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Host Lisa Mason, Totally Choking Up Twice, Bids QVC A Teary Farewell Tuesday

December 15, 2010

We almost started tearing up ourselves as we watched longtime QVC host Lisa Mason do her emotional final show — Diamonique, fittingly — on QVC Tuesday evening.

Mason also did the big reveal about her plans: She has written a book about God called “Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice.” More on that later.

Ms. Mason got choked up and was literally speechless twice during her two-hour show: For a few moments when her fellow host, Jacque Gonzales, called in on-air to say goodbye, and when makeup vendor Laura Geller called in at the show’s finale.

Mason, clutching a tissue, couldn’t get a word out when Gonzales called in. There was a long silence until Mason composed herself and Gonzales spoke up.

“You are my mentor, and took me by the hand day by day and step by step,” Gonzales, tearful herself, told Mason.

Gonzales threatened to hop on a train to Manhattan and stalk Mason in her Upper East Side neighborhood.

“I love you,” Gonzales said.

“I love you too, sugar,” Southern belle Mason replied back.

Later on, Mason joked about her temporary loss of words. “Was it an awkward moment of silence?” she asked. Only if someone doesn’t have a heart, Lisa.

Then near the end of the show, Geller called in and Mason just put both her hands up on her face, covering her eyes, and didn’t say a word, she was so emotional. Geller spoke up and filled up the dead air, singing praise for Mason until the beloved host was able to speak.

“Stop crying, wipe those tears already,” Geller told her.

They apparently see a lot of each other, since Geller lives on 68th Street in the Big Apple and Mason and her husband Gino are on 76th.

“Girl, did you see I lost it?” Mason told fellow host Jane Treacy later in the show, referring to her emotional reaction when Geller called in.

Mason got weepy more than once, not just with Gonzales and Geller.

Lisa Mason bid QVC viewers a teary goodbye

There were plenty of other call-ins, including former QVC host Kathy Levine, skin care vendor Dr. Adrienne Denese, makeup vendor Mally Roncal, designer Louis Dell’Olio, Affinity Diamond expert Michael O’Connor and Chaz Dean.

QVC also aired clips of QVC hosts Dan Wheeler, Jayne Brown and Leah Williams saying their goodbyes to Mason.

Mason, who joined QVC in 1995, also offered a bit of advice to viewers.

“Find a way to bring happiness to your life,” she said. Amen to that!

QVC did Mason a kindness by flashing the home page for her new website, We tried to get on the site after the show, but it was down. Maybe it crashed from the traffic from her fans.

Finally, Mason briefly talked about her book.

“It’s a great book, it’s not about me,” she said. “But it’s called ‘Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice.’ It is about God and it’s coming out end of February. I’ll let you know where. And I want you to be there with me when we launch it. And it really is about how important God is to me and always will be. That will never, never, never vary in my life.”

Then Treacy and Wheeler come on the air with Mason, Wheeler handed Mason a bouquet of roses, and Treacy brought out a big cake that said “Best Wishes: We Will Miss You.”

For astrology buffs, Mason is a Capricorn born Dec. 28, which is also her wedding anniversary with Gino.

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More On QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Departure: Thanks Hugh Jee

December 11, 2010

When we wrote about QVC host Lisa Mason leaving, our talented fellow blogger and TV-history-genius Hugh Jee pointed us to a post on

It was a copy of a story that was in the QVC “January Insider” about Mason’s departure.

Thanks fellow New Jerseyite Hugh Jee, for the tip. For a great read check out his blog, Useless Trivia and Mindless Rants. It is anything but that.

Here is the story from the Insider:

Hello, Good Bye

Audrey Laine

After 15 years at the Q, Program Host Lisa Mason has decided to return to her first love: news broadcasting. What prompted Lisa to make this decision was a question many of us may have asked ourselves at some point in our lives: What does the future hold for me?

“I came to the realization that I’d done everything that I could’ve possibly done at QVC,” says Lisa. “You kind of come to a jumping-off place where you either continue on the path which is fulfilling but not necessarily as challenging as you’d like, or you step into another career path. So it looks like my life will return to my former love and I’ll be heading to New York City.”

Lisa Mason’s straight-talking style has a way of drawing you in and making you feel as though you’re right there with her, trying out Mally’s latest eyeliner. She’s compassionate, yet punchy; salt of the earth, yet sweet. All of these qualities make Lisa the perfect addition to any TV newsroom.

Lisa was an anchor, talk show host and producer for public broadcasting station KETA in Oklahoma City prior to joining QVC. Over her 15 years as host, she’s aced the art of rolling with it. “With any new job, you’re more uptight when you begin and are not certain of yourself. I wouldn’t say that I’m certain of myself, but I’m relaxed enough to make a mistake. So when I do, I just move on. And I enjoy the experience much more because I don’t take myself so seriously.”

