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QVC Diva Lisa Robertson, Kelly Ripa Team On Cancer PSAs

June 27, 2013

How’s this for hype, part of a press release issued by QVC Wednesday:

WEST CHESTER, Pa. (June 26, 2013) – Talk about a show stopper! Two of the hottest hosts in live television – Kelly Ripa and Lisa Robertson – appear in both print and television public service announcements promoting “QVC Presents Super Saturday LIVE” on QVC Saturday, July 27 at 2 PM (ET), with net proceeds benefiting Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF).

We don’t know if we’d call them TV’s hottest hosts but Ripa, co-star of “LIVE with Kelly and Michael,” will once again serve as host for the fund’s “celebrity garage sale” in the Hamptons. Robertson will tag along to take viewers inside the event during the “QVC Presents Super Saturday LIVE” broadcast.

Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson

QVC began broadcasting from the Saturday sale in 2006, offering its viewers fashion, beauty, jewelry, accessories and home items for half the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, with net proceeds benefiting OCRF.

“It has been a pleasure to host this exciting show since the beginning and watch it rapidly grow into one of our highest viewed programming events,” Robertson said in a canned quote. “For me, personally, it has been amazing to be a part of such an important cause. If even one woman benefits from our broadcast then I feel that we have made an impact in helping to build awareness for this difficult- to-diagnose disease.”

Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death from gynecologic cancers in the United States and is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among American women.

QVC’s PSA campaign was designed to bring more awareness of this often “masked” disease.

“QVC continues to be one of our greatest supporters and we are so thankful to Kelly and Lisa for continuing the fight this year to help bring attention to the importance of research for Ovarian Cancer,” said Audra Moran, the CEO of OCRF. “We look forward to QVC’s involvement again this year and, of course, the amazing awareness that their broadcast brings to the event.”

The Two ‘Ks,’ Kelly Ripka And Kim Kardashian, Team Up For QVC Ovarian Cancer PSAs

July 13, 2010

Two of “Tinseltown’s most recognizable starlets,” (starlets?), Kelly Ripa and Kim Kardashian, are lending their support in finding a cure for one of the world’s least recognizable cancers.

Ripa and Kardashian are appearing in both print and public service announcements promoting “QVC Presents Super Saturday Live” Saturday, July 31, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., with net proceeds benefitting OCRF.

The exclusive sale, which was previously only available to Hamptons’ tastemakers and celebrities, will reach QVC’s more than 98 million U.S. households. So this year shoppers throughout the country will get a chance to buy designer styles at half the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Ripa, a longtime supporter of OCRF, has hosted Super Saturday for the past six years, and will once again host the event in the Hamptons. Currently in its 13th year, QVC will air Super Saturday for the fourth consecutive year.

“It’s been a pleasure for me to host Super Saturday for the past six years – it’s a wonderful event that benefits such an important cause,” Ripa said in a canned statement. “It’s guilt-free shopping at bargain basement prices – no husband can argue with that, not even my own!”

The other “starlet,” Kardashian, said, “With more than 20,000 women being diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year, it’s incredibly important that we spread the word so this number can be reduced. It’s an honor for me to work with Kelly in helping to drive awareness for such a great cause.”

OCRF president Faith Kates Kogan gave a shout out to Ripka and Kardashina.

“We’re also very appreciative to Kelly and Kim for joining us in our fight against ovarian cancer,” Kogan said. “Together, we will make a difference in combating this deadly disease.”

On QVC Last Night, Joan Rivers Says Tiger Woods Rubs A Hooker For Good Luck

February 25, 2010

Joan Rivers was in rare form Wednesday night when she was on QVC with host Rick Domeier, and had us and Rick laughing out loud with her jokes about Tiger Woods and his hookers.

Is started out innocently enough, with Rivers showing off what must be her 1,000th interpretation of her signature bee pin. This one was called the “Buzzing Brightly” bee pin, and Rivers cited bees as a good luck charm.

Then Domeier opened the door, as lawyers say in court. He said that many athletes have lucky charms or rituals they do for good luck, like hitting the plate three times with a bat when they’re up to hit.

“Tiger Woods always hits a hooker on the head,” Rivers said, pretending she was Woods by saying, “Where’s my lucky hooker? I want to rub her. You rub worry beads. I want to rub my hooker.”

The camera stayed off Domeier, but you could hear him hysterically laughing in the background, along with us. Here’s the video.

While her comments may not sit well with QVC management, Rivers certainly gives it her all to promote her QVC jewelry. On Wedesday morning she had worn one of her necklaces, a large three-strand beaded piece, on “The Regis and Kelly Show.”

“He said, ‘I want one for Joy (Philbin’s wife),” Rivers said, adding that Kelly Ripka had also requested one of the $70 necklaces, too.

Last night Rivers also showed photos of herself wearing the necklace at the Sundance Film Festival, and she has it on for “The Rachael Ray Show” that she taped this week, to air next week.

Last night Rivers was also selling a huge cocktail ring, at $49, that she wore when she was roasted on Comedy Central.

“The roasts are bawdy, and I knew it was going to be bawdy,” Rivers said of the X-rated event.

As for the jewelry, she said, “What a nice way to give someone the finger, by wearing this ring.”