces for his QVC line now as well.

Robert is a New Age guy: His pieces are all symbolic and spiritual. He describes it as “jewelry that has soul.”

What other jewelry vendor talks about Carl Jung and chi when he’s hawking his wares on a home shopping network?

Robert, the calmest person we have ever seen, has QVC’s Today’s Special Value Thursday. It’s a symbol-link silver and brass bracelet for $115.

Robert, who celebrated his birthday Wednesday, blogged about the symbolism of his TSV.

He also blogged about his surgery. Robert even posted an X-ray of thumb bone, which was replaced.

He is wearing a bandage on his left arm on-air, and said he has “bionic wrist joints” now. All those 40 years of hammering jewelry at a bench has taken it toll on Robert’s arms.

Robert said he will also need surgery on his right arm.

HSN’s Italian Cameo Guy Amedeo And QVC’s Robert Lee Morris Have Something In Common: Rounded ‘Organic’ Silver Jewelry

November 20, 2009

It was a first for us, but we caught the L’una By R.F.M.A.S. sterling silver jewely line on HSN this week.

We liked the pieces, but they are strikingly similar in their organic, rounded look to the work of couture jewelry designer Robert Lee Morris, who has a lower-priced line on QVC.

Anyone familiar with RLM Studio on QVC will immediately know what we mean when we say the R.F.M.A.S. jewelry resembles Morris’s. In fact, even the initials in the two jewelry lines are similar. But HSN’s pieces are handcrafted in Tuscany, Italy.

The name R.F.M.A.S. is the combined initials of the two Italian designers of the jewelry, Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio. HSN regulars know Scognamiglio, because he does beautiful cameos for the home shopping network. Sterling silver is quite a new medium for him to bring to HSN.

Both men were on the show this week. Mennella is really handsome, and Scognamiglio is cute, charming and very funny.

We especially liked the R.F.M.A.S. necklaces with small silver donuts strung on black or colored cords; a large rounded ring; a half-moon pendant; a donut pendant and a 15-inch tube collar necklace, which we can’t afford at $200.

If you are petite, you know that 15-inch necklaces are hard to find.

Unlike Morris, R.F.M.A.S. also does enameled pieces, some with an animal-print look.