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Ex-HSN Vendor Amedeo Did Spike Lee’s Oscar Pendant

February 26, 2019

We watched the Oscars Sunday night and as jewelry hounds, of course we noticed director Spike Lee’s large pendant and necklace. Little did we know that it has a home shopping connection!

Several stories about Academy Award fashion pointed out that Lee’s pendant, inspired by dear departed Prince’s name symbol (we believe), was created by former HSN jewelry vendor Amedeo Scognamiglio.

A charming Italian, Amedeo was best-known for bringing gorgeous hand-crafted cameos to HSN. What we didn’t know was about Amedeo’s celeb friends.

According to The New York Times, Amedeo did the diamond, 18 carat gold and fire opal necklace that Spike was sporting when he won his Oscar.

Here’s what The Times wrote:

“A man in a high-jewelry necklace is a first,” said an astonished Mr. Scognamiglio. “Plus, he commissioned and paid for it, which is the distinction and elegance of Spike Lee,” the jeweler added, referring to the complex bargaining game celebrities play with those who supply their clothes.

Good for Spike!

And several present and past home shopping vendors provided garb for Hollywood’s big night.

Fashion designer Mark Zunino was the man behind the green gown that actress Katharine Ross, wife of Oscar nominee Sam Elliott, wore.

And HSN designer Antthony Mark did the gorgeous teal gown that Oscar winner Melissa Berton won for “Period. End of Sentence,” which was a film about menstrual periods. That dress caught our eye even before we knew that it was an Antthony creation.

Congrats folks.

Joan Rivers’ Heidi Klum Holocaust Joke, Adele Remarks Create QVC Furor

March 1, 2013

Comedian Joan Rivers managed to enrage QVC customers, Jews and singer Adele’s fans last week with her comments regarding the Oscars, remarks that were even over the top for her.

Here’s how it went. During Rivers’ “Fashion Police” Oscar special on E! Entertainment Television Monday night, she made a comment about fellow QVC vendor, and German born, Heidi Klum, that referenced the Holocaust. Talking about Klum’s Oscar dress, Rivers quipped, “The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens.”

A real knee-slapper, right? We saw part of that “Fashion Police,” but not the part with that “joke.” Needless to say, the remark sparked a firestorm, with many offended.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers

The Anti-Defamation League put out a press release skewering Rivers, calling her joke “vulgar and hideous.”

“Aside from doubling over with laughter, neither Ms. Rivers nor any of the co-hosts responded to the remark, and no apology was offered,” the ADL said. “The segment first aired on Feb. 25 and has since been shown at least four times on the network, and it appeared briefly on YouTube.”

And here is what Abraham Foxman, ADL National Director and a Holocaust survivor, had to say:

Of all people, Joan Rivers should know better. This remark is so vulgar and offensive to Jews and Holocaust survivors, and indeed to all Americans, that we cannot believe it made it to the airwaves. Making it worse, not one of her co-hosts made any effort to respond or to condemn this hideous statement, leaving it hanging out there and giving it added legitimacy through their silence. Almost as bad as her original comment is the fact that she sat there doubled over with laughter after saying it.

There are certain things about the Holocaust that should be taboo. This is especially true for Jews, for whom the Holocaust is still a deeply painful memory. It is vulgar and offensive for anybody to use the death of 6 million Jews and millions of others in the Holocaust to make a joke, but this is especially true for someone who is Jewish and who proudly and publicly wears her Jewishness on her sleeve.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

QVC customers were almost equally appalled at Rivers on the shopping network’s online boards.

Here are some of those posts:

“She also made a ‘joke’ about Heidi Klum and referenced the Holocaust on Monday night’s episode of Fashion Police. Despicable!”

“Yeah…because the Holocaust is always funny!”

“Picking at celebs is different. They put themselves in the spotlight so thick skin is part of the deal but this ‘joke’? Well, I just have no words…that can be spoken here.”

