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Coffee With HSN’s Heidi Daus In Montclair

May 4, 2017

For those who don’t read our Facebook page, wanted you to know that we ran into HSN jewelry vendor Heidi Daus at the Montclair Quick Chek Wednesday morning when we were getting our coffee.

We knew that she lived in our North Jersey town, but had never seen her.

She was very gracious and lovely, and said she has a TS coming up later this month!

HSN Vendor Heidi Daus And ‘Montclair Blue’

June 7, 2016

A belated shout-out to HSN jewelry vendor Heidi Daus for her shout-out to our hometown, Montclair, N.J.

During the network’s three-day “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” Daus mentioned Montclair.

She was talking about her $220 “American Icon” crystal-swag necklace with pretty blue stones. Daus described about working in a local store, in Montclair, as part of a college internship.

“I live in a town called Montclair, and its’ a very ,very lovely suburb of New York,” Daus said. “A very lovely wealthy town.”

We are not among the rich residents, by the way.

At the store, she said, “My boss would call this Montclair blue … If it was that color he would buy it and bring it into the store because he knew the ladies would love it … It looks well on everybody.”

We’ve only recently become bigger fans of the color blue, and maybe we’ll have to try Montclair blue.

HSN’s Heidi Daus Does Dragons For ‘Maleficent’

May 26, 2014

Yesterday the New York Daily News did a two-page spread called “Getting Into Character” in its style section. It was a pictorial of clothes, jewelry and other accessories inspired by movie, cartoon and comic book characters.

HSN got a shout-out because the layout had a photo of a Heidi Daus “Maleficent Dragon” necklace based on the movie, which comes out this week and stars Angelina Jolie.

(FYI for the rockhounds out there: We read that the movie’s creators had contact lens designed for Jolie that would mirror the shimmering hues of labradorite — its yellows, greens and blues.)

We looked up the necklace on, and its price is now $330. Its official name is “Alluring Interlude.” Daus, of course, is fellow resident of Montclair, N.J.

Heidi Daus “Alluring Interlude” 3-Row Simulated Pearl Crystal Dragon-Designed Drop Necklace

Take a break from reality. This fantastical drop necklace looks like it came right out of a fairytale. Reminiscent of the costumes from Disney’s Maleficent, this crystal-covered design is wickedly glamorous.

Here’s the description:

Three rows of individually knotted, gray glass simulated pearls
Bold, flying dragon-designed drop covered in pavé-set, round multicolor crystals
Bezel-set pear and marquise-cut crystal accents
Textured metalwork scales
Tail extends upwards
Gray simulated pearl charm dangles at the bottom under a pavé crystal-encrusted 2-tiered cap
Rectangular end bars lined with pavé-set round crystals

Crystal Information
This piece contains Montana-, vintage rose-, smoked topaz-, cyclamen opal- and metallic blue-color crystals

HSN Jewelry Queen Heidi Daus, Husband Step Out

March 11, 2013

HSN jewelry queen Heidi Daus, a fellow Montclair, N.J., resident, is one of the most charming and classy vendors on the home shopping channel. And her jewelry is gorgeous, as well

Last week HSN apparently held a big shindig for its “family,” where Daus was honored.

Heidi Daus and hubby

Heidi Daus and hubby

“Thank you HSN for bestowing the ‘Curator of the year’ upon me at the HSN partnership gala last night!” Daus posted on Facebook. “I am humbled and proud to be a part of the HSN team!”

She also posted a photo of her in a slinky cocktail dress with a guy we can only assume is her husband, Montclair builder Mitchell MacGregor. Swank duo.

“Hot couple,” someone posted.

Someone else, apparently one of Daus’s crew, said that Daus was wearing a custom creation made in her studio.

The sparkly dress had a fur collar, and Daus was wearing a stunning necklace — which we assume is from her own line. Several people asked Daus about it on Facebook.

Anyway, congrats Heidi!

HSN Costume Jewelry Diva Heidi Daus Is A Player In Montclair YMCA Gala

October 8, 2011

HSN costume jewelry queen Heidi Daus is one of our fellow Montclair, N.J., residents. But we’ve never run into her or saw anything about her in town.

Until now. It turns out that Daus is part of the committee that is putting together a Dec. 3 gala for the YMCA of Montclair, its first ever.

If will take place at the lovely Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange.

Daus is decorating co-chair for the gala. Where are sure the decor will be lovely.

Did You Know King Henry VIII Wore Heidi Daus Jewelry?

July 1, 2011

This is a new one on us.

We were watching fashion jewelry designer Heidi Daus, who lives in our town of Montclair, N.J., at midnight on HSN.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers wears Heidi Daus jewelry in "The Tudors"

A viewer from Arizona called in and said that she was a fan of Showtime’s “The Tudors,” and in one episode she saw Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who plays King Henry VIII, wearing a piece of Daus’s jewelry! The woman said that she recognized the item.

