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Got A Spare $50? ‘Plaid Mad’ Designer Isaac Mizrahi Gives Us $40 Plaid Junior’s Cheescake, With $11 Shipping and Handling, On QVC

December 6, 2009

Mizrahi's Plaid Junior's Cheesecake

We love Isaac Mizrahi, who had his official debut on QVC Saturday night, but we’re not crazy about how he’s “plaid mad” with his collection for the home shopping network.

And we are especially disappointed that he and QVC are hawking plaid cheesecake from Junior’s for a “holiday surprise price” of $39.94.

Let’s see, with $11.22 handling and shipping, that makes this 8-inch cheesecake more than $50. Well, we guess that’s a bargain compared to the regular price for the cheesecake, which is $48.50. So with the regular price plus shipping and handling, Mizrahi’s QVC plaid cheesecake is roughly $60.

“It’s going to be the best cheesecake you’ve ever had,” host Lisa Robertson said.

Not for nothing, as we say in Jersey, but it better be the best at that price. We don’t care if it got three five-star ratings already online.

Tiime out for a reality check: Has anyone told QVC, or Mizrahi, that there is a recession and a 10 percent unemployment rate in this country? As part of that tenth of the nation we will not be buying $50 plaid cheesecakes for the holidays. But QVC sold more than 2,000 of them.

“My first food product,” Mizrahi said. “Plaid cake, plaid plate.”

The Brooklyn-bred designer was talking about the various plaid houseware items he has done for QVC. But there are also plaid shoes, plaid clothes, plaid blankets, plaid pajamas, plaid everything. We’re not so crazy about the plaid, to be honest.

QVC shot Mizrahi’s show at his studio in Manhattan, where the home shopping network has built a set to show off the designer’s line. There is a modern living room area with an off-white fireplace, white sofas and glass tables. There is also a nook that’s got a bed in it, all the better to show off Mizrahi’s plaid blanket.

There was a painting of Mizrahi’s dog Harry over the fireplace, and one of his dog Dean over the bed. Harry was featured in a silk scarf that incorporated sketches that Mizrahi drew of his mixed-breed mutt. The scarf was $47.

“This is going to be my Christmas present to everyone,” he said.

Mizrahi said he’s been working on his QVC collection for the past six months, and showed viewers his “Inspiration Board,” where he posts photos and fabric swatches as he works on his couture collections. He said he has one for QVC, as well as a personal one at his house.

Mizrahi and Robertson had a nice rapport, although when they took calls from viewers they kept speaking over them. Robertson said that because they were in New York, there was a time delay with the calls that was causing the problem.

The logo for QVC’s Isaac Mizrahi Live! line is “a daisy of exclamation points,” according to Mizrahi.

Sorry to bore people who have already read this, but we interviewed Mizrahi years ago for a story on the impact of AIDS on the fashion industry that won us a Gerald Loeb Award. He was nice, smart and articulate.

We loved — and miss — his apparel at Target. In fact, we wore a one of his black Target dresses to the Emmys last year. The price of the dress? A whopping $59.

By the way, Robertson was rocking some cleavage, especially when she bent over the plaid cheesecake. And of course, she said she was going to buy half of the Mizrahi items she presented.

Say What? Isaac Mizrahi Is Debuting Both Friday And Saturday Nights On QVC: Our Invites To Both Must Have Been Lost In The Mail

December 3, 2009

Just how many times is designer Isaac Mizrahi being “introduced” or “debuting” on QVC?

The network put out a press release that says The ISAACMIZRAHILIVE! show debut will be broadcast live on QVC Saturday at 8 p.m. from his design space in New York. But he is also appearing on the home shopping channel Friday night during its “Posh in the Park” show live from Bryant Park in Manhattan. Huh? How many debuts can you have?

Here’s what QVC is saying about the Posh shindig, which starts at 8 p.m. Friday with host Lisa Robertson.

“Lisa’s Holiday List from Bryant Park, NYC – introducing ISAACMIZRAHILIVE!… indulgent (and self-indulgent!) gifts and little luxuries from some of our most popular brands and guests. Who better than Program Host Lisa Robertson to share her Holiday List featuring the best in luxury gifts and affordable indulgences, from brands and designers including Isaac Mizrahi, Dennis Basso, Rachel Zoe, Joan Rivers and more.”

As for Mizrahi’s second “debut,” it will be broadcast from his New York City space Saturday, and in order “to fully bring its customers into the designer’s world, a special QVC studio was created for the venture – a step never taken before by the network.”

One small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind, we guess.

The QVC studio is housed within Mizrahi’s design space in Manhattan and incorporates his signature design aesthetic.

“Isaac Mizrahi is one of the most talented minds in the fashion industry. His passion for design has shown that great fashion and style don’t have to come with a hefty price tag,” Claire Watts, QVC’s president of U.S. Commerce, said in a prepared statement. “We know that his enthusiasm and brilliant ideas will resonate with our customers. We’re thrilled to welcome him to the QVC family.”

The ISAACMIZRAHILIVE! collection will span many product categories, including apparel, jewelry, accessories, handbags, shoes, home décor and food. The collection ranges in price from $20 to $300.

“I am so excited to unveil my lifestyle collection for QVC. It’s been a wonderful challenge and I’m already having so much fun with it,” Mizrahi said in a prepared statement. “I can’t wait to connect with QVC’s customers, sharing with them my designs and inspirations.”

Here’s more of the QVC hype from the Mizrahi press release.

“Isaac Mizrahi has just about mastered everything – from designing fashion collections and starring in numerous television programs to authoring books and mentoring millions, his successes are infinite. He will soon be adding another achievement to his robust list of accomplishments when he unveils a groundbreaking lifestyle collection, ISAACMIZRAHILIVE!, with QVC, one of the world’s leading multimedia retailers.”

Plaid cheesecake is one of his much anticipated QVC products.

Fashionista Isaac Mizrahi Dishes To New York Daily News About The Plaid Cheesecake He’s Doing With Junior’s For QVC

November 22, 2009

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi debuts on QVC Dec. 4, and Seventh Avenue is all abuzz.

Mizrahi, who has taken to wearing a silly scarf on his head, will be bringing premium apparel, accessories, housewares and cheesecake to West Chester, Pa. Yes, that’s right, cheesecake.

In a Q-and-A in the New York Daily News Sunday, Mizrahi says he “is doing a collaboration” with world famous Junior’s  cheesecake. The result is a cake “with a plaid fondant top,” he tells the News. 

We know what plaid is, but we have no idea from “fondant” is. Anyway, Mizrahi already gave Women’s Wear Daily the scoop on his QVC stuff. And WWD has a photo of the tartan plaid cheesecake.

Mizrahi also told the News that he had whipped up some chocolate tuille cookies for QVC, but they couldn’t be successfully shipped. The designer said that QVC is going back to the drawing baord to try to find the right recipe that will make the cookies pass the shipping test.

Apart from his upcoming appearances on QVC, Mizrahi is also a reality TV star, featured on Bravo’s “The Fashion Show.”