“I think she is senile. I’m not Jewish, but, I’ve read plenty of history books from that era. She is Jewish and I don’t understand how she can poke fun at her own people like that. My only conclusion is she thinks any publicity is good publicity even if it’s at the expense of suffering and the deaths of millions of people whose only crime was their religion.”

But that’s not all. Rivers was on “Late Night with David Letterman” last week, and apparently made some nasty comments on Adele’s weight, in the wake of the awesome singer’s performance on the Oscar telecast. Those also infuriated QVC customers.



Here’s what they had to say about that on QVC’s online forum:

“For the most part I love Joan Rivers’ jewelry. She has some really pretty items, however, her attitude toward Plus Size women is horrible. I remember many years ago on Johnny Carson she made the statement that ‘fat women should all be locked in a closet.’

I, being a Plus Size woman, was highly offended. Now she comes out from the Oscars ridiculing Adele and her weight. I wonder how many Plus Size women order from Joan Rivers on QVC. I, for one, will never buy another product of hers from QVC or any other place. I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to voice my concern about this, but here it is (if it gets posted).

Not everyone has the money nor the genes that Ms. Rivers has to keep herself looking the way she does. Because I am a Plus Size woman doesn’t make me any less of a human being with feelings. Wake up, Joan! You may lose a lot of clients because of these nasty comments.”

“You know the old saying ‘it is what it is’? Well, Joan will be Joan. Half of what she says is all part of her act. Sometimes she can get carried away, but I feel and its just my opinion she does have a good heart. She is the female, Don Rickles.. You either love her or hate her.”

“I just read this thread after I sent a complaint into QVC directly and asked for a response. Joan was insensitive at least on several occasions recently concerning Adele. Joan does not mind making money off of plus size clothing, her hypocrisy is astounding. I will no longer watch Joan, nor purchase her products. By continuing to carry Joan’s line I think QVC is giving tacit approval to Joan’s comments.

“I hope that Joan will publicly apologize to Adele and all of the plus size QVC customers who have purchased her products in the past. A good comedienne walks a fine line between being funny or witty without offending. Joan has crossed the line. I doubt that a young Don Rickles would find success today with his penchant for offending; he would be called to task for his insensitivity. Times have changed and mean behavior is recognized for what it is and an excuse of trying to be funny, telling a joke, or putting on a show simply is not acceptable.”

“I was watching Letterman when Rivers made those comments about Adele..They were way out of line and so personal…and she just kept it up…The audience really groaned and I think Letterman was shocked when she kept trashing Adele…I know she is a comedienne, but being so hateful about a very talented and popular star like Adele, is not going to get more fans for Rivers….”

“I wonder what would happen if Joan insulted a Q host about her hips, pants, weight or whatever? Or how about a plus size model?”

“She was VERY insulting to Adele last night on Letterman. Making comments on her weight. Not one single bit funny.”

“Adele, is not phony and if she wants to eat that’s between her and her Dr.”

Angelina Jolie Stylist Jen Rade Debuts QVC Line Next Month

January 5, 2013

Want to see the stylist that probably guided actress Angelina Jolie to that thigh-high slit black red carpet dress? Then tune in to QVC next month.

Celebrity stylist Jen Rade is doing a a capsule collection, Edge by Jen Rade, for the home shopping network. It debuts Feb. 22, when QVC broadcasts live from LA during Oscar weekend.

Jen Rade

Jen Rade

QVC already has a blurb about Rade, who also dresses Pink, on its website:

Star Power

Celebrity stylist and fashion expert Jen Rade has an impressive client roster of Hollywood’s hottest A-listers. Working with esteemed photographers on styling commercial campaigns for national brands and dressing some of the most famous faces of the entertainment industry, Jen is a talented visionary with credentials to match.

And now, she’s bringing her style expertise to QVC with an affordable line of must-have fashions debuting February 22, 2013 during QVC’s Red Carpet Style broadcast live from Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more fabulous looks from Jen in the spring.

Here’s a preview of Rade’s collection on

QVC Horns In On The Oscar’s Red-Carpet Glitz In LA Another Year

February 23, 2011

QVC will be back in Cali this weekend for the second year in a row to ride the red-carpet coattails of the Oscars.

