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HSN Vendor/Celebrity Chef Todd English Calls Bride-Jilting Scandal ‘Horrible Time’ In His Life

August 12, 2010

Todd English wants you -- to go to Ca Va

Hunky celebrity chef-restaurateur-HSN vendor Todd English has apparently forgiven The New York Post for the many stories it did last October about him allegedly jilting his bride-to-be, Erica Wang.

English gave the tabloid an extensive interview for a three-page spread Wednesday, and we couldn’t find one mention of HSN in it. We hope you’re not ashamed of your home-shopping gig, selling a line of “green” pans, Todd.

The Post story is part of English’s efforts to drum up publicity for his new Manhattan restaurant, a French brasserie called Ca Va. The article is headlined “NYC’s Tasty Dish: After Being Burned By Love, Sexy Celebrity Chef Todd English is Back Fanning the Flames.”

In the piece, The Post drags out all the dirty details of English’s “scandalous breakup” with his fiancee Wang last fall.
Asked about what happened, and if he had any remorse over how it played out in the press, English told the Post, “Oh my God, yes, of course. Yes. It’s horrible. I’m not all that tough. It was a horrible time in my life.”

Wang gave The Post an exclusive interview last October claiming that English had left her at the altar, and she went ahead with the fancy reception at the posh St. Regis anyway. Wang also charged that English left her holding the bag for $12,000 of costs from the cancelled wedding.

English disputed Wang’s claims, saying he had told her the nuptials were off long before the wedding day and that he’d paid all the bills for the derailed event.

The whole mess got even nastier when English filed charges against Wang for hitting him in the head with his pricey Chopard watch. A judge subsequently ordered Wang to take anger management classes.

English told the Post hat he’s got a new TV series in the works, and that he is writing two books.

But the best was the Post’s headline for the jump on its spread on the bedroom-eyed chef: “English (Stud) Muffin.”


Celebrity Chef and HSN Pot Peddler Todd English Finally Gives His Side Of The Story About Jilting His Bride — and Page Six Writes About It

July 12, 2010

We weren’t going to blog today.

We spent the weekend at a friend’s house on Long Beach Island, celebrating our BFF Ann’s birthday. Our dinner for six at a new eatery was a lot of fun, and we even found a dive bar no one had ever heard of to hang at.

But driving home on the Garden State Parkway Sunday, we just couldn’t keep our eyes open, we were so tired. We’d gone to bed about 1:30 a.m., had trouble sleeping (as we usually do when we’re not in our own bed) and then got up at 7 a.m. to shower and make 8:45 a.m. mass.

We were nodding off when we came within an inch, we swear, of hitting the car ahead of us when it slowed down because of traffic. We knew we had to get off the road and go to a rest stop, and get coffee or something, even though we’re not supposed to have caffeine.

Todd English for the first time gives his side of he story about his messy cancelled wedding in an interview on

We decided to get a large Diet Coke, to help wash down the Pizza Hut bread sticks and pepperoni personal pan pizza that’s one of our favorite meals — yes, we admit it. Obviously, we’re shouldn’t be eating such fattening fare, as it appears to be going directly to our thighs. As we noshed, we had the New York Post with us and began to read it.

Lo and behold, Page Six hasn’t picked on celebrity chef/restaurateur and HSN pot peddler (as in kitchen equipment) Todd English for months. But it wrote about him today.

Last October the Post broke the story that handsome English had jilted his bride-to-be, Erica Wang, and then stiffed her for the cost of the reception for their cancelled nuptials. It was very nasty, with Wang hurling charges against English and portraying him as a rat, and the chef eventually filing an assault charge against Wang for nailing him on the head with his own watch once. Those charges were later dropped.

We salute the Post for writing an item about English’s first interview talking about the terrible publicity the whole blow-up had caused him — and denying that any of Wang’s charges were true. You can watch English, and judge whether you think he’s telling the truth, in a video clip on

Asked whether he was a ladies man or playboy, English said, “You read too much Page Six.”

He said the hoopla over his and Wang’s cancelled wedding was “a sad time in my life.” English said he “paid for the whole party,” and did not stiff Wang.

As to all the press coverage about his leaving Wang at the altar, English said, “It certainly wasn’t the true story behind it.”

As to being a playboy, English said, “I enjoy life, I like to have a good time,” but added that he’s looking for a serious relationship.

Months After Jilting Bride, HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English Is Frolicking In St. Barts With Mystery Woman

January 13, 2010

HSN celebrity chef Todd English has rebounded quite nicely after allegedly leaving his bride-to-be at the altar last October.

English, a Boston restaurateur, was seen “with a mystery Asian beauty” on the beach at St. Barts last weekend, The New York Post’s Page Six reported Wednesday. Some witnesses apparently initially thought that the woman was English’s ex-fiance, Erica Wang. But the “mystery” woman was not Wang.

English, who sells a line of environmentally friendly pots and pans on HSN, made tabloid news last fall when he jilted Wang.

Wang opened up and told her side of the story to the Post, painting English as a real cad who stiffed her some money owed on their wedding reception.

English, in turn, filed assault charges against Wang, alleging that she had whacked him in the head with his own watch.

As we’ve said before, the English-Wang mess makes our romantic break-ups look good.