Daus’s pieces are encrusted with crystals, and look like they could come out of historical England.

Little did we know that Showtime’s costume department sometimes turns to HSN.

Not-So-Natty ‘Gossip Girl’ Kelly Rutherford Hawks Her New QVC Handbag Line On ‘Wendy Williams’

January 20, 2011

It was news to us, but “Gossip Girl” actress Kelly Rutherford is doing a handbag line for QVC, joining the army of celebrities selling products on home shopping networks.

At least that’s what we learned over our morning coffee Thursday when we opened up the Daily News and saw a photo of Rutherford on the gossip page, appropriately enough. The shot showed Rutherford, in jeans and winter coat, walking on a snowy Manhattan street.

The caption said that Rutherford was heading to “The Wendy Williams Show” to “hawk” her new QVC handbag line.

We did not see the show yesterday, but “The Wendy Williams Show” website had a blurb that said “‘Gossip Girl’ star Kelly Rutherford tells us about all the drama going down this season and shows off her new purse line on QVC. Be there.”

Sorry we weren’t there.

Anyway, Rutherford do not look very dolled up in the Daily News photo, and apparently she didn’t stop by into hair-and-makeup before going on-air to chat with Williams. Rutherford’s hair was in a messy bun, she didn’t appear to have makeup on and she was dressed in a raggy cardigan and jeans.

One viewer, Shanelle, complained about Rutherford’s apperance on the show’s website.

“u liked kelly’s look but i hated it. i found it a little rude. she looked like she just woke up and rolled out of bed and came to your show. she couldve fixed herself up a little bit. i thought her look was tired and cheap looking. and she had the nerve to push her handbag line?? she clearly does not know fashion and i wont be purchasing her bags. bottom line, as a woman, she should know better than to go on tv like that. period.”

We’d have to agree with Shanelle on that one.

Williams, a fellow Montclair, N.J., resident, also got Rutherford to dish about her nasty divorce and custody battle.

We have a call into QVC’s crack PR department to find out more about Rutherford’s line. But we’re holding our breath. We’re still waiting for the photo of the new chief of QVC’s domestic network, Claire Watts, that we requested yesterday.

Stabbings, Fires, Fellow Jersey Girls, Espionage In Montclair: Fun Times At USA Network’s Screening Of Its New Spy Show ‘Covert Affairs’

July 9, 2010

We live in Montclair, N.J., and it was more than a little unsettling to find out that Russian spies had taken up residence in our leafy suburb. It turns out that Cynthia and Richard Murphy of 31 Marquette Road are actually Lydia and Vladimir Guryev.

But it is actually great timing for the debut of USA Network’s new original drama, “Covert Affairs,” which premieres next Tuesday at 10 p.m. The show is about Annie Walker, a young CIA trainee played by Piper Perabo who goes on undercover assignments.

We went to a screening of the pilot episode Thursday night, and we loved it. But if you had told us the show’s concept a few months ago, we’d have said it was rather outlandish: A CIA spy dealing with Russian agents, for example. The Cold War is over, right?

Well, the Montclair Boris-and-Natasha round-up showed us how wrong we were.

NBCU cable honcho Bonnie Hammer, Jersey girl Piper Perabo and espionage junkie Doug Liman, co-executive producer of Covert Affairs Photo by Heidi Gutman/USA Network

At a reception following the screening we asked Bonnie Hammer, president of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment and Universal Cable Productons, if the headlines about the Russians spies would help “Covert Affairs.”

Hammer, looking as slim and perfect as ever, said, “It never hurts when something in the zeitgeist at large kind of happens at a time when you’re launching something.”

She went on, “The fact that the Russians and U.S. may be trading, I think it’s totally hysterical, because a lot of our stories deal with working with operatives that are… from other places. Let’s put it this way: There’s no downside.”

But we’ll digress here, because getting to the screening was a bit challenging. It was held at the hip Soho House hotel in Manhattan, and we dreaded making the trip in, since the Big Apple has been more like Phoenix this week, with 105 degree temperatures. But after being like a sauna Thursday morning, it actually cooled off a bit as we boarded our bus.

As we sat on the bus, our sister called to say there was a big fire on Houston Street, and we weren’t sure if it was near the screening location. As it turns out, it was not.

CIA agent Annie Walker tries to subdue a Russian spy in Covert Affairs' debut episode

But it a typical calm summer eve in Manhattan. The fire was actually in the East Village, and was big enough to warrant coverage in the New York Post and The New York Times.