Claiming that it got “impressive viewership” with its first such broadcast, “Buzz on the Red Carpet – Live from LA” will, or so the press release says, QVC “once again take viewers behind-the-scenes with exclusive content from top fashion designers, beauty newsmakers, celebrities and more.”

There will be two live broadcasts, this Friday at 9 p.m. (ET) and Saturday at 8 p.m. (ET).

During the shindig at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, “Gossip Girl” actress Kelly Rutherford will finally debut her luxury handbag line during the Saturday broadcast.

“Much like New York during Fashion Week, there is no place like Los Angeles during awards season,” QVC U.S. CEO Claire Watts said in a canned statement. “’The Buzz’ on the Red Carpet broadcast aims to offer engaging programming that takes our viewers where they want to go. With our lineup of personalities and industry experts, we feel confident that this season will be full of excitement for our customers.”

Fashion designers including Isaac Mizrahi, Dennis Basso and Marc Bouwer are scheduled to appear during the broadcasts along with Lori Goldstein, the Kardashians and Melania Trump.

Actor Matthew McConaughy’s girlfriend (and mother of his child) Camila Alves and costume designer Janie Bryant, of “Mad Men,” will also present their latest collections. They will join some of the best in the beauty business including Kate Somerville, Josie Maran, Laura Geller, Smashbox and Tarte, among others, will be on hand. will host a special online preview of the event now through Friday.

New York Times: Joan Rivers’ QVC Jewelry Has Racked Up $800 Million In Sales In Past 20 Years

March 7, 2010

Rivers is wearing her QVC Make A Statement necklace in Fred R. Conrad's photo for The Times

The national media is loving QVC.

First The Huffington Post wrote about QVC’s pre-Oscar party in L.A., and today The Sunday New York Times has a profile on the home shopping channel’s jewelry queen bee, Joan Rivers.

It’s a well written and amusing piece, pegged to the fact that Rivers will be doing a post-Oscar fashion post mortem for E! Entertainment Television’s “Fashion Police.”

But the story, headlined “Rivers Takes Aim At The Stars’ Wardrobe At the Oscars,” also talks about Rivers’ “eponymous jewelry line” for the home shopping channel

“That’s my annuity,” The Times quotes Rivers as saying.

“In 20 years, she has successfully hawked more than 20 million bijoux for over $800 million in sales,” The Times says, citing Rivers’ publicist as the source for those tidbits.

In the photo that accompanies the story, River is wearing one of her QVC necklaces. It’s her “Make A Statement” beaded necklace, which sells for $74. It comes in three colors, item number J149106.

The story also noted that the documentary “Joan Rivers — A Piece of Work” will be released in theaters in June. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, where it won critical acclaim.

QVC Pre-Oscar Festivities Make The Huffington Post — And It’s Not A Pot Shot

March 7, 2010

Holy crap! QVC’s pre-Oscar party Friday in L.A. made The Huffington Post today, in a blog by Irene Rubaum-Keller.

Now we’re talking about getting some respect from the elite media circles. Rubaum-Keller goes on about all the celebrities and fashion designers who do lines for QVC that were at the event. She loved it.

Once again, our invite to this party at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills apparently got lost in the mail.

QVC has some more pre-Oscar partying going on tonight, with Joan Rivers in the house.

QVC’s Red Carpet Party From L.A. Rocks With Stars Like Joan Collins, Nolan Miller’s Date

March 6, 2010

We came in late to watch QVC’s “The Buzz on the Red Carpet” from L.A. Friday night, and were surprised to see Patti Reilly in the West Chester studio.

We checked the online forums to see what we missed, and apparently the home shopping network had trouble getting its live feed from the Left Coast and Reilly had to fill in at the last minute until they got things fixed.

Anyway, we were pretty impressed with QVC’s celebrity-studded pre-Oscar event at the swank Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Lisa Robertson was doing the selling, while Mary Beth Roe and Shawn Killinger were conducting celebrity interviews. Joan Collins, QVC vendor Nolan Miller’s date, and Tia Carrere were among those in the house.

