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Los Angeles Times Offers Glossary Of ‘Jersey Shore’ Vocabulary, Including ‘Guido,’ ‘Guidette’ And ‘The Situation’

December 9, 2009

You may be sick of hearing about MTV’s controversial “Jersey Shore,” but we aren’t sick of writing about it. Or at last telling you what others are writing about it.

The Los Angeles Times’s “Ministry of Gossip” blog has a fresh take on “Jersey Shore.”

The story is different because it includes a very amusing glossary of “Jersey Shore vocabulary.” We agree with the “down the shore” entry. We don’t buy into some of the others, but we guess those younger folks use them.

For example, there is “poundin’ it out” for sex and “vibin'” for hitting on a member of the opposite sex. The Ministry also offers official definitions of “guido” and “guidette.”