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QVC Host Mary Beth Roe Thanks 10,000 Viewers Who Came To Her Blog On Her Mom’s Death

April 21, 2010

QVC host Mary Beth Roe Wednesday graciously thanked viewers who had read her blog about her mother passing away recently.

Roe said that 10,000 people had read her blog, with more than 170 posting condolences and good wishes. She read every comment on that blog, tissue in hand to wipe away tears, even though it took her three hours.

Roe has a new blog posted Wedneday, a follow-up.

We felt bad last Wednesday when we saw that Roe, fresh off her mother’s death, was back on the air with a show on Mother’s Day’s gifts. And Roe blogged that it was in fact tough for her.

“It was difficult for me to choke back my emotions which were right on the edge last Wednesday morning in ‘My Time with Mary Beth’ and put a smile on my face the whole time,” she wrote.

“But knowing there were many of you who were concerned as to why I had been off the air for two weeks, I knew I needed to tell you what had happened and be right up front with you as has been my motto for over 23 years on air. I always say, ‘Tell it like it is.’ That’s the old news reporter in me, but it’s also what friends do with friends.”

Roe blogged that after that show last Wednesday, she and her husband Mark left for a three-day vacaton to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary.

“That had been planned a long time ago, but it was God’s perfect timing once again, because we were both physically and emotionally exhausted, and it was the best thing for us,” she wrote.

“I slept a lot and literally did nothing except take the photos from my mom’s visitation and funeral and put them all into a photo album. That was therapeutic for me. It gave me some quiet time to just reflect on what had taken place, because when you are going through it, it’s a bit of a whirlwind. It was helpful to take a few steps back and kind of replay it in my mind and cry when I wanted to cry without having to stuff my emotions or attend to the kids or answer questions, etc. So that time away was incredibly helpful!”

She and her husband did go out for a special dinner for their anniversary.

We wish her all of God’s healing.