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Don’t Pooh-Pooh QVC’s Poo-Pourri, Especially If You Have Guys In The House

October 5, 2012

We’ve been putting off writing this blog, because the subject stinks.

We’re talking about bathroom odors and Poo-Pourri, which is sold by QVC.

We were tipped off about this product by snarky Joel McHale on E!’s “Talk Soup.” McHale regularly does a segment mocking home shopping networks, and one night he showed a clip of QVC host Rick Domeier and a female host we didn’t recognize talking about Poo-Pourri.

At first, we thought that McHale’s show had edited a clip and this was not a real product. The clip showed the female host sitting on a toilet bowl, and talking about this deodorizer that eliminated embarrassing odors when one uses the loo to do No. 2.

We immediately went to to check it out, and yes indeed, there was Poo-Pourri, item number H197103, described as a bathroom deodorizer. But this is not your typical bathroom deodorizer. Before you actually do your business, you spray Poo-Pourri on the surface of the water in your toiler bowl. No odor. It doesn’t cover up smells: It stops them from ever escaping.

Poo-Pourri even has its own ditty:

There once was a young lad from Rhone
whose odor he’d rather disown
now he’s taming his poo
by annointing the loo
and now happily sits on his thrown!

We checked out QVC’s customer product reviews on Poo-Pourri, a set that includes two bottles and a portable small travel size. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we looked at the more than 200 reviews and nearly all of them were five stars, the highest rating a product can get.

Why do customers love it?

“Laughed-ordered because thought “too funny”. Not laughing now – it REALLY works!!”

“I originally purchased in a little boutique as a joke. My daughter & I had to laugh at the name & wanted it in my bathroom. I decided to use it & was shocked at how well it works!!!! Unlike air freshnessners that mix with the bad odor and makes it worse…this product ELIMINATES the odor & leaves a refreshing fragrance in the bathroom. It is worth it’s weight in Gold per say…LoL. Seriously, it is genius & glad I purchased it. I was surprised to see it being sold here on QVC! Thanks way to go, no pun intended….”


“My son owns a potty trained rabbit. When he would flush the rabbits urine down the toilet, the house would smell like a skunk let loose. With Poo-Pourri we have no offensive odors at all, absolutely no skunk smell. This is absolutely amazing!!”

“I have to admit I thought this was the most ridiculous thing QVC could sell, and I howled when I read the reviews. But, I was also intrigued, a product that was made from essential oils and could eliminate an odor issue? I had to try it. It is all that they say it is. It has a pleasant lemon scent and I also notice that the toilet stays cleaner longer. I love the portable purse spray as well. It would be nice if you could refill the purse spray. I have been telling all my friends about this product!”

“When I first saw this, I was truly skeptical. But I have seen the light. I have 2 boys and a husband so need I say more???!!!!!! For all those skeptics out there, it really does work and I definitely will be buying more. Just wish they had auto-delivery LOL”

“Used it yesterday for the first time…actually, my hubby did. OMG…my hubby looked at me like I had six heads when I handed this to him. Being a “Texas Boy”, I asked him to humor me since this was invented in Texas. He did and he now wants me to carry the purse size with me in case he needs it when we are visiting friends. I couldn’t resist the “Call of the Wild” scent and thought if I used humor, my hubby wouldn’t be offended. Our house will never be without this again!”

“I don’t particular have time to sit and write reviews, but this product deserves one. I work in a very busy place with lots of co-workers, and the last thing I wanna do is leave a smell behind when I go to the wc. This product is amazing. I bring the travel size with me n it does the trick. Thanks once again QVC for a great product find.”

“I brought this product to take on vacation with some friends I knew and others I didn’t. It was such a pleasure to leave the bathroom smelling better than you found it. Poo pourri was such a winner that my friend ordered one as soon as she got home. As a very “regular” person, its nice to have the purse size for when you have to go in a Public restroom or at work. I love the original fragrance and I’d enjoy the fragrance even it didn’t work but the fact that it truly works is BONUS. Try this, you won’t regret it.”

Guess what?

We bought it.