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Gold Gives Us A Rush On QVC, Not So Much With HSN’s ‘Compressed’ Turquoise, Bronze And Copper

January 24, 2012

We’re sick and should be in bed asleep by now, it’s 2:30 a.m. after all, but we can’t sleep. Tuesday is a jewelry geek’s delight: QVC is doing its California Gold Rush day while HSN is doing Designer Jewelry Day.

“Reset the gold standard during today’s 25th Annual California Gold Rush Sale,” QVC said on its website. It’s your golden opportunity to discover style and savings on a stunning assortment of 14K gold jewelry. Hurry for best selection and savings.

It’s true, all is not perfect. Before the price of this special metal soared, the Gold Rush was a 24-hour event on QVC live. Now, it’s just 13 hours of on-air programming, with the rest of the goodies posted online. Not cool.

HSN has a Studio Barse bronze ring with either a turq, coral or tiger’s eye stone. No. 1, we don’t care if the prices of silver and gold have skyrocketed, we have the bronze and copper pieces that have replaced it, especially on HSN. Now we have bronze Studio Barse and Nicky Butler and Hilary Joy jewelry in those metals.

“Copper is the new rose gold,” Hilary Joy’s chief said on-air.

No, it’s not.

Another pet peeve: Studio Barse boasts that it uses real turquoise and coral. It’s true, it’s real. But it is “compressed” turq and coral, in other words, small bits of those materials are put together and scrunched into one piece.

That to us is less of a value, less desirable, than using a solid piece of turquoise in a ring.