In the early days, friend and mentor Mary Beth Roe gave Lisa the best advice: just be prepared. “Being ill-prepared is probably the worst thing you can do at this job,” Lisa stresses. “You really can’t wing it. You have to know the truth before you say it.”

When asked why she thinks people relate to her so easily, Lisa chalks it up to staying on topic. “I’ve always tried to never make the presentation about myself or my interests. The description of the item solely and purposefully has to be focused for the understanding of the viewer. That is the job. It’s really less about self-promotion and more about understanding the item.”

Lisa’s built countless friendships at the Q, and two pals in particular are just a couple blocks away from her Upper East Side home—Laura Geller and Michael O’Connor. Other influential people include hosts Leah Williams and Jayne Brown, both a continuing source of support. Lisa fondly remembers making a “Let It Snow” music video with Jayne. After recording and arranging their vocals, the pair spent an astounding 12 hours at the shoot. “It’s one of my favorite QVC memories. It was a long day, but it was really super fun. Jayne’s a great singer.”

Many of Lisa’s most cherished moments have been on air with viewers. “What’s always been so meaningful to me Is when a viewer calls in, let’s say during a Diamonique® show, and their story becomes very personal—either the loss of a spouse, a challenging time, recovery from an illness. These are some of the stories people have shared, which they didn’t have to but chose to.”

It’s not surprising that customers feel like they know Lisa, and she considers this the biggest compliment. But there are some things people may not know, such as how she’s training for a half marathon and holds a license in real estate investment. “My husband Gino and I have bought and sold numerous properties since 2000. Our rule of thumb is we only buy what we would be willing to live in. We buy it, hold it, live in it for a year and a day and sell it. It was fun, but those days are kind of over.”

Sounds like Lisa and Gino will be calling Manhattan home for more than a New York minute.

Veteran QVC Host Lisa Mason, At The Network 15 Years, Is Leaving Next Week

December 10, 2010

Longtime QVC host Lisa Mason, one of our favorites, is leaving the home shopping network next week. Mason, who we never knew was an Emmy winner, joined QVC in 1995.

We first heard of her exit on a home shopping forum, and then read Mason’s Facebook page, which is sending her fans to her website,

Lisa Mason won't be around to tell us about Gino anymore

She posted this blog on it Thursday:

Please join me on December the 14th at 5 p.m. as I say goodbye to my QVC life. I love you like crazy and will see you very, very soon!! I will have other things I would like to share with you on the 15th of December on this website. God Bless You and Happy, Happy Holidays!!! P.S. Gino sends his love.

Gino, by the way, is Mason’s husband, a big Samoan former personal trainer that she often mentioned on the air. They live in Manhattan and Mason would commute to West Chester, Pa., which is a haul — and a tough way to live, if you ask us.

We always liked Mason because even though she was a Southern bell, she would sometimes make double entendres and had a bit of an edge to her. You could tell that she was a lot hipper than her QVC persona.

She sent a message after we e-mailed her last night. “Hi darlin. I am done on Dec 14! I am leaving because it’s just time! I
have written a little book. It is out in about two months, so that is my project for now.”

First Rick Domeier is an author, and now Mason?

Mason’s homepage has this message:

I’m Lisa Mason. You might recognize me as a host on QVC, the world’s most successful shopping network. But I am also an Emmy award-winning news anchor and producer. I do professional voice-over work and like to write and sing, as well. On this site, you will find samples of my work. Please feel free to take a look.

While I would never call myself a motivational speaker, I do sincerely love public speaking. So if your group needs a chuckle or a bit of up-lifting, I’m your gal. In fact, my last speaking engagement included a portion of a story I wrote. More on that in new projects.

She is apparently looking for a new gig, since one of the tabs on her site is “Hire Me.” Join the club!

Mason said that she enjoyed her QVC tenure, writing:

What a ride! 15-plus years of presenting products and spending time with friends. I have come to love my co-workers as if they were family members. I also have had the chance to travel. Italy, Ireland (twice!) Canada and numerous places around the U.S. I worked with celebrities and cherish their friendships. But the best part of the job…the very best…was interacting with the viewers. The precious people who took the time to spend time with me each day. I will never forget it! I will never forget you!”

Little did we know that Mason had a background in TV news, calling it her “passion,” as her website explains.

Emmy award-winning host and writer Lisa Mason began her news career in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1987. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Central Oklahoma, Lisa joined the Fox affiliate as weekend news anchor where she remained for two years.

In 1989, Lisa joined PBS as anchor, producer and writer. While there, she anchored the evening newscast and hosted a weekly talk show. During her five year tenure, Lisa wrote and produced several award-winning documentaries. Among them was Faces of Aids for which she received an Emmy Award. The Society of Professional Journalism also honored her for her documentary When Children Kill . In addition, Lisa wrote, hosted and produced The Western Heritage Awards.

We’ll miss you, girlfriend!