And as we walked across Ninth Avenue to get to the screening at 14th Street at the Soho House, we saw NYPD cars and a crowd. Turns out about an hour before we got there, a “deranged man” had walked into a sunglass store at Ninth Avenue and 15th Street, just a few blocks away, and stabbed four people. The Post and Times wrote about that violent spree, as well.

Happy that we made it to the screening alive, without being burned or stabbed, we settled into a comfy seat the tiny theater inside the Soho House, with a cocktail in one hand and two chocolate bars (courtesy of USA) in the other.

The pilot episode was introduced by Doug Liman and David Bartis, the show’s executive producers. Bartis is a espionage junkie, and produced the Bourne movie trilogy, as well as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

“This started two years ago with USA, and they warned us it was going to be a slow process,” Bartis said. “The upside was they would always tell us what they wanted, and if we were giving it to them. They were true to their word, and it was a fantastic process.”

Liman said he’s always “been pretty obsessed with spy stories.” He said he’s done a lot of research and spent a lot of time around the CIA and CIA officers (you’d think he’d want to avoid those types), and comes across so many stories that “there’s no way I could ever make enough movies to sort of have a home for these stories.” That home is now USA, he said.

We are not fans of the espionage genre, but we really enjoyed “Covert Affairs.” As a CIA agent who speaks six languages, Perabo gets to play different characters as she goes undercover, just like Jennifer Garner did in “Alias.” For example, in the first “Covert Affairs” Perabo pretends to be a prostitute in order to recover a device with important “intel” (what is this, “24”?on it.

“It’s so cool,” Perabo said after the screening. “She’s a hero. She’s smart. She’s great, and as an actor, you play all these different roles.”

Covert Affairs cast: (left to right) Anne Dudek as Danielle, Sendhil Ramamurthy as Jai Wilcox, Christopher Gorham as Auggie Anderson, Piper Perabo as Annie Walker, Peter Gallagher as Authur Campbell, Kari Matchett as Joan Campbel, Photo by Robert Ascroft/USA Network

We’ve liked Perabo since we saw her in “Coyote Ugly,” which has been on TV several times during the past few weeks. In that movie, she played a girl from New Jersey who tried to make it in New York City. In real life, Perabo is actually a Jersey girl. She told us she was from Toms River.

She looked gorgeous, slim as a reed and wearing a bright red dress that was slit almost to her navel.

We asked her about the timeliness of the suburban Russian spies and “Covert Affairs” debut.

“I was reading The Times this morning and they were talking about the trade, all the real aspects are very frightening… but it is sort of wonderful for us…It (spying) goes on in small towns, and neighbors do that, and it embraces that whole idea of the real life of a spy right into focus.”

In the show, Perabo’s character speaks half a dozen languages.

Like an idiot, we asked her, “Do you really speak six languages?” Duh. She’s an actress, like a real CIA agent.

Actor Christopher Gorham, who was Ugly Betty's boyfriend, plays a charming blind CIA agent on Covert Affairs

We then quickly rephrased the question, and asked how hard it was to ACT like you know six language, and speak them well.

Perabo said that she’s good at learning lines, so that helps, and that she has tutors for all the different languages she spaks on the show.

“Covert Affairs” has a great cast, including Peter Gallagher, Kari Matchett of “24” and “Invasion,” and Anne Dudek of “Mad Men.”

But the real surprise is Christopher Gorham, who played Ugly Betty’s goofy boyfriend, and on “Covert Affairs” plays a charming, cute blind military intelligence agent. We likey.

QVC Jewelry Queen Joan Rivers Gives Us A Peek Behind Her Comedy Mask In Film ‘A Piece of Work’

July 4, 2010

Joan dishes in her new documentary

This weekend we went to see “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work” during a matinee in Montclair, N.J., at the Clairidge Theater (owned by Jimmy Dolan’s Cablevision). It was just us and one other person the the audience.

Of course, as The Homeshoppingista, we’d hoped that maybe the movie would show Rivers in her role as a very successful jewelry vendor on QVC. Well ladies, if you’re looking for any insidery stuff on the home shopping end, you’re out of luck.

There are a couple of references to Rivers having a QVC stop on her schedule, and it looked like she was wearing her QVC jewelry, but that was about it. She had on a gold disc necklace on a leather cord in one scene of the documentary that had QVC written all over it.

The movie included Rivers’ triuimphant win on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Call us naive but we were surprised that Rivers was so blue, profane, in her stand-up routine. Her joke about her darling daughter Melissa being offered $400,000 to appear topless on the cover of “Playboy” really did kind of shock us.

We did laugh out loud at her joke about how wearing a tampon makes Victoria Beckham look fat.

We like Rivers, so we had no ax to grind coming into the theater. We think she came out appearing flawed, like every human being, but also likable and vulnerable in the movie.

