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Sending Healing to Celebrity Stylist Michael O’Connor

September 9, 2019

Prayers for celebrity stylist and veteran home shopping vendor Michael O’Connor, who recently disclosed he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

We loved Michael when he was the Affinity Diamond rep on QVC, and we’ve enjoyed his stints on other nets like Jewelry Television and as the rep for Passport to Gold on HSN. He is charming and informative.

Michael said he has known for a year now that he has cancer, and at this point he has decided to take a more aggressive approach to his treatment, with surgery.

Wishing him health and happiness.

A Cheeky Lynn Murphy on HSN, And Michael O’Connor

July 31, 2019

Thank God we don’t work as a host on a home shopping network, so we can walk around with wrinkles on our face and some sagging. That’s apparently not the case in the electronic retailing world, at least for female hosts.

Let us preface this by saying that we have seen ourselves on the small screen, and it amplifies every facial flaw in a horrifying manner. That said, we got a gander at HSN host Lynn Murphy this week on a Chaco Canyon show after not seeing her awhile on air.

She is a blonde beauty, but she didn’t look right to us. Either she had the worse makeup done in history that night, or she had some kind of filler put in her cheeks. It gave a very unnatural appearance.

But it was not as dramatic as the work that HSN host Connie Craig-Carroll had done. We know she is gone from the home shopping network now, but we think she was gorgeous natural, without a visit to any doctor’s office.

On another note, the Chaco Canyon show had one of the most beautiful turquoise necklaces we had ever seen. It was very, very long — to the waist — with many large turquoise stones. We knew it would cost a lot, but checked out the price. It was $3,000, and apparently sold out!

And on yet another note, former QVC Affinity Diamond rep and ex-Jewelry TV vendor Michael O’Connor has turned up on HSN, doing its Passage to Gold shows.

He’s a real pro and we enjoy seeing him.

Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason Joins JTV

December 4, 2017

Another QVC alum is joining Jewelry Television, with former host Lisa Mason coming on-board.

Last week Mason announced on Facebook her debut on JTV with a jewelry line. She noted that she is joining former QVC diamond expert Michael O’Connor on the all-jewelry, all-the-the-time jewelry network.

“I am thrilled to share with you that I will see you next Friday evening on JTV!” she wrote. “I am representing a collection of jewelry called ‘LoveMore by Lisa Mason.’ It is a mixed collection comprised of solid silver, 14k gold, CZ and natural diamonds. Inspired entirely by the journey I have traveled with my Beloved, every piece is timeless and elegant. Some items are replicas of my personal collection (yes, the Flower ring will be offered in January!) and some are brand-new designs.”

She continued, “I want you to know how much I loved my time at QVC! My experience there was so very valuable and precious. So many QVC friends, in front of the camera and behind, are so extraordinary supportive of this new endeavor. I am so thankful! But I now have a new home at JTV! Joining my dear friend, Michael O’Connor, (who I hope to do a show with soon!!) I am so blessed to work at this loving, warm company. Based in my home state of Tennessee, it allows me to be close to family when I am there!”

Mason said that two holiday items are already available on

“Just in time for gift-giving, the silver heart-charm bracelet was one of the first gifts Gino gave me,” she wrote. “I love it! Today, I offer my version of that bracelet along with the silver heart-charm necklace to you! And, thanks to JTV’s generosity, both items have a special sale price, 5-stretch payments, and free shipping!”

She said, “I look forward to being on air next Friday, Dec. 8. I will be joining Nikki and Misty on their show ‘Girl Friend Friday’! I’ll pop in between 8 and 10 p.m. for a quick chat about my two holiday items! I hope you can join me! Then, I’ll see you for the full launch of the entire collection on Jan. 31 at 8 p.m.”

Gino, of course, is Mason’s husband, who is suffering from brain cancer. He remains in everyone’s prayers, of course.

Ex-QVC Diamond Expert Designs Line For JTV

December 22, 2016

Celebrity stylist Michael O’Connor, who spent years on QVC presenting its Affinity Diamond line, has designed a collection for Jewelry Television. But it ain’t diamonds.