A still drop-dead gorgeous (and fellow Northwestern alum) Cindy Crawford was hawking Meaningful Beauty products, and former entertainment-magazine show host Nancy O’Dell introduced her QVC fashion jewelry line.

“I’ve loved QVC for a long time,” O’Dell said.

QVC vendors Isaac Mizrahi, Rachel Zoe, Chaz Dean and Bruce Makowsky were also on the air.

The fun will continue Saturday night.

QVC Host Lisa Robertson And Bare Escentuals Leslie Blodgett: Why Share A Hotel Room In L.A.?

March 2, 2010

We know money is tight all over, but we heard QVC host Lisa Robertson say last night that she was sharing a hotel room with Leslie Blodgett, the female mogul behind the Bare Escentuals cosmetics line, when they are in L.A. later this week to do Oscar-related shows in Tinseltown.

What? Why? Even at my old penny-pinching job, we never had to share a hotel room with a colleague when we traveled to cover a trade show. BFF or not, we want our own room.

And Blodgett just sold her company to Shiseido for $1.7 billion. She can afford her own room, too.

QVC is shooting its pre-Oscar shows at the ritzy Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills (we’ve stayed there, done that).

Here’s QVC’s descrption of part of its Oscar-related programming from the Left Coast later this week.

“It’s time to get red carpet-ready as we take you to L.A. the week of the big awards for The Buzz on the Red Carpet, live from our star-studded party at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

We’ll be joined by celebrities, designers, stylists and some of Tinseltown’s most popular names in fashion, beauty, accessories and jewelry as they share their favorite red carpet tales and their celebrity-tested secrets for looking great in the spotlight and out. Let QVC bring the excitement and glamour of Hollywood’s biggest week of the year into your home during The Buzz on the Red Carpet, live from L.A.”

QVC Designer Isaac Mizrahi Tells The New York Post About His Big Apple Favorites

February 7, 2010

The New York Post every Sunday does a feature called “My New York,” where a celebrity talks about his or her favorite restaurants, shops, etc., in New York City. This week QVC designer Isaac Mizrahi is featured.

Some of Mizrahi’s favorite eateries are Il Cantinore, which he says is near his apartment in Greenwich Village; the tony La Grenouille off Fifth Avenue; and the deli Fine & Shapiro on the Upper West Side.

He also enjoys hanging out at the Carlyle hotel and Washington Square Park, which is also near his abode.

The Post also offers a brief bio of the 48-year-old Brooklyn-born designer. It mentions his QVC line, which The Post says “features everything from dresses to housewares and plaid cheesecake.”

Mizrahi is also quoted as saying, “I’ve become one of those Woody Allen-ish people who cannot leave New York ever. If I have to leave, I start freaking out months in advance.”

We guess he’s starting to feel a little uneasy right about now, because he’s going to be in LA in March for QVC’s special Oscar shows.

QVC Will Be In Los Angeles With Special Oscar Shows, The Los Angeles Times Reports

February 7, 2010

QVC gave The Los Angeles Times a nice little scoop: The home shopping network is coming to the Oscars, or at least trying to ride on its coattails.

QVC will do two live three-hour broadcasts from the Four Seasons Hotel (we stayed there once while on assignment) in LA on March 5 and 6, which is the weekend of the Academy Awards, according to The Times.

Unfortunately, Lisa Robertson (who thinks she’s all that) will be hosting, wearing her usual low-cut gowns and hair extensions, we’re sure. This red-carpet gig will really give her as swelled head.

You can expect to see QVC vendors such as Rachel Zoe, Isaac Mizrahi and Joan Rivers at the QVC event.

Rivers will wear a necklace that will be sold on QVC on the real Oscar red carpet when she does fashion coverage for E! Entertainment Television.

Entertainment-magazine TV show veteran Nancy O’Dell will launch her new QVC jewelry line during the network’s Oscar shows, the Times reports, while Zoe and Mizrahi have done special items for the festivities.