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Months After Jilting Bride, HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English Is Frolicking In St. Barts With Mystery Woman

January 13, 2010

HSN celebrity chef Todd English has rebounded quite nicely after allegedly leaving his bride-to-be at the altar last October.

English, a Boston restaurateur, was seen “with a mystery Asian beauty” on the beach at St. Barts last weekend, The New York Post’s Page Six reported Wednesday. Some witnesses apparently initially thought that the woman was English’s ex-fiance, Erica Wang. But the “mystery” woman was not Wang.

English, who sells a line of environmentally friendly pots and pans on HSN, made tabloid news last fall when he jilted Wang.

Wang opened up and told her side of the story to the Post, painting English as a real cad who stiffed her some money owed on their wedding reception.

English, in turn, filed assault charges against Wang, alleging that she had whacked him in the head with his own watch.

As we’ve said before, the English-Wang mess makes our romantic break-ups look good.