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Donny Osmond Doing A Home Decor Line For Evine?

April 6, 2017

The way things are going, soon a home shopping network will be asking US to design a home-decor collection for them! If Donny Osmond, what not anyone?

Evine announced that next Monday it will premiere “Donny Osmond Home,” from “acclaimed singer, songwriter, humanitarian and all-around family man, Donny Osmond and his wife Debbie.”

Osmond joins his sister Marie in hawking goods on home shopping channels. MArie has sold dolls and Nutrisystem on QVC.

The Evine press release on Thursday said, “Throughout his career, Osmond has remained focused on his family and his ‘Donny Osmond Home’ collection is a reflection of this focus and personifies the qualities that have made him a revered role model of home and family.”

As always, Evine CEO Bob Rosenblatt chimed in.

“At Evine, we approach every day with a simple set of values: Be good to yourself, be good to others and be good at what you do,” he said in a canned statement. “Donny and Debbie Osmond embody those values even after decades of extreme success.”

“Since the beginning of his career, Donny has maintained a loyal following of fans who respect him for his ability to remain generous, grounded and family-focused. I look forward to welcoming his fans to Evine and having Donny share his and his wife’s secret to balancing their professional and personal lives during the premiere of ‘Donny Osmond Home.’”

Donny’s canned statement was thus:

“The best part of coming home is leaving the world at the door,” he said. “I designed this collection with my wife, Debbie of 39 years, as an expression of our value of family, heritage and home. This collection is about making your home an oasis… a place to get away and spend time with your family, because after all, family is #1.”

BTW, Osmond is a father of five and a grandfather of 10.

A part of Evine’s “Designer Dream Home” event, Osmond will appear live to debut his “Donny Osmond Home” collection, which will offer that will offer “a handful of Evine-exclusive items as well as items from his top-selling collection.”

Racism And Prejudice On QVC’s Online Forums: Jewelry Made In Italy And Mexico Is OK, But Items Made In China And Korea Prompt Nasty Rants

October 26, 2009

We read QVC’s online jewelry forum regularly, and we believe there is racism from some posters regarding jewelry made in China and Korea.

On Monday, one QVC poster immediately complained that singer Marie Osmond’s new Shine! jewelry line is manufactured in China and Korea.

This is not the first time we’ve heard this complaint made. There have been many such posts over the past months. Robert Lee Morris, for example, was criticized on the forum because his QVC jewelry is made in China and Thailand.

Now, QVC sells a lot of gold jewelry made in Italy, and does remote shows from that gorgeous country. The home shopping network makes a big deal about touting the talent of Italian gold factories.

QVC also sells a load of handmade silver jewelry from Taxco, Mexico. Again, there is lots of information offered about the specific Taxco silversmiths and their familes who are creating the jewelry.

QVC also offers artisan-crafted jewelry from Indonesia, where the vendor dresses up in costume and talks about the way the jewelry is handmade in her country.

Is it us, but doesn’t it sound like a double standard — or a touch of racism — for QVC viewers to complain about jewelry being made in China, but not about gold imported from Italy or silver coming from south of the border?

What’s the prejudice against China? We don’t see any rants about some of QVC’s gold not being manufactured in the good old USA.

We’re just saying.

We Stopped Drinking, And We’re Seeing Pink Elephants On QVC In Marie Osmond’s New Jewelry Line

October 26, 2009

Singer Marie Osmond is rocking the biggest hair we’ve ever seen and is showing some cleavage on QVC during Monday’s premiere of her new jewelry line, Shine!

Osmond already does dolls for QVC, but the jewelry is new. Our favorite, not that we can afford it, was a pink elephant ring. It was $149, huge but cute, with 375 hand-set crystals. It sold out. Critter jewelry is big now.

There was also an elephant charm bracelet for $70.

“My children are always giving me elephants,” Osmond said.

Elephants show “that God has a sense of humor,” with their wrinkles and big ears, according to the singer. “They’re a woman’s animal,” Osmond said.

There was also a pave dragonfly pin.

Singer Marie Osmond Dances Into QVC With New ‘Shine’ Jewelry Line, And Put A Sock On It Patti

October 25, 2009

Marie Osmond, who famously fainted on “Dancing With The Stars,” Monday debuts her new fashion jewelry line on QVC, Shine!

The Mormon singer has been selling dolls for quite some time now on QVC, and in fact she has a doll show tomorrow right before the 3 p.m. debut of her jewelry. We saw a big chunky fake gem bracelet and a variety of earrings on QVC’s Web site from her line.

By the way, we have the TV on, and QVC host Patti Reilly is selling an edible candy jewelry maker for “girl gourmets.” Is it us, or has she gotten increasingly loud and annoying ever since she lost a ton of weight? Next time she’s on, we’re putting the TV on mute.