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HSN Launches Mobile HSN ID On Sprint ID Devices

January 26, 2011

HSN has launched HSN ID, which will allow consumers to access HSN’s special offers, live broadcast and more on their Sprint ID Android phone, the home shopping network said Wednesday.

“The new service allows HSN customers to watch, discover and shop for their favorite HSN brands — such as Wolfgang Puck, Twiggy London, Jonathan Adler, Mariah Carey and Lancome — anywhere they choose,” the press release says.

As part of the new Sprint ID technology, which offers consumers instant personalization with apps and other content tailored to their interests, Sprint customers can now watch and shop for HSN products in real time on the following Sprint ID-enabled devices: LG Optimus S, Sanyo Zio and Samsung Transform.

HSN ID, developed by Motricity, includes the following features available in a single download:

HSN’s Today’s Special: HSN’s best value of the day displayed with product information details and a direct link to purchase that item.

Live Video: Customers will never miss their favorite HSN brands and personalities with a 24-hour live video feed that includes a window displaying the product currently airing live on HSN.

Last 15 Aired: The three most recently aired items on display, with arrows to scroll through all 15 of the most recently aired items.

New Arrivals: A scrollable list of all the latest new discoveries from HSN’s portfolio of high-quality brands.

Social Media: Customers can stay connected with the latest HSN Facebook updates appearing on their Sprint-ID enabled device.

“HSN ID is perfect for on-the-go shoppers because it puts all of their favorite HSN products right in the palm of their hand,” John McDevitt, HSN’s vice president of advanced services, said in a canned statement. “Our new Android capability is the latest development in our efforts to remain at the forefront of transactional innovation by providing our customers with their own ‘ID’ full of content specifically tailored to their needs.”

HSN ID users are still free to search more than 100,000 apps in Android Market and download additional apps to their phone to add even further personalization.

“A personalized phone with a rich HSN experience makes it extremely easy and convenient for shoppers to find what they need no matter where they happen to be,” said David Owens, Sprint’s vice president of consumer marketing. “Sprint ID is all about making it easy for customers to have access to content that’s most relevant to them on their mobile device.”

Needless to say, Motricity had to get its two cents in.

“Delivering content the consumer wants, when they want it, is at the core of Motricity’s technology platform,” said Jim Ryan, Motricity’s chief marketing and strategy officer. “We are thrilled to partner with Sprint and HSN on the development of the HSN ID pack, which enhances the HSN customer’s ability to tailor their mobile shopping experience.”

HSN ID is free to download. Users can download up to four additional ID packs, in addition to HSN ID, such as MTV Music ID, ESPN, Socially Connected, or Fashion and Beauty and easily switch back and forth depending on which apps they’d like to access at any given time. For more information about HSN ID, visit or visit for more about Sprint ID.

The LG Optimus S smartphone featuring the HSN ID pack is currently available at for $149.95.


HSN Gets Mobile, Picking Motricity to Power Its Mobile Marketing Campaign

October 1, 2009

HSN Thursday picked Motricity to power its interactive mobile-marketing initiatives, with the No. 2  home shopping network claiming it’s the first retailer to offer live video streaming across three platforms: TV, online and mobile.

In its press release, HSN announced it will use Motricity’s mCore Gateway and Campaign Manager for its mobile campaign. Motricity is a leading provider of mobile Internet services to  mobile operators and content providers. 

“Being the first retailer to offer live video streaming across three different screens – television, online and via mobile – HSN is a leader in the multichannel industry,” John McDevitt, HSN’s vice president of advanced services, said in the press release.

 “With their vast experience in the mobile and television industries, we look forward to Motricity partnering with us as we explore new opportunities to reach our customers via the mobile channel,” he said. currently ranks in the Top 30 of the Top 500 Internet retailers and is one of the Top 10 most trafficked e-commerce sites, according to the press release.

Motricity will power HSN’s daily product specials, which are delivered to subscribers three times a day along with HSN’s customer-service alerts, which will update subscribers with shipping information on their orders via SMS.

Additionally, with Motricity, HSN said it will be able to advance its interactive mobile solutions and give viewers increased choice and engagement with the products and brands they love.

Motricity’s mCore Gateway solution delivers secure and reliable mobile marketing campaigns and provides direct connections to U.S. wireless carriers for mobile content transport and premium billing services. Major components of mCore Gateway include:

  • Gateway Manager – Direct connections with all major carriers for standard and premium messaging services as well as binary content delivery.
  • Campaign Manager – Features mobile alerts, voting, polls, trivia and subscription management as well as an improved user experience and increased error handling and performance improvements.
  • Report Manager – Offers increased visibility into mobile marketing campaign performance with a robust suite of campaign, subscriber and accounting reports. 

“We are excited to work with HSN to help the company achieve its goal of leading the mobile Internet commerce community,” said Jim Ryan, Motricity’s chief strategy and marketing officer.

“HSN is a strong advocate of interactive and new media initiatives and we are proud to be the provider of choice in helping them create compelling, cutting-edge mobile marketing campaigns,” he said.

Motricity is the leading provider of mobile Internet services to the world’s largest mobile data providers, including eight of the top 10 carriers in the United States and three of the top 10 global carriers, including AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile.