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Got To Read The Bottom Of ShopNBC Announcements: Touts Its Award As Overall Best-in-Class In Mobile Commerce, But QVC Topped It (See End Of SNBC Press Release)

June 11, 2010

The Acquity Group, a multichannel commerce and digital marketing company, has chosen ShopNBC’s mobile ecommerce platform for overall “Best-in-Class” in its mobile efforts as well as “Best-in-Class” for the mass merchant industry, the home shopping network said Thursday.

But if you manage to read all the way to the bottom of ShopNBC’s press release, you’ll learn that QVC also made the overall Best-in-Class list. Not ony did QVC make the list, it came in at No. 8, ahead of No. 10 ShopNBC.

Anyway, ShopNBC and QVC’s were reported in Acquity Group’s second annual Mobile Commerce Audit 2010, which identified companies and industries that are pioneering mobile initiatives. The Audit considered all companies listed on the Internet Retailer 500 and evaluated metrics across 18 different categories, including device detection across five browsers (iPhone OS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Palm webOS and Windows CE) and mobile applications for catalog and checkout functionality.

“Ranked 87th in the 2009 Internet Retailer 500 list, ShopNBC has proven themselves adept at leveraging the mobile channel and is ranked in the Top 10 [ No. 10] of retailers for mobile commerce according to Acquity Group’s Mobile Audit,” Tom Nawara, Acquity Group Managing Director of Digital Strategy & Design, said in a canned statement.

True, but again, rival QVC was ahead of ShopNBC by two spots,

“ShopNBC’s implementation of optimized sites and m-commerce checkout across multiple mobile OS platforms and browsers as well as a related iPhone application gives them a Top 10 ranking in this year’s assessment,” he said.

ShopNBC partnered with Usablenet to develop a mobile-enabled version of its website, which was launched last December.

ShopNBC’s mobile site was designed with a similar look-and-feel of its website, and caters to the mobile shopper. The most sought-after locations by ShopNBC mobile shoppers include the multi-media retailer’s top promotions Today’s Top Value, On Air Now, and Last 12 Items On Air.

New and existing mobile shoppers can make purchases in a few easy steps and also access their account and order status as well as review a 24-hour online program guide and search for any product available on the site. In addition, ShopNBC has an iPhone application, which accounts for over 40 percent of its mobile traffic.

“Mobile commerce is a game-changer in the e-commerce arena,” Carol Steinberg, ShopNBC’s senior vice president of E-commerce, marketing and business development, said in her canned statement. “Not only is consistency in the brand and user experience critical when adding on another e-commerce dimension to one’s multi-media retailing business, but it also important to ensure consumers are able to connect emotionally with the brand and maintain familiarity with its content, products and services when mobile shopping.”

Added Steinberg, “We are appreciative of the recognition from Acquity. We believe it’s important to provide our customers access to our product offerings in ways that are most convenient to them. Because today’s customer is also seeking faster and easier ways to shop, our mobile site provides them with another interactive alternative. To date, our mobile initiatives have resonated strongly with them with strong customer behavior in orders per day, conversion rates, and average order values.”

This was toward the end of ShopNBC’s release: “The other companies named to Acquity Group’s 2010 overall Best-in-Class list include: Amazon, Best Buy,, Barnes and Noble, Indigo Books & Music, Sears Holdings,, QVC and Target.”

Acquity Group is a multichannel commerce and digital marketing company that helps global brands create award-winning digital experiences, aiming to create brand-unique experiences that build unbreakable customer relationships.

The purpose of the Acquity Group Internet Retailer 500 Mobile Audit is to identify companies and industries on the leading edge of mobile-commerce initiatives. Leaders were honored with the Acquity Group Mobile Commerce Overall Best-in-Class designation. All Best-in-Class companies are leaders in recognizing this trend and initiating mobile development.