We hope to speak to O’Connor next week about why he decided to do faux diamond pieces for JTV’s Bella Luce collection, a collaboration that the shopping network announced on Wednesday.

The jewelry will debut Jan. 3 at 6:00 p.m.

Charming O’Connor has more than three decades of experience in the jewelry and fashion industry, and is a celebrity stylist and fashion commentator.

“Michael has always been at the forefront of jewelry trends and is someone who has influenced celebrity style for many years,” Jill Johnson, JTV’s vice president of marketing, said in a canned statement. “So we know our customers are going to love each piece in this new collection.”

Here’s the pitch from the press release:

JTV’s exclusive Michael O’Connor for Bella Luce collection delivers elegance and style day or night. O’Connor creates stunning jewelry with the look, feel and quality of luxurious red-carpet designs.

Each piece is crafted in sterling silver with Eterno accents and is stamped with O’Connor’s signature logo. Additionally, a pink Bella Luce jewel is tucked within the interior of many of his designs.

“As a brand for passionate jewelry advocates, JTV is the perfect partner for this collection,” O’Connor said. “This is an exciting time and I’m looking forward to sharing these pieces with the JTV family.”

Ex-QVC Diamond Expert Michael O’Connor Moves To HSN

October 16, 2014

QVC’s loss has turned out to be HSN’s gain: Celebrity stylist and jewelry expert Michael O’Connor is coming to the No. 2 home shopping network.

The classy, genial gentleman posted the news on Facebook Wednesday.

Next week HSN celebrates Gem Week featuring new and unique discoveries from your favorite designers and experts. I’ll be making appearances throughout the week from 10/20 through the evening of 10/24.

Michael O'Connor

Michael O’Connor

I hope you’ll tune-in everyday for the best of HSN’s gemstones and some trend and styling tips and gemstone information from me.

On a personal note, I want to thank all of you who have said that you miss seeing me on TV! I’m thrilled to be working with HSN next week. I hope you’ll watch and I hope to speak to you. XO

We certainly will be glad to see him back. O’Connor was usually the guest for QVC’s Affinity Diamond shows. He was knowledgeable and funny. We think that he and the ol’ Q parted ways because he wanted to do some work for Reelz, the cable network.

In any event, he was a real asset to the ol’ Q. Now he’ll be an asset to HSN. Can’t wait to see him with Colleen Lopez!

HSN Gets Its Own Michael O’Connor, A Diamond Expert

April 9, 2014

It looks like HSN has found its own Michael O’Connor! The much-missed O’Connor was QVC’s former diamond guru.

Diane Warga-Arias posted on Facebook today, “It’s OFFICIAL: I am the Resident HSN DIAMOND EXPERT ….ON-AIR MAY 1st with COLORS OF DIAMONDS! I am so excited!”


We believe we’ve seen Diane on HSN as the guest on some diamond shows, and if so, we welcome her back.

As any QVC watcher knows, for years O’Connor served as that home shopping network’s diamond expert. A celebrity stylist for jewelry, O’Connor hooked up the stars with diamonds for the red carpet and was the guest for QVC’s Affinity Diamond shows.

He was charming and informative, but apparently he wanted to do another gig on another network, and QVC wouldn’t let him stay on and do both.

We miss him, especially during April, our birth month and diamond month. The clear carbon sparkler is our birthstone.

First Diamond Dean Michael O’Connor, Now Makeup Queen Leslie Blodgett Gone From QVC?

October 27, 2013

Thanks to posters on our blog and on the boards for giving us the 411 on what is happening with QVC diamond maven Michael O’Connor, who has exited the home shopping network. And they dug up news about doe-eyed Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals founder Leslie Blodgett.

First, O’Connor told a Facebook friend why he left QVC.

Leslie Blodgett says goodbye QVC

Leslie Blodgett says goodbye QVC

“Unfortunately, there would have been a contractual conflict with other projects that I’m working on for future and therefore I had no choice,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor, a celeb stylist, also posted a video on Facebook with a clip for an outfit called Engagement 101 TV. It is launching next year — and O’Connor has a show on it.

QVC’s Affinity Diamond line will go on without him.

And a sharp-eyed poster on the QVC forums said that Blodgett will no longer be hosting the Bare Escentuals mineral makeup shows on the home shopping network.

