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Mary Beth Roe Returns To QVC After Harrowing Crash

June 29, 2016

QVC host Mary Beth Roe, a fan favorite at the home shopping network, is back in the house. She returns today, Wednesday.

The sweet-natured blonde was off the air for about three months while she recuperated from a car accident. We just assumed she had suffered a few broken bones, or injuries along those lines, when we heard of her mishap.

But Roe described her accident, her injuries and her recovery in detail in a blog on It turns out that she didn’t have any broken bones, miraculously, but she struck her head several times when a drunken driver slammed into her car. It ended up being a four-car accident, and Roe feared her face would be so damaged that she would never be able to go on the air again.

She suffered a concussion, and that is nothing to sniff at. For several years we wrote a blog on concussions for an ex-boyfriend, who is now a TBI lawyer. We learned all too well the damage that concussions do to the brain, how former NFL players have developed permanent brain damage — with a number of them committing suicide.

Roe found out about concussions firsthand.

“I’ve learned more about the brain and the body than I ever knew before, and it’s been fascinating,” she wrote.

“I have a whole new appreciation for people with concussions. I now know how it affects your balance, memory, the way your brain processes thoughts, the fatigue it creates, the emotions that a concussion can bring on such as anger or sadness, and the sensitivity to light and sound.”

Roe also posted a photo of the crushed car that hit her vehicle.

She is a devout Christian, and she thanked God for protecting her.

Welcome back, girlfriend!

QVC’s Mary Beth Roe Getting Concussion Therapy, PT

April 12, 2016

We wrote a blog 10 days ago to report that QVC host Mary Beth Roe had been in a car accident. She had another host read a letter on-air to explain that she would not be appearing on the home shopping network for a bit, as she had to recover and was under doctor’s orders.

We didn’t really how badly she was injured. Today Roe posted an update on Facebook about her condition.

“Hi, my dear friends!” she said. “I’d like to let you know how very much I appreciate all your kind words and well wishes! Your love and concern for me has been overwhelming! I’m getting better, but it just takes time. I just started concussion therapy and physical therapy, and I’m grateful for both of those things. I miss you all, and I’ll keep you updated. Counting my many blessings.”

Concussions are nothing to fool around with. We used to write a blog on brain injury, and did a lot of stories about the repercussions of concussions, for our ex-college squeeze, who is a TBI lawyer.

And we went through PT when we broke our ankle last year.

We’re wishing Mary Beth all the best and a swift recovery.