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Hellooooo! Fashion Designer Wayne Scot Lukas Is Back On ShopNBC, Prepare For Him To Shake Up The Hosts

November 19, 2009

One of our favorite refugee vendors who made the move from HSN to ShopNBC is fashion designer Wayne Scot Lukas. And absence he has several shows on the No. 3 home shopping channel Thursday.

Tune in.

Lukas, who often mentions his beloved mom in our state of New Jersey, is a pistol. He often had HSN host Colleen Lopez in stitches with his remarks during his Lukastyle presentations.

He speaks his mind and can be bitchy, complaining about the camera work on ShopNBC the last time we saw him. Lukas also makes loads of double entendres that shake up some hosts, and he is pretty open about his sexual orientation (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Irregardless, he’s a hot guy, although we liked him better with long hair.

He does lots of knitwear in his collection, and has new pieces in for this visit. We looked for video on ShopNBC’s Web site from his 2 a.m. show, and found none. Maybe his commentary was too racy to put up on the site.

We’ll try to catch him later to hear him say his favorite catchword: “Hello.”