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HSN Flogging New Flick On Joy Mangano

December 6, 2015

For the first time tonight we saw HSN promoting, and running a trailer for, “Joy,” the new movie starring Jennifer Lawrence as HSN queen Joy Mangano.

We go to the movies a lot with our mom, so we’ve been seeing the trailers for the flick, which also features Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, for months.

The movie debuts on Christmas Day. also has a blurb on the film that has links to several trailers for the movie.

“We’re celebrating the empowering story and spirit of entrepreneurial women everywhere with the upcoming movie JOY, only in theaters this Christmas,” the website says.

“JOY is the story of a family across four generations centered around the girl who will create a business dynasty and become a matriarch in her own right.”

We can’t wait.