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JTV Rolls Out ‘Girlfriend Friday’ Show With Nikki, Misty

August 22, 2014

Jewelry Television is taking page out of QVC’s and HSN’s books by creating a destination show with steady hosts.

Just as QVC has its Lisa Robertson show on Fridays (we think), and HSN has host “Beauty Report with Colleen Lopez” and “Beauty Report With Amy Morrison” on Thursday nights, JTV is doing “Girlfriend Friday.”

The show with Nikki Rouleau and Misty Mills airs 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., and focuses fashion and jewelry,”while encouraging women to share their jewelry stories and favorite trends on Facebook and Instagram,” according to JTV’s press release Thursday.

Nikki and Misty Mills on the set of their new Friday night JTV show

Nikki Rouleau and Misty Mills on the set of their new Friday night JTV show

The show’s catchphrase is “Thank Goodness It’s Girlfriend Friday,” with the accompanying “#TGIGF”.

“Not only do I get the joy of hosting this show with my best friend, Misty, but she and I also get to interact with a larger sisterhood and share our love of all that sparkles and shines,” Rouleau said in a canned statement. “Every Friday night will be a new experience, with lots of viewer stories and questions to make it really personal and fun.”

The hosts will use social media to converse with their fans and customers by sharing their own jewelry stories, pictures and lifestyle tips. By using the “#TGIGF”, pictures and comments from fans and viewers can be shared on-air to connect this community of jewelry lovers together.

The show will also have a segment called “Girl…Tell Me About It!” that identifies news and current events as they relate to fashion and jewelry.

The hosts will do a Q&A segment regarding styles, colors and jewelry that will feature a question of the day submitted by a fan. These segments will also incorporate responses on social media from JTV expert hosts and guests.

Jewelry TV’s Diamond Offerings: Not So Brilliant, Folks

July 24, 2012

We hate to be a Debby Downer, but we are getting a little tired of hearing Jewelry Television boast about being the biggest source of diamonds, we assume in home shopping.

That may be true, but they are the worse diamonds ever. We have made several diamond jewelry purchases from JTV, and sent them all back. The diamonds were as dull as dish water. We’re had much better luck with the diamond jewelry we’ve purchased from QVC and HSN.

We should have learned our lesson by really watching the diamonds on display on JTV. They have absolutely no brilliance, no ability to break light into a rainbow, a spectrum, of color.

By the way, we’re not claiming that we buy — or can afford — perfect diamonds. But they can’t be cloudy and grayish.

Buyer beware, unless you’re not fussy.

Go Giants! And Jewelry Geeks, Ditch The Wings And Dip And Pick Up Some Great Pieces On QVC, HSN And JTV

February 5, 2012

In the TV world, it’s called counter programming.

If there’s a sitcom on ABC, NBC airs a police procedural instead, etc. That’s what is happening in the home shopping world this weekend.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, when Jersey’s beloved Giants will battle the Patriots. So not to try and stereotype genders, but if you are a female not interested in football you may be looking for something else to watch. And that something else just might jewelry.

So Today QVC has its 24-hour Sterling Designer Gallery, with jewelry heavyweights such as Robert Lee Morris, Michael Dawkins, Judith Ripka and a host of other masters in the house in West Chester.

Not to be outfoxed, HSN this weekend is featuring Carol Brodie, who is looking good, offering her Rarities line down in St. Petersburg. Carole, it’s a good thing we have one of your evil eyes. We need it while we’re covering local politics in Joisey.

We loved your labradorite looks-like-rough-diamonds necklace, by the way. You go girl.

And down in Dixie, Jewelry Television is doing a Valentine’s Day Diamond Event today that is pretty impressive.

QVC has some insane clearance prices on pieces by Morris, Barry Cord and John Atencio. Somebody, hide our charge cards.

Is Jay King Two-Timing HSN? He’s Debuted A Jewelry Line On Rival Jewelry TV

July 12, 2011

Many months ago Stacie Chavez, a member of HSN rock god Jay King’s design team, would sometimes email us. She reads this blog, and we enjoyed chatting back and forth with her about Jay’s Mine Finds line for HSN.

A while back Stacie said that she would be appearing on a second home shopping channel with items from Jay’s company, Desert Rose, which is based in Albuquerque.

We’re such dummies that it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that we realized we had Jewelry TV, after our editor Lillian tipped us off.

We were watching JTV early Tuesday morning as we checked our emails, and we thought the jewelry looked a lot like Jay’s. Then JTV flashed the name of the vendor who was presenting the jewelry, and guess who it was: Stacie Chavez.

She looked very natural on camera and did a great job presenting the jewelry line, which is called “Gemstine Elegance, Mine Style.” Jay King’s name was not mentioned. But Stacie, you are a star, a natural.

Here’s what JTV has to say about the line:

Exclusive to JTV, Gemstone Elegance, Mine Style features new and unique gemstones, all set in silver mountings that are unsurpassed in quality. Every Gemstone Elegance, Mine Style jewelry item will remind you that you are receiving a piece of artwork from Mother Nature’s palette. No two pieces are exactly alike and each one is as individual as the gemstones they contain, which have been millions of years in the making. We are pleased to take you on a journey around the world while we share our stories, which are years in the making…come on, what are you waiting for?

Stacie will be back on JTV Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Nice job, girlfriend. Give us a holler when you get back home New Mexico.

Ex-Gems TV Host Gets Painful Watermelon Ricochet In The Face On ‘Amazing Race’

September 9, 2010

This is a gift from our ex-colleague and oft-times Left Coast stringer, Linda Haugsted.

Two former Gems TV hosts made viral waves on “The Amazing Race” after one of then got smashed in the face with a watermelon that boomeranged back after she catapulted it.

The video of the painful accident went viral, and the whole tale even got coverage in the New York Post Thursday, in a story headlined “‘Amazing’ racer a hit on melon video.”

The two home-shopping hosts contestants are Claire Champlin and Brook Roberts, a former Miss Oregon, who were both hosts on the now defunct Gems TV. Roberts has since landed a gig on Jewelry TV.

Poor Champlin is the one that got hit in the puss with the watermelon. The show is in England, and has to slingshot a watermelon using an medieval style catapult as one of the stunts. But it bounces back and smashes hard into her face. Bet that never happened on Gems TV.

Roberts runs over to her, and a stunned Champlin says, “I can’t feel my face….I can’t even see straight.”

When Roberts tells Champlin they have to continue the competition, Champling looks at her in utter disbelief but goes on.

In a video clip of Champlin and Roberts on the show’s website, “babbling Brook,” as she is nicknamed, talks about the challenge of selling jewely on TV.

“You try to get someone from Texas to buy a $70,000 paraiba tourmaline — probably not the easiest thing in the world,” Roberts says.

The melon incident will be in the first episode of “The Amazing Race” on CBS this season, on Sept. 26, according to the Post.