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HSN, Comp Lady Gaga A Joy Mangano Mini-Steamer Right Now!

March 2, 2012

Lady Gaga really does dig HSN.

The Queen Monster posted this on Facebook last weekend:

“Me steaming my vintage polyblend Halston with a teapot is a vision, should have sprung for the ministeam on HSN. #KettlesAreForTeaNotFashion”

Lady Gaga regrets not springing for Joy Mangano's $19.95 mini-steamer

By “ministeam,” Lady Gaga had to be referring to HSN queen Joy Mangano’s “My Little Steamer” mini-steamer.

A recent profile of HSN CEO Mindy Grossman in Elle magazine ended with an anecdote about “Born This Way” Gaga.

Grossman was meeting with Lady Gaga about doing a line for HSN. According to Elle, Lady Gaga told Grossman, “You have the neatest job,” or words to that effect.