“Leslie said it on her FB page,” the QVC poster said. “She took a sabbatical, and she’ll be back with BE, but her QVC days are over.”

We went on Blodgett’s Facebook page and couldn’t find this announcement, but apparently she’s been MIA from QVC so it sounds real.


A smart friend found Blodgett’s post.

Blodgett sold her company to Japanese giant Shisedo for $1.7 billion a couple of years ago,

Diamond Expert Michael O’Connor Leaving QVC

October 26, 2013

Here’s a real shocker for a Saturday morning: Celeb stylist and diamond expert Michael O’Connor is exiting QVC.

We got up today and went on Facebook and saw O’Connor’s posting about him no longer the home shopping network’s face for its Affinity Diamond collection.

O’Connor — one of the classiest, most charming and knowledgeable guests to grace QVC — was thanking fans who — like us — were sorry he was leaving the network. It looks like Friday was his last appearance on the channel.

Here is his post:

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!! Thank you all for the most lovely messages and comments that anybody could ever ask for. The decision to leave QVC was a VERY difficult one and I wish it could have been different.

Not only will I truly miss the great talents that I have the opportunity to work with but I will miss your calls into the show, your comments here on Facebook, the times you have stopped me in airports and stores and shared your own stories with me and all the times you’ve simply “liked” my posts here on Facebook.

You’ve made me feel very special and very lucky to have known you. I hope you’ll continue to keep up with me on Michael O”Connor Style – plenty of things on the horizon to share with you…. but for now, God bless and may the angels watch you always. XO Michael

We don’t know the scoop, but here are some likely scenarios. O’Connor may be so busy picking out jewelry for stars on the red carpet that he doesn’t have time for QVC. Or the home shopping network couldn’t come to terms on a new deal with O’Connor. Or QVC decided it didn’t need O’Connor anymore to hawk Affinity.

You decide.

Highlights Of QVC’s Gem Day: Affinity Diamond Highway Ring And Chrome Ceramic Watch

June 26, 2012

We’ve been backlogged again, and working Sundays, so couldn’t find time until today to comment on QVC’s Gem Day Saturday.

We weren’t overwhelmed, but since QVC has cut back so many of its jewelry presentations, we guess we shouldn’t complain.

QVC featured some new jewels for its airwaves, such as icy pink morganite. But that’s a stone that’s been a staple on ShopNBC and Jewelry Television.

The No. 1 home shopping network also hawked a lot of drusy, but once again the prices were exorbitant. QVC boasts that it only uses top-grade drusy. We’d rather have not top-quality drusy, and have a piece of jewelry that doesn’t break the bank.

The one thing we really were impressed with was Affinity Diamonds. Apparently so-called “highway” rings, which feature multiple bands attached to each other, are hot now. And QVC had a gorgeous tricolor one with diamonds.

Host Lisa Robertson and QVC diamond maven Michael O’Connor also showed off a chrome-colored ceramic watch with diamonds surrounding the face. That was a stunning piece.

O’Connor allayed our fears about the durability of ceramic watches. He said that the ceramic in QVC’s watches was an 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, harder than sapphires and almost as hard as a diamond. He added that the chrome color was baked through the watch, not just painted on. It was stunning.

Even QVC’s Lisa Robertson Would Say It’s Getting Hot In Here; Heidi Klum Is In The House

September 9, 2011

We’re roasting, and so is QVC host Lisa Robertson.

QVC is about to start broadcasting live from Soho, and Robertson is fanning herself. It must be a zillion degrees in here. We pity the gorgeous models who are clad in winter clothes. Well, we don’t pity them that much. They’re gorgeous.

We were so busy blogging, working hard to keep you guys informed folks, that we missed Heidi Klum. She was literally around the corner from us, taking photos with everyone. Except us.

On the way upstairs again we saw designer Bradley Bayou chatting with someone. Upstairs jewelry stylist and diamond expert Michael O’Connor was walking around, carrying a briefcase.

When we were walkng down the stairs to see the live broadcast kick off, designer Marc Bouwer was walking up the stairs.

Robertson is up on stage with Klum right now.

Gotta run. We want to check out Heidi.