Since Rivers seems so thick-skinned, it’s fascinating to hear her talk about being worried about reviews of her acting and her dread of the nasty plastic-surgery jokes that will be lobbed at her during her “Comedy Central” roast. Rivers, looking truly afraid, tells Kathy Griffin, who hosted the Comedy Central Roast, essentially says that although she hates the idea of doing the roast, “It’s a lot of money.”

Again, here’s how stupid we are: We didn’t know Comedy Central pays the people that are skewered on their “roasts.” We thought it was supposed to be an honor, and the roastees would not be paid.

Rivers also talked about her fear of being seen without makeup. We can surely sympathize.

“It’s very scary wheh you see yourself without any makeup,” Rivers said, and that’s how we feel about being seen sans lipgloss and mascara.

Yet the movie’s opening scene is a closeup of Rivers getting her makeup done, so we pretty much see her bare-faced. We guess she faced that fear head-on for the movie.

Rivers also rehashes the story about how her mentor, Johnny Carson, never spoke to her again after she told him she was going to do a late-night show for Fox.

Maybe if she had given him a heads-up BEFORE she took the gig he would have been more understanding, and not felt bushwhacked. Those Scorpios, like Carson, don’t like to feel betrayed. Her Fox show, produced by her husband Edgar, was a disaster. Shortly after the shows demise, Edgar committed suicide.

The doc’s takeaway is that Rivers is a workaholic, isolated and lonely. Yet she is often in the Big Apple tabloids, making the scene with the hoity-toity Park Avenue social crowd. You don’t see any of that in the film. We wish some of it had been.

The Homeshoppingista Gets A Peek At HSN’s New Manhattan Penthouse Offices, And We Meet Mindy

June 17, 2010

Artist Michael Vollbracht, who created a clothing line for HSN, did four paintings for its New York offices that feature a flower motif from one of his scarves for the home shopping network

We got to visit HSN’s spanking new offices in Manhattan, and they are some pretty stylish, should we say swank, digs.

HSN had off-the-record meetings with the press Thursday, us included. HSN EVP of programming, marketing and business development Bill Brand invited us in.

Brand is a broadcast/cable veteran who got his programming chops at local TV stations, as well as both VH1 — working for Jeff Gaspin, who is now chairman of NBC Universal Television Entertainment — and at Lifetime Television.

Brand was hired by HSN CEO Mindy Grossman shortly after she arrived at the home shopping channel to shake it up.

We can’t tell you the content of what Brand told us about HSN’s plans (as we said, it was off the record, and if anyone else writes it, we’re coming after Bill). We’d love to relate what Brand had to say about the second network that HSN is launching, the just-announced HSN2. But we can’t. But Brand said we could blog about the new offices.

Bill Brand

Just a few weeks ago the No. 2 home shopping network moved its Big Apple staff from the quarters of the channel’s former owner, Barry Diller’s IAC, to a building on 55th Street, right off Madison Avenue. The building, across the street from the legendary Friar’s Club, is being renovated. The construction permits were in the lobby window.

Brand got programming experience under now-NBC honcho Jeff Gaspin

HSN’s corporate headquarters and TV studios remain in steamy St. Petersburg, Fla., land of the large flying water bugs and hair-frizzing humidity. That’s why we no likey Florida.

But HSN has always had some staff in New York City, and the airy new space with the Madison Avenue address (even though the entrance is on 55th) will serve as a fine venue for the network to host product previews for the press and to meet with its growing list of Manhattan designers and vendors, people like the red-carpet Badgley Mischka team and Iman.

HSN’s got the building’s penthouse duplex, with a great view of the city and a huge terrace.

The space is wide open, and everything is white. There is some artwork on the walls. Four paintings by artist Michael Vollbacht, who has done a clothing collection for HSN, hang near the entrance of the penthouse. But furniture and other decorations are still being brought in.

As we chatted with Brand, HSN CEO Mindy Grossman stopped by. It’s the first time we met her, and she was very gracious, not mentioning the times we’ve poked fun at her (describing her as “cleavage-baring” and all that) in this blog. She’s obviously a pro who knows how the game is played. Any press is good press.

We finally met HSN CEO Mindy Grossman

We know we shouldn’t comment on an executive’s appearance (it’s sexist, some would say) but Grossman is striking looking. She has great style and was dressed all in black, the Manhattan uniform. She was wearing great jewelry, including two huge cuffs from Iman’s Global Chic HSN line.

Brand also introduced us to HSN chief financial officer Judy Schmeling, who is always on the network’s earnings calls. Most of the top executives at HSN are women, not middle-aged white men, as is typical in most of corporate America.

After a lot of chatter and a very quick, but delicious lunch, we were ushered out as the next group of reporters was coming in for their HSN meet-and-greet.

Our only regret is that we didn’t grab a few blondies to eat on the DeCamp bus back to Montclair.