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Wall Street Guys, Don’t Diss Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe’s Faux Fur Vest For QVC

October 16, 2009

QVC has a lot of celebrities on now — from Ellen DeGeneres to Rachel Ray to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe — who have their own TV shows where they can promote their QVC lines, the home shopping network’s chief told analysts Friday.

But why did everyone laugh or poke fun at Zoe’s faux fur vest? We like it, guys.

QVC CEO Mike George, at an investors day Friday for the network’s parent Liberty Media, outlined the channel’s strategy for working with TV celebrities. The idea is to “bring engaging personalities” to QVC who have their own fan base and platform to to promote QVC. DeGeneres has her daytime talk show, will be a judge on “American Idol,” and sells premium pet food on QVC, for example.

QVC used to just care about how many items it sold, not viewership. But that has changed under new owner Liberty.

George said that when DeGeneres is on QVC, “We see a huge spike in ratings. We see good sales as well, but what we really care about are these ratings, because we know as we aggregate eyeballs and extend our viewership, we’re introducing more and more people who were QVC skeptics to a really different and interesting experience. We know they’ll come back. We know some percentage of them will become customers for life.”

Zoe has her own show on Bravo, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” as well as a line of accessories for QVC.

George showed a video clip of her talking about that faux fur vest we mentioned, which sells for $79. We were not at the Liberty conference (we listened to the Web cast). But we heard some twitters (laughing, not social messaging) from the audience during the Zoe video. Guys, be nice!

But we guess QVC is laughing all the way to the bank. Zoe kicked off her new line when QVC did a remore shoot during Fashion Week in Manhattan, and George said that event did very well.

“When you marry a compelling personality like Rachel Zoe, a fabulous product like that faux fur vest — that I know all of you are eyeing — a Fashion Week remote under the tents of Bryant Park, and a whole lot of pre-show publicty….(the show) did $200,000 per minute in sales and even more exciting for us, brought in 17 new customers per minute. That is 14 times our average rate of new–customer acquisition for apparel items,” George said.

As an aside, George said very tongue in cheek that the faux fur vest, “I regret to tell you is sold out.”

Hey, QVC shoppers gave it rave reviews on the network’s Web site.