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Actress Judith Light Wore Her HSN Ring When She Won A Tony

July 14, 2012

We need to catch up on our blogging.

We caught actress Judith Light, who played straight man to Tony Danza on the sitcom “Who’s the Boss?,” debuting her fashion jewelry line on HSN last night.

Light, who just won a Tony for her role in “Other Desert Cities,” was delightful. She appeared to be very spiritual, and knew about the mystical lore behind some of the gemstones she used in her pieces, like tiger’s eye. We love hearing about that.

The blond actress also did a nice job explaining the origins of her organic designs, be it a sunflower or magnolias or ferns. Our only bone to pick was that we got a little tired of hearing her reference her husband of 30 years, whose name escapes us now.

It looks like Light knows how to promote her jewelry, a la Joan Rivers and her QVC line.

Light wore one of her HSN rings when she appeared on CNN, as well as the night she won the Tony. She considers that her lucky ring now. Sweet.

‘American Idol’ Judge Randy Jackson, With Watches, Joining HSN For Its 35th Anniversary

July 3, 2012

HSN has quite a 35th birthday bash planned for July.

The festivities will include celebrity premieres, including “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson, Rachel Roy, and Shannon and Sophie Tweed-Simmons (think Gene Simmons) hawking their collections.

They include:

*Timepieces by Randy Jackson: On July 20, Jackson will launch Timepieces by Randy Jackson, an exclusive collection of luxury watches. The collection includes contemporary classic styles as well as automatics, sport, ceramic, couture and limited edition pieces. Unique style elements include diamonds, colored dials and Swarovski crystals.

Randy Jackson

* Lorac: Hollywood make-up artist and red-carpet authority, Carol Shaw, will kick off the month with the brand’s launch on July 3.

* Judith Light Jewelry Collection Premier: Recent Tony winner Judith Light will introduce her new, exclusive jewelry line on July 13 featuring statement cocktail rings and pieces inspired by nature.

*label Rachel Roy: Designer Roy will appear live on HSN for the exclusive launch of her new capsule collection, label Rachel Roy, on July 7.

* Shannon and Sophie’s Jewel Box: Rounding out the month, Shannon and Sophie Tweed-Simmons – wife and daughter of Kiss’s Gene Simmons – will launch their first-ever collection of apparel and jewelry on HSN July 30.

Heads up, Facebook fools (we are among them): July will also feature “HSN All Access,” virtual birthday parties on HSN’s Facebook page, giving fans an inside look at the lives of Jackson and Iman as well as HSN hosts Colleen Lopez, Amy Morrison, and many other HSN favorites.

HSN Mobile users will also have insider access to Nate Berkus and Roy as they participate in special mobile-only “Livechat” sessions where they will answer questions and share their thoughts and inspirations behind their HSN lines.

HSN is also teaming with Norwegian Cruise Line to offer the “Cruise a Day Giveaway,” where HSN customers will have the opportunity to win a cruise each day in the month of July. Customers can enter several times a day by visiting the HSN Arcade, a place to shop, watch and play casual online games.

All month long, customers can play to win a cruise for two plus airfare to a variety of exotic destinations including Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, Bermuda, Bahamas, and the Caribbean. Winners will be announced each evening on HSN at